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So have you even been wondering why the best page on the Internet about "pegasus" isn't on Elftown? Well, maybe not, but now it's time to do something about it!

Elftown therefore has started two projects. One is a classical image-competition in which you submit an image of a pegasus and the best image will be used on pegasus. See the rules on ECM pegasus image.

The other project is a writing project that we will work on together. Anyone that knows anything about pegasus' or anything related is welcome to help us write. Please submit links, texts, images or help sorting it all out! If you help enough, you'll become a part of the team and might even end up with the reward to be credited the best writer in the pegasus-team. See ECM pegasus text for more info!

Usual badges and such will be given to the contributors and winners, but more importantly, you'll be known as one of the contributors to what we hope will become the best pegasus-page on the Internet. So if you want to be behind the definition of what a pegasus is, then here is your chance.

Except the internal competition, remember that this a competition between Elftown and the world! Who can make the best page? I hope and think it's Elftown. In one month we'll see...


Date: 2006-11-05 00:01:29
News #: 380
Reporter: Hedda

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