71657) How did you find my house?

Number of voters: 49
* a) a. Last logins
Number of votes: 13 (27%)
* b) b. Online members
Number of votes: 2 (4%)
* c) c. A link from a wiki
Number of votes: 7 (14%)
* d) d. Random
Number of votes: 13 (27%)
* e) e. You went on my house first.. I was just seeing who you are!
Number of votes: 4 (8%)
* f) f. Freinds told me about you
Number of votes: 2 (4%)
* g) g. Contest link
Number of votes: 4 (8%)
* h) h. I'm stalking you! *I dare you to admit it*
Number of votes: 4 (8%)

2011-01-27 [manwe]:
you should have a category for the following:
[] none of the above
[] all of the above
[] some of the above

*(i am in the "none of the above" category....)

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