76849) Elven ears-Which kind do you prefer (Poll is changed)

Number of voters: 24
* a) Poison Elves/Warcraft - 1-2 feet long ears, look cool but makes doorways painful
Number of votes: 4 (17%)
* b) There is a difference between human and elf ears?
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* c) Slightly longer and pointed Like Elfquest or Tolkien Elf Ears
Number of votes: 11 (46%)
* d) Just like humans only pointed aka Vulcans
Number of votes: 5 (21%)
* e) Anime ears-Longer than Elfquest ears but shorter than Warcraft or Poison elf ears..Doorways are still a hazard but not as much (Thanks Calico)
Number of votes: 4 (17%)

2008-12-28 [Calico Tiger]: You missed one. Anime elf ears. They tend to be longer than Elfquest, but not as long as Poison Elves, and hang out more to the sides (instead of backwards like Elfquest) (check Deedlit and Pirotess for good examples). And then there's World of Warcraft which have the Poison Elf ears for the high elves / blood elves and then the same ears laying more towards the sides / backwards for the night elves (so it means you don't have to have a hard time getting through doors. Just lying on your back, hehe). But that latter one could be just included with the poison elf ears since they're generally the same category :D

2008-12-28 [Lord Dog]: So should Warcraft ears be included in Choice A or another Choice?

2008-12-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: Warcraft ears are like type A.

2008-12-28 [Calico Tiger]: Yar, included in choice A :D

2009-01-15 [moira hawthorne]: I love them all... except for b... but a question do you think Tolkien's elf's ears are c or d?

2009-01-15 [Lord Dog]: Actually having just watched the movies again I think Tolkiens version is either B or D The Lady of Lothuriel (yep I ferget her name didn't look as though her ears were pointed at all ) while Liv (mmmmmmmm Liv...)were was I Looked as though hers were...

2009-01-15 [Lord Dog]: I think my poll needs more advertisement
Next one will be Dwarves - Bearded Ladies or Not
thenn Gnomes choose your color

2009-01-15 [moira hawthorne]: Galadriel has pointed ears,... the actress actually wanted to keep them! http://www.freewebs.com/elenion/characters.htm#90202413 and http://www.tuckborough.net/galadriel.html

2009-01-15 [Lord Dog]: could hardly tell hence answer B

2009-01-15 [Lord Dog]: my ears are quite noticably pointed . Seriously it is just a poll I put the answer in there for S&G

2009-01-15 [moira hawthorne]: [Lord Dog]: and what I meant was, so do you think in the poll the elfquest ears should be D and Tolkien ears should be C?

no all I asked was whether you thought tolkein ears were more like elfquest ears c or slightly pointed ear like D

I think they are more like c than d... spocks ears are more like d...

2009-01-16 [Lord Dog]: I wonder if it would help the poll if I added images? Yes but , from our Conversations , Moira, I think I should switch Elfquest ears to D along with Spock and Tolkien Elf ears to C ....Slightly longer and pointed, rather than just like human ears only pointed.... Am confused

2009-01-16 [moira hawthorne]: http://www.myfreewallpapers.net/comics/pages/elfquest.shtml
you think these ear are like human ears only pointed?

2009-01-16 [Lord Dog]: nope that's why they are C.... hence the confusion, Dear one. so move Tolkien to C with Elfquest?

And label D Vulcan ears?

2009-01-16 [moira hawthorne]: except spock isnt an elf... tho I think his appearance is like that for the same reason...

2009-01-16 [Lord Dog]: There once was a correlation posted somewhere that pertained to Star Trek and the Fantasy Archetypes , Vulcans were the elves that's why they were the ones who made first contact with humans and instructed them in space travel. Klingons were BArbarians Ferengi were the greedy Gnomes and I forget the name of the race who were the Dwarves the makers might have even been the Romulans (i know the romulans are just emotional Vulcans

2009-01-16 [moira hawthorne]: I agree its our deep root fascination with elfs/faery folk
that was the basis of the vulican race...
the Romulans are more like drow...
hummm the drawfs... would be...???

2009-01-16 [Lord Dog]: True...didn't even think of the drow and the Romulans

2009-01-16 [moira hawthorne]: still stuck on who the drawfs are... in norse they are almost elfs... nature spirts of the earth rather than woods... crafters and industrial... Tolkien used that idea as well.. making the elf more celistrial and the drawfs more down to earth... but drawfs and gnome are also grouped together folk lore wise...

BUT we assigned Ferengi as Gnomes asmerchants... more like Wow gnomes are...

so still stuck

2009-02-11 [wicked fae mage]: Very good poll here =3

2009-03-11 [Lord Dog]: five more votes till poll closed

future polls Dwartves- bearded ladies? yes or no

gnomes-will require pictures drawn I think.

and toejam- white or wheat?

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