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Adrian Willowspeak's Ghost Stories

AWGS Characters

The story of two young men wandering around Ohio, salving the paranormal cases such as Bloody Bridge and the Lima TB hospital.

Adrian laid on the sofa thumbing through file after file of local haunting trying to find something that sounded at least appealing. He sat up at waved the file at Ashton. "Lets go here." 

Ashton looked up from his book in his lap, leaned back in his computer chair, their book lit up on the screen. He looks at Adrian over his glasses. "Where?" He asks softly tossing his hair from his face gently.

"Ottawa Valley Sanitarium?" he questioned cutely; trying to get his way, "Its not that far from here."

Ashton falls out of his chair. "Ah!" Thud! "Ow...You- you don't want to go there...let's uh.. go tooo... crybaby bridge!" He fixes his glasses and stands back up.

Adrian flopped the file down on the table, "Oh come on there are like 26 crybaby bridges in Ohio alone and I bet none of then are real! At lest the TB hospital is interesting."

"What about Oak grove school?" He picks up the file for it and waves it a bit.

"But they tore the school down!!" Adrian whined with a cute pout, "Please..."

"We still haven't done the headless motorcyclist in Elmore!" He says with higher hopes.

"I will say yes on one condition. Why can't we go to the hospital." Adrian folded his arms over his chest, "And it better be a damn good one."

"Because it's dangerous... the second floor has fallen in to the first and the police in the area won't take us because they can't be bothered..." He whines softly.

"Pfft, so we sneak in and avoid the second floor, but fine be that way spoil sport." Adrian huff rather disappointing. "lets go find you're headless biker or whatever."

Ashton lets out a soft sigh of relief, turning just before to hide it from Adrian. "So, we need the camera, EVP equipment, video camera..." He murmurs, his voice trailing off as he wandered around looking for things.

Adrian thought for a moment then tossed a crumpled up paper at Ashton, "Did you ever take that stuff out of the car?"

"Hey!" He laughs softly and swats the air. "what stuff?" He looks at Adrian through his glasses, which he slips further up the bridge of his slender nose with a poke to the middle with his index finger.

Adrian blushed a bit looking away, "The equitment from last time did you leave it in the car."

"Nah, I got it, it's in the closet, all nice and neat." He scratches the tip of his nose with his finger and nods over to the closed closet door.

Adrian nodded and stood up, walking over to a small filing cabinet, putting away his files, "So whats this headless biker thing about?"

"Some story about a motorcyclist crashing and police never finding the head so he returns to find it..."

Adrian stared at his jacket then looked over at Ashton, "Are you sure we can't go to the hospital." Adrian batted his eyelashes cutely.

Ashton looks down and clears his throat. "I really don't want to just yet."

Adrian plopped down on the floor cross legged pouting, "And we do something more fun that a sleepy hallow spin off."

Ashton walks over to him and kneels down to be eye level with him, smiling. "We'll go someday I promise. K?"

Adrian sighed, "Not winning this one am I??" The he smiled cutely getting up and putting on his jacket.

Ashton laughs softly. "Nope." He pokes Adrian on the tip of his nose, smiling.

Adrian blushed swatting his hand away playfully, "Come on lets get going."

"I'm driving!" He grabs some equipment and runs outside, laughing.

"Well yea I don't know how to drive." Adrian smiled jabbing him in the ribs with his elbow.

"Ow, hey..." He swats Adrian playfully.

"Come on lets get out of here." Adrian said getting in the car.

Ashton throws his seat belt on and stares at Adrian.

"Yeeeessssss Aston can I assist you?" Adrian said not taking his eyes of the file in his hands.

Ashton swats him playfully, leaning over Adrian and putting the seat belt on him.

Adrian gasped a bit startled by the action. "Wh-- what the hell are you doing."

"Putting your seat belt on." He smiles cutely.

"GAH!! What am I child!" Adrian blushed folding his arms over his chest.

"Well we wouldn't want you to go through the windshield and end up a ghost story." He grins back.

"Sure we do I'll fallow you around the rest of your life and every time you have a pretty girl in your bed I'll show up and scream "How could you kill me!" It would be most amusing." Adrian grinned mischievously.

Ashton pokes Adrian in the side with his index finger. "What makes you think I'll ever find a girl?"

Adrian grined wickedly, "Then every time you have a pretty man in your bed."

