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The Miss Fortune


Current Location: Station Omega


Yasai finished charting course for the station and smiled as he felt the sudden jolt if the thrusters kick on. He turned his chair around and took out a flask from under his coat. As he took a swig he stood up and walked over too a circuit board that was sparking. Observing the bullet hole that caused it. "Expanding bullets...that would of hurt! And that's exactly why I do t like dealing with pirates. I bet they won't even take that food back too their planet."

Espin took a few moments to study her wound, growling in pain every time she had to move her arm. Expanding bullets. It made the exit wound look a lot worse than a regular bullet, but luckily for her hadn't left any shards behind as it passed through her. She heaved herself up and out of the landing gear pit, onto the catwalk and through the ship, heading for the flight bay. Once there, Yasai's flight deck door opened with a hiss, and Espin's green snake eyes locked on him, despite the pain and hot blood running down her arm from her bullet wound. She tried to ignore the tunnel vision and impending dizziness. She took a less than coordinated step towards him. "Your ass is mine!" she said, her words breathy and a little slurred. Her blood pressure was dropping. She took another step, but this time her legs failed at holding her up, and she collapsed to the floor in front of Yasai.

Yasai looked at her in surprise with his hand on the grip of his pistol as she fell too the ground. he studied her for a moment before walking over and giving her a slight poke. "You still alive ma'am?"

Espin blinked up at him from the floor, her gaze half-lidded and her vision blurry. "D-don't fuckin' poke me..." she said as sternly as she could. Her shoulder was bleeding heavily onto the floor beneath her, and the longer she lay there, the further she felt herself falling into unconsciousness. She tried to say something else to him, but it was lost on her lips as she finally was overcome by the darkness, her head falling to the side.

As she slipped into darkness, Yasai gave her another poke before standing up and running over too a compartment , pulling out a medkit, he ran back over and threw it on the ground next too her, frantically opening it and pulling out a silicon gun. As he pulled the trigger it made a hiss and sealed her wound. He roughly flipped her over and repeated the process to the exit wound. "Lady you are really starting to become a major buzz kill you know!" He scooped her up in his arms and walked her off the floor too his quarters. He looked around and layed her on his bed which was neatly made, and clean. He looked around at all the empty liqueur bottles on his dressers, and the Ashe tray with a half smoked cigar on it. "Right where I left you!" He picked up the cigar and pulled an old fashion zippo out of his pocket, giving it a flick and lighting up his cigar as he sat down in a rocking chair on the other side of the room and plopped his pistol down next too him as he watched her rest.

When Espin woke next a couple of hours later, she felt dizzy and incredibly thirsty. The first thing she noticed was the familiar roar of ship engines. She then noticed that she was laying on something soft, and when she opened her eyes the room felt less like it was spinning. She winced up at the ceiling with a shaky breath, then rolled her head slowly to look around. "W-what..." she started, then gasped at how much the room spun and made her stomach lurch. The last thing she remembered was being shot and climbing up into the landing port of the ship.

Yasai sat in the corner still. He watched her as he casually took a puff of his cigar, and exhaled the smoke. The bright red cherry lit up his corner of the dim room as he puffed. "You got a lot of nerve lady, any other man would have let you die..that's twice now I made a decision against my better judgement. So let's get down to business here...I'm tired of running, tired of lookin over my shoulder wondering when some young lad is gonna put that cold steel too the back of my head and pull the trigger. I made a pact with the devil, and even though my life is not going to end well, doesn't mean yours doesn't have too either. When we get too the station, and my docs patch you up better, I'll turn myself over too you. Just be damn sure that's what you want, because those boys who want me alive...they also don't like witnesses. A large bounty is just an easy trick to get me back in one pice for their missions. Don't try to move too much darlin, your wounds could come open. Your clothes are in the dresser too the right of the bed when you feel well enough to move again."

