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Welcome to Gaming!

- [Stephen]




- Chess Class -- The place to look if you want to learn Chess.
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Class -- A lesson about the second edition of Dungeons and Dragons.
- Role-Play -- A lesson about the basics of roleplays and some more advanced ideas.



If you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you notice something is incorrect on one of the pages, feel free to send a friendly message.


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2011-06-24 [Stephen]: So mean. =(


2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Boohoo! No one appreciates what I do! :P

Want to edit your pages so that they fit better to the new tutorial page?

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: Noway, it's more fun to complain at you! xD

Sure, I can do that.

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Awesome. :)

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: So... where's the basic layout of your new tutorial pages located at? x)

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: There isn't one. In this case the editing is as simple as changing the links and taking off the student lists. :D
If you want to keep the student aspect, I suppose adding a comment that people can message you or comment on the page would be good.

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: By the way, does [Firenze] deserve any credit for role-play (so much that I'd need to give her a tutors badge)?

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: Well, I couldn't remember who did what, so I looked at the page version history. It looks like most of all the text was written by me, and Firenze added the HTML touchup formatting. So, if you think that warrants a badge.

I'll do some work on links on the page now, then. :)

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: There you go, this page and its suppages, and the subpages of the subpages, should all be correct now. :3

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Hmm, no badge for her then. X)

Great. :) I spotted Elftown Academy links in role-play's subpages though. And while I'm at it, they have just a bit too much centring. Also the "apart" is odd, since apart literally means "not a part of" or "separate"... so it should be "a part", right?

Also this page, gaming, won't actually be used for anything (since ETA is officially retired) but if you want to, you can keep it as your own index. :o

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: Alrighty! I edited role-play and the subpages. Removed ETA links, and just took out the "Apart of" completely. I also took out pretty much all of the center tags. x)

If you think it looks good, I'll do the same to the other pages. :)

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Yesh, that looks awesome!

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: There, all of 'em are finished. :3

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Yay. I'll go and add them and update your tutorial count. :)

2011-06-24 [Stephen]: Hahaha, thank you. =)

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