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2005-05-19 17:37:29
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Hildie uses her expert hearing and senses to point the ship in the right direction. She's an expert with maps and has an extremely good memory of where treasure is buried so she's a vital addition to the evil pirates.


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2005-09-21 [runnybabbit]: She's absolutely gorgeous!

2005-09-25 [runnybabbit]: Oh just to inform everyone....I am certainly not un-straight. My door swings the right way, mind you! People have been asking me questions if I was...quite...lesbian-ish in some ways. BUT I'M NOT!

2005-09-28 [Adnama]: It'd be okay if you weren't straight though. ;3 I don't have a problem with it. It's perfectly normal for straight women to think other women are pretty though. I draw this stuff and I'm straight. xD

2005-09-30 [Yncke]: It's a great drawing, but Ive finally gathered the courage to point out some things that bother me, if I may say so. :) Dobermans don't have a brown chest, and the tail isn't pointed. I'm also not convinced about the brown markings around the eye.

2005-10-04 [Adnama]: I did color her quickly. x3 But I see what you're talking about. I looked at a lot of dobermans on Google just recently.. >_>.. and I think her eye markings could pass. The tail is supposed to be nubbed on her, but the pointed part is like a bit of fur at the end. I found a pretty good image of two dobermans: But I think I should go back and change Hildie's belly color. It should be more black. :3

2005-10-07 [Yncke]: (This is just nitpicking because I know Dobermans too well, so I appologise on before hand, ok? ;) ) If you want pics of specific angles, just ask, I'll see if my dog keeps still enough. :) What I meant by the eye markings, is that a Doberman has just a little elliptic spot as if it was an eyebrow above the corner of the eye, which gives them a very human 'facial' expression, and I think it's sort of characterising of Dobermans. :) I fear that Dobermans hair's not long enough to have such fur. (Besides, when tails are cut, the rest of the skin grows over it, so it's smooth.)

2005-10-11 [Adnama]: Well see, I'm no where near a doberman expert. xD I don't have one as a pet either. But yeah. I see your point. At the moment she'll have to stay this way, but I'll probably change her to be more accurate to her breed. :3

2006-01-09 [cmcribbons]: She's very sexy for being so bad.

2007-01-22 [Wulfgar37]: Well if you do put up a new version I hope you use it in addition to the original pic. :)

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