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Elftown House Art Competition winner!

Finally the Council and Assembly present to you the winner and runner-up of the Elftown House Art Competition!

By [Artsieladie]

By [Ocean Soul]

Congratulations to the winner! ^__^
And a big thanks to all participants for participating and their patience waiting for the results!

NB: Christmas theme!

The Crew can't decide on a Christmas theme, so we are asking everyone to help us decide!
Please cast your vote in the Mainstreet poll on the left!

Official Elftown contests

~Contests with a deadline~
- Fantasy Portrait Contest
Create a fantasy portrait of yourself!
Deadline: 25th of November 2006!!!

- Elftown Prose Contest
The secret life of your neighbour!
Deadline: 12th of December 2006

- ECM pegasus
<news:[ECM pegasus@wiki]>
Deadline: 15th of December 2006

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Create your own sets of moodicons
Deadline: 15th of January

~Contests without a deadline~
- Council Portrait Gallery Donations
- Link to Elftown competition

~Upcoming contests~
- Photography contest
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Suggest your own ideas on Elftown Competition Ideas ;)


Date: 2006-11-20 11:08:01
News #: 383
Reporter: Sunrose

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