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support and help names can't be said but G-fire and Jeyra characters are based on them.

It all started 20 years ago I had finally mastered my powers when the humans developed a new drug called L-BLOOD it physically mutated humans into a new race...they thought they could handle breaking the barrier between the human world and our earth isn't earth it's me, a half demon half apparition named Eron, my GF Jeyra a half shinobis half demon, my best friend G-fire, a Zearon, will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

"Hey guys I'm home!" I said, I had just came in from work we all had jobs I was 3SA (35 street agent) who worked for Koenes, Jeyra took on one-time job requests and the like, and G-fire was on a tournament team.

"Eron is that you?" she asked,

"Who else can get through the spirit bind besides you and G-fire?" I replied,

"How was it?" she asked changing the subject, "painful." I half growled through gritted teeth.

"What happened?" she asked sincerely concerned,

"A group of weird demons tried to kill me." I said quietly in a fake cool tone. She checked me for cuts,bruises,drains,burns,freezes,and nerve wounds;I know what you're thinking about what I'm gonna say but she does every time I get in a fight but it gives me that feeling ya know... She did as much healing as she could then G-fire half-flew, half-staggered in and flopped down on the coach,I know I was battered but him...

"What happened to you, you look like shit!" he had a long jagged cut that ran from his temple to his neck, besides for a lot of others, but a head injury was pretty rare for G-fire he had black hair and his eyes were deep set brown and he wore all black with a sword and a metal staff, I mean he wasn't exactly the average guy. 

"We went up against a creepy demon team today scary as hell." he sighed then winced,Jeyra did as much as possible I did to. He started again, "They seemed to be sort of sycronized like one person."

Then Jeyra asked,
"Did the demons that attacked you both have red hair,red eyes,and black and white stripped skin?" we both nodded then she said "Black Dust..."

"What the..." then it rushed at me, a memory from my past, they had murdered my family bruatally I mean not like oh I'll kill you bruatally I mean like I saw them drink their blood in their skulls... let me explain, I never knew my family. I was told they were murdered by a gang, I never believed it so I searched for the killers and on the way met Jeyra and G (he prefers to be called G). Then after the horrid flashback finished I blacked out I woke up again with a long cuts on my arms that looked liked they were from blades or claws. Then I saw Jeyra on the other side of the bed I was on, wait what the hell was I doing on a white bed?!Wait duh hospital you passed out.

"Hey you're awake!" She hugged me I hugged her back then I asked.

"Where are we?"

"Hospital." she replied solemnly,

"What happened,how long have I been out,and do they have any pain killers?" I asked moaning.

"You knocked out and your pulse dropped to something like 13 then shot up to 1,313 for 2 seconds then dropped again then the cuts came up the docs have no idea why;you have been out for around 3 hours and yes they are pain killers." She faintly smiled I did too. G-fire came in and handed me a pain killer and a shot to calm me down and keep my head from swirling.

"Thanks." I said and gulped down the shot greatfuly.I heard a really loud noise it sounded like glass breaking, then of something burning and a scream."Wanna go check it out?" I said.

"Sure I got nothing better to do." he shrugged and replied.I tried the door.Locked.Picked it, tried it again and it was stuck. G-fire said we rush it I said we just melt it. He agreed I blew right through it then we saw them again...Black Dust.

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