"Don't be so... uhn... melodramatic." Espin grunted as she gulped back the sick threatening at the back of her throat. She then opened her eyes. "Wait a minute... my clothes? Why are my clothes in the dresser? Am I naked?!" she snapped, despite how it made the room spin to be angry. She groaned, closed her eyes against it, then breathed deeply. "Why am I naked?"

Yasai chuckled as he took another puff of his cigar and rocked back in his chair. It was obvious he didn't really care anymore. "Don't get your hopes up, I just had to make sure you didn't have any other wounds that you were going to die from, now sit still before you unclot your shoulder. Do you want some water or something?" He reached into his coat and pulled out his flask, and took another swig.

Espin growled in frustration, using her uninjured arm to pull the bed sheets up higher on her chest. She winced at her nausea and tried to keep her eyes open. "No... but a bucket might be a good idea unless you want vomit on your floor." she mumbled, paling a little. Her body gave a small tremor and her teeth chattered. "I-it's fucking freezing in here..."

Yasai looked around curiously, as if taking a mental note of the temperature before he looked back at Espin. "Uh.. it feels just right to me." He got up and walked over to her, pulling another blanket out from under the bed. He gently laid it upon her and went back to his chair, where he laid his head back and closed his eyes about to fall asleep.

"Y-you're a fucking idiot..." Espin grumbled through her chattering teeth. While the second blanket did help a little, it wouldn't help much if she'd lost too much blood to make her own body heat. "I-I'm cold blooded, you asswipe... I've lost too m-much blood... I c-can't keep myself w-warm." She shuddered and gasped, her entire body covered in goosebumps.

Yasai looked at her as he took another swig from his flask. "I can turn the temperature up a bit if you like but it typically only goes up to 70. I'm not sure what you want from me." He tucked his flask back in his pocket and looked at her curiously.

"If y-you have a heat lamp... or a h-heating pad..." Espin started, having to pause and take a breath to steady herself, her eyes fluttering closed. "O-or you c-can lay with me... g-give me your body heat." She looked at him weakly, clearly on the edge of another blackout, her eyes looking dazed.

Yasai choked on the drink he was in the process of swallowing. He stood up and backed away from her with hesitation. " whoa! Don't be getting any ideas lady, just because I didn't let you die doesn't mean I'll be your plaything until you collect on me, it's humiliating enough as it is. Look I know I am fit and all but I'm not that easy, you have to eat the dinner I take you out to first." He smirked at her as he leaned against the dresser.

Espin managed to roll her eyes despite her dwindling energy, and she gulped thickly. "Stop being a fucking p-pervert! I c-could die i-if I don't warm up." she said as sternly as she could, even though her voice was small and weak. She waited a moment, then looked at him and bit her lip. "I-I'll drop the h-hunt on you. I'll l-let you go. Please..."

Yasai let out a sigh as he walked over and took his boots off. "Alright but you better not poison me this time or I swear I will roll out of bed and let you freeze to death." He smirked at her jokingly as he got under the blankets with her.

Espin let out a small sigh of relief, closing her eyes as she felt his warmth radiate against her skin off his chest and arms. She was freezing to the touch. As she focused on his body heat helping to warm her, she drifted in and out of sleep, her green-painted lips parting and moving with hushed whispers as she spoke in her sleep. After a few hours, her body was back to normal temperature, and her eyes fluttered open to take in her surroundings again. "Yasai...?" she called out dryly.

Yasai yawned and turned to look at her as his eyes slowly adjusted to being awake. "Yes?" He rubbed his stubble raised an eye brow at her. He had a slight glow about him, he seemed well rested for once and full of energy.

Espin turned her head to look at him in the dimness of the room, and she blushed a little. She realized that she was laying naked and injured in this strange man's bed... and he was cuddled up to her to provide warmth. She cleared her throat and said softly with a raspy voice, "Water?"

Yasai sat up and walked out of the room. There was a moment of silence before the door opened again and he was back with a metal cup full of water. "It's warm, but it's the best this ship has to offer for now. Eventually I'll buy enough parts to make a coolant system."

