76933) Please vote for the art piece that will best represent the Drow on Elftown!
Voting open through 2009-3-18 00:00:00! Elftown Time!

Number of voters: 277
* a) <img100*0:stuff/Drow_Matron_Mother.jpg>
Number of votes: 5 (2%)
* b) <img100*0:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/Archmage_of_Darshez_Nagaeron.jpg>
Number of votes: 2 (1%)
* c) <img100*0:stuff/Meldor.jpg>
Number of votes: 20 (7%)
* d) <img100*0:stuff/Assassin_Drow.jpg>
Number of votes: 26 (9%)
* e) <img100*0:http://elftown.com/stuff/The_Hunted.jpg>
Number of votes: 2 (1%)
* f) <img100*0:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/Marriage_or_Else.jpg>
Number of votes: 1 (0%)
* g) <img100*0:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/Drow_Knight.jpg>
Number of votes: 12 (4%)
* h) <img100*0:stuff/To_Feel_The_Wind.jpg>
Number of votes: 30 (11%)
* i) <img100*0:stuff/aj/173444/1232671204.jpg>
Number of votes: 3 (1%)
* j) <img100*0:stuff/Too_Pretty_Assassin_Athela.png>
Number of votes: 6 (2%)
* k) <img100*0:http://www.elftown.com/stuff/From_Hell.jpg>
Number of votes: 3 (1%)
* l) <img100*0:stuff/Female_Drow.jpg>
Number of votes: 47 (17%)
* m) <img100*0:stuff/Drow_Lady.jpg>
Number of votes: 21 (8%)
* n) <img100*0:stuff/Drow_Dwelling.jpg>
Number of votes: 86 (31%)
* o) <img100*0:stuff/Follower_Of_Lloth.jpg>
Number of votes: 13 (5%)

2009-03-06 [Draconas Lyrr]: I think L is the most fitting. With as much as I've learned about Drows through games and books, she just looks the part. I don't really care for the face of it though, not that I could do any better. x.x

2009-03-06 [Draconas Lyrr]: The males never look that elegant, they're forced to live as slaves by the females. Especially if they're in the Underdark. x.x

2009-03-06 [Sceamer]: n is the best of them

2009-03-06 [Future Dictator]: n is great cause it shows their environment too

2009-03-07 [Linn Scarlett]: Oh you are so wrong Draco :) You should read up a bit on characters such as Yarlaxle or Gromph Baerne... ghehe :p I really love the way the face came out in entry N it's just... perfect in my opinion. Exactly the right feel >:3

2009-03-08 [Draconas Lyrr]: Well, obviously there are exceptions, there are always exceptions to everything. But speaking on a general basis, the males of the Drow race are kept as slaves by the females. And, it's hard to believe R.A. Salvatore would give Gromph an Orcish sounding name. x.x

2009-03-08 [¬°Soy Bekah!]: I think 'D' is the cooliest.

2009-03-16 [Neo Visualism]: in my opinion i think -m- is the best it is the most elegant of the lot...i liked -n- also but i didnt like the fact that his eyes were red..he looks evil...

2009-03-16 [Draconas Lyrr]: ..Drow are, 9 times out of 10, evil. =P

2009-03-17 [Future Dictator]: the elegant ones are 9/10 times evil too :)

2009-03-17 [Draconas Lyrr]: Ahhh!! It's a future penis potato!

2009-03-17 [Future Dictator]: lollllllllll it took me a few seconds to figure that one out....
nice :P
i should change my name to penis potato

2009-03-17 [Draconas Lyrr]: lmao I'm sure that would get some strange looks.

2009-03-19 [Artsieladie]: 2009-03-19 00:20:20

(n) = 85 votes - (31%)
(l) = 47 votes - (17%)
(h) = 29 votes - (11%)

Thank you for voting everyone and thank you to all that participated! :D

2009-05-17 [Linn Scarlett]: Actually, generally speaking the males aren't as much slaves to the females as that the females rule in the way men used to rule our medieval societies. Especially the elite amongst drow, mainly the nobility, the men are pretty high up there: war veterans, army commanders, arch mages and the like. The women rule the bureaucratic society and the priesthood, everything else, the men do. By law they are subservant, but in truth they are not in most cases. Read up on some of Salvatores work or any of the other well known Drow writers of DnD. You'll see :)

2009-05-17 [Linn Scarlett]: Gheeh I agree with Dictator. Drow are 90% evil, and 80% cling to nobility like flies to shit :P

2009-05-18 [Draconas Lyrr]: I don't really need to, I have a DnD obsessive friend who I referred to. Of course, it's very possible that I dumbed it down too much, I'm really good at that, then I confuse myself, and end up in a big circle. =/ Honestly though, I hate the drow. I like half-elves, and that has always been my race of choice. =)

2009-06-25 [Linn Scarlett]: Mwah half-elves, I've had that phase. I guess I cling to the gothicness of earlier childhood. Not entirely sure actually why I prefer Drow, though I have an aversion for bland, normal and boring. :)

2009-06-26 [Draconas Lyrr]: I have a strong dislike for gothicness. =) But I'm a happy, cheerful person. ^_^

2009-07-03 [Linn Scarlett]: There is a different between gothic age inspired, and clingy emo goths. I definately do not mean the second one xD

2009-07-08 [Draconas Lyrr]: Oh. My bad, I get caught up in all the new age bull and I forget that there is an actually interesting gothicness. XD

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