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Pandora is Azazel's best friend. She's fat, hysteric but nice anyway. Azazel and her likes to play all day long, specially when we're shaking the blankets every morning... Azazel runs form one place to the other in a hurry while Pandora tries to catch her.


We named her Pandora because of a Saint Seiya character, Pandora the helper of the God Hades. I'm not sure why, perhaps because we were really excited with the new Saint Seiya series, and she arrived just in time for that ^_^


She arrived home a few months after Azazel... [Moluco] had just arrived to her job when she heard a kitty meowing desperatedly. She looked for it everywhere, until she realized the kitty was trapped in a sewer! She asked for help to a street salesman, they removed the top of the sewer, and [Moluco] had to get into it to grab the kitty! Of course they both ended up quite stinky, but safe.


She haves several nicknames: Gorda, gordis, pelitos dos... all of them are spanish words, meaning fat, fatso, furry, etc. We like to call her also "ugly cat" because of her spotted face and paws.


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