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2007-07-17 17:40:11
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Reaching the Cave

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Kyra looked around the place where the energy traces as well as footsteps took her. She carefully observed the surroundings, always alerted. Dark aura her newly-found companions had messed with her, usually correct results. So she guessed it was better to be prepared for a possible ambush, although she had no idea why would anybody ambush her in particular. „At least we're not outside anymore. I'm sick of that heat. Cool air will do just fine.“, she said to others.

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2007-07-15 [Wednesday]: please add your names ontop!

2007-07-25 [Wednesday]: whats happening guys???

2007-07-25 [wilwarina]: yeah, obviously nothing . i'll be in istanbul from 1.8-10.8, so just to keep you posted...

2009-06-08 [Ace118]: Hi whats up

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