"Warm water is fine with me," Espin said and shifted to very carefully sit herself up so she could accept the cup. She held the sheets to her bare chest with her injured arm so it would move the least, then took the cup with her uninjured arm and drank deeply from it. She breathed a sigh once the cup was empty and set it aside before leaning back against the headboard. "Thank you."

Yasai walked over to his chair to sit down. "It's no problem. Well, you might want to rest up. We got another 12 hours before we get to the space station." He dusted off the seat and sat down, laying his head back as he took a deep breath and exhaled, and he closed his eyes. He opened his eyes to look at her again slyly, and then shut them again.

After 12 hours of space travel, the ship had finally made way to its destination. After what felt like months, the crew could finally move forward with their agenda and goals. The stars in the distance lit up the space nearby, and reflected off the hull and into the ship.

Espin groaned lowly as she woke up. She had slept the entire trip, and while she was feeling much more rested, she also felt both weak and stiff. She slowly pulled herself up out of Yasai's bed, clutching the sheets to her naked chest and looking around with a wince. Her head still hurt, but she wasn't dying anymore. She stood, the sheets wrapped around her like a long, flowing gown, and she moved to the window to look out and down. They were at the space port. She sighed. She had made a deal, and she would be getting off this ship without her bounty, but with her life. She turned and set about getting dressed, and once she was ready to go, she stepped out into the main corridor, heading to the control bay. "Yasai?" she called as she walked.

Yasai walked out of his private room and he glanced up to her as he was loading his revolvers. His gaze met with hers and he smiled, and stood half in his doorway and half in the main corridor. "You ready to go make some money, beautiful?"

Espin wrinkled her nose a little, but said, "Yes. Don't call me beautiful," and adjusted the belt that held her throwing knives just to emphasize. She turned and headed down the corridor towards the docking bay, knowing he'd follow. "Let's get this over with."

Yasai holsters his pistols with a quick shove, as walked behind her as he buttoned up his shirt. His eyes drifted down the back of her head, past her hair, down her shoulders and back until his gaze locked on her butt. He smiled secretly and put on his coat. "So I'm thinking we should get you that money, but let's get me one last drink first darlin."

Yasai looked over at Divina with a smirk as he piloted his ship toward her carrier. He pressed a button on his console, which made the lights go out and dark red lights came on throughout the ship. He looked back at the crew and examined them for a brief moment while he rubbed the stubble on his face and reached into his coat to pull out his flask. "you guys alright?......Yea your alright." He turned and focused on piloting to the carrier.

Divina gave Yasai a smile and wink as she scared her self in next to him. She then looked over the controls and back to him. "You customized the controls concle layout." She noted as Yasai moved for the carrier. "I like it..." This man must have been a master pilot to use this kind of configuration.

Vance rushed in sliding his hand cannon of a pistol back into it's holster. He then placed the young girl on his shoulder into a chair and looked her over. She was rather cute... He then looked up front at the pilot. Then took a seat next to the girl not bothering to strap in. "You doing okay?" He asked her with a slight smile.

Avandra looked up at the rather imposing Vance and swallowed, "Yeah, fine." she said, a nod accompanying her rather rural accent. After staring at him for a moment, she seemed to realize where she was and looked wide-eyed around the ship. "This is all pieced together from different ship parts," She breathed, "It's completely custom."

Yasai let out a laugh as he pulled a cigar out of his coat pocket and clipped the end of it off. "We're almost there, have your men open bays, I'm going to cut thrusters and drift in." He couldn't help but smile as he was flying, this is what he was made for, this is who he was.

"So much for the job pay..." Divina commented. Then sent the message onto her ship. Receiving news that they were ready for them. "The crew is ready in the dock."

Avandra was still looking around the ship, fingers all but twitching as she restrained herself from getting up and poking around the mechanics. Shortly however, Divina's ship filled the view port and her attention was held by the behemoth outside.

