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7 Stages of Ages

What Stage Are You Feeling Today?


Ages Badges
Proof of Age Badges for Winners.
Ages Banners
Banners for the Still Growing.


Choose Your Life Cycle:

Infancy - 1+1=Baby!
Childhood - Childhood Freedom
Lover - Love Blossoms
Soldier - Brave Warrior
Justice - With Age Comes Wisdom & Justice
Old Age - A Well Lived Life
Dementia & Death - The Final Farewell


Deadline: 5 Entries 

Back to Of Saints & Sinners.

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2011-01-04 [Ravenclaw]: 7 stages would make a good art contest

2011-01-10 [Cillamoon]: Well if you can get others to feel the same, the contest is currently open for you and all to join.

2011-01-11 [Akayume]: (:

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