Yasai held his controls firmly and kept his appearance cool as he cut his engines and started to glide along the projected flight path using only momentum that was built up from his thrusters. He lit his cigar and took a puff as he flew his ship into the bay and landed it with ease. " I'm here all week crew, I also do birthday parties."

"What is the status of the station?" Divine asked into her comlink. After a brief moment she turned red. "Launch two wings of sabors and fix the MAC cannons onto that ship then." She then looked to Yasai and sighed. "We're lucky to get off the station some ass hole primed all there ships weapons on the station and is threatening to fire." She noticed how easy it was for him to fly the ship, and how effortlessly Yasai controles the ship. "We owe you big time. What can I do to repay the favor?" She asked with a hint of hope that he would prove to be a valuable ally,

"Div. spin up my team while your at it. Of this turns ugly I am going to go in person to ask the captin of that thing why he fucked up my pay day. " vance then noticed Avandra looking over the Spirit. "If you want I can take you around the ship and show you what ever you like." He offered her.

Avandra took no notice of what was going on as she stared around herself, but Vance's voice--and offer of a tour--snapped her out of her daze. "The engine room?" She asked, eyes bright and voice unable to hide her excitement.

"Of course." Vance replied. He found the girl breath taking. So anyway he could spend more time with her was going to be a yes.

Yasai looked at the woman and smiled as he looked around the ship. "A temporary room, and a hot shower would be greatly appreciated while you get us the hell out of here."

"That sounds like a deal to me." Divina replied with a smile and a wink to Yasai.

Avandra seemed to suddenly remember why they were all on this ship, "I wonder what happened." She said mostly to herself as she rose from her seat. She looked at Yasai with a little bit of a smile, "Your ship is amazing." She told him, "If it's alright with you, I'd love to get a better look sometime." She really hoped either he or these other two would offer her a job. If they both did then she didn't know how she would choose between them.

"Some asshole turned their ship's weapons on the station, and now we turned the Spirit's on them. It's a vicious cycle." Vance said as he watched Avandra's rear as she walked up behind Yasai. Vance liked the girl. She was cute, and she had a body. Then there was the plus of knowing all about ships. She was a keeper if there ever was one.

Yasai smiled at Avandra as he took the flask out of his coat and unscrewed the lid. "Well darlin, as long as you don't break anything, I'll give you a show. But at the moment I'm lacking Dense Scorite, so until I get more I can't repair much."

Avandra looked almost offended at the very idea that she might break something, "I'll have you know that I've been called a prodigy around engines." She told him with a mixture of pride and mock indignation.

"Hmm.." Div replied at Avandra. "How good are you? Do you think you could work on experimental tech?" Div needed a new chief engineer and a new informant. The ship she was on appeared to have both.

Vance moved up to Avandra he placed his arm around her shoulder and smiled. "I got faith in your skill. I bet you could even work on that." Vance pointed at the spirit with his other hand. He was judging how she responded to his arm around her shoulders.

Yasai took a swig from his flask as he smiled at the group. He recapped his flask and set it firmly in his pocket before whipping his mouth with the sleeve of his coat and grinning. "Look at us, what a big happy family we are, everyone is smiling, and comfortable, now can we get the hell out of here!!"

Div smiled shaking her head. "Here we are then." Div moved to the hatch and opened it up. " Welcome Aboard the Spirit of Fire. Let's get ready to leave this damn system... We really needed that pay day though." He mumbled the end of her statment as she got off the miss fortune.

Vance offered Avandra his arm. "Please allow me to show you around the ship."

"If I can have a look, I'm sure i can figure it out." Avandra told Divina, not seeming to pay much mind to Vance's arm around her. She took Vance's arm when he offered it, grabbing her bag with the other and followed Divina aboard the Spirit of Fire.

Yasai looked back at his ship before powering down and listening to the faint buzz sound fade as the lights snapped off. He took a breathe and ran his hand down the body while shutting the ramp and following the group. "Good night love"


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