Ashton blushes. "What?! who said I like guys?!"

Adrian laughed, "Then why are you blushing."

"Because!" He brings the engine to life and pushes the CD button on the radio, La:Sadie's fills the car, drowning any laughter and protest from Adrian.

"I love this band!!" Adrian squealed like a fan girl.

Ashton smirks, and moves his lips to the words as he backs out of the drive. He stops and looks at Adrian, turning down the music. "Did we pack food, or are we stopping at fast food places? I really hope we packed food because I'm watching my girlish figure..." He laughs at the idea.

Adrian grinned looking over at Aston and held up his book bag, "No sweetie I won't forget to pack you're low fat food we wouldn't want your thighs to get fat now would we."

Ashton laughs and swats him with the road map. "Come on now..."

Adrian bit the road map polling it out of Ashton hand, "How do ya like them apples!" Adrian smiled his speech slightly impaired.

Ashton laughs, trying to grab it. "Bad dog!"

"Arff." Adrian barked jerking the map out of reach.

Ashton pokes him gently in the ribs.

Adrian dropped the map swatting playfully at Ashton, "Nooo, quit it."

Ashton pokes him again, laughing.

"Hey Ashton, how much further till we get there?"

"Not too much further... why? Do we need to make a pit stop?"

Adrian swatted Ashton on the shoulder his face red, "No I just wanted to know!"

"Hey! I wasn't trying to be mean, I was trying to be nice, honestly." He smiled.

"Yea, why don't I believe you." Adrian said sticking his tongue out.

Ashton chuckles. "We don't have much further."

"I hope not I don't really like being trapped in these metal death traps."

"And you didn't want to put your seat belt on..." He smirks.

"I was distracted!" Adrian defend, "besides these things cab take you head off. I'd rather not end up like your biker."

"I'd never let that happen." He smiles warmly.

Adrian blushed unsure of what to say.

"You look a little flushed, do you need the AC on?" Ashton asks, concerned.

"Umm.... yea i'm too hot." Adrian said quickly looking out the window.

Ashton leans over and turns on the AC.

Adrian didn't say anything just stared out the window watching things pass by.

Ashton looks at him and pulls over to the side of the road. "Hey... what's wrong?" He puts the car in park.

"Huh?! Oh nothing I'm fine... Sorry I was just lost in thought." Adrian said a bit startled.

Ashton puts a hand on his shoulder. "Are you sure?"

"Yea, I'm fine. I was just lost in thought really I'm ok." Adrian rambled a bit fiddling with the files in his lap.

Ashton ruffles his hair a bit and smiles

"Wh... What are you doing!?" Adrian gasped caught off guard.

Ashton laughs. "Calm down, I just ruffled your hair."

"Doshide!!!" Adrian whined pushing himself against the door.

Ashton laughs again. "Chill, no touchie, I get it." He grins at him.

"You got that right." Adrian muttered sliding down in his seat.

Ashton frowns lightly and just pays attention to the road.

Adrian pouted a bit digging through his book bag, "my water spilled."

"There's a towel in the glove box." He says softly, nodding to it.

"Nothings wet that matters just the a few things i forgot to take out of here." Adrian said throwing the book bag into the back seat.

"Ok." He presses the next button on the CD player to play a different track.

"Are we there yet?" Adrian asked childishly.

Ashton looks around at the highway and passing cars. "Yep." He chuckles.

"YEA!!" Adrian cheered playfully, "I Should have brought a book."

Ashton laughs. "well, I'm sorry I'm boring." He teases.

Adrian yawned and stretched playfully swatting Ashton, "Yup sooo boring."

Ashton swats back. "You butt..." He teases.

"Am not!!!" Adrian pouted cutely.

"Of course you are!" Ashton replies teasingly, nudging him lightly.

"No I'm not, but you are!" Adrian grinned .
"You." Ashton sticks out his tongue.

"Sooo.... How'd this guy loose his head???" Adrian asked slouching down in his seat.

"Story tells the guy's girlfriend's dad didn't like them dating and tied piano wire to both sides of the bridge so when he drove over... reecchhhh." He made a gesture to draw his thumb over his throat.

"Oh, I just had to as didn't I." Adrian pinching his eye shut, shaking off the mental image.

He chuckles softly.

"How much further is are we going."

Ashton pulls the car into a diner and stretches after turning the car off. "Well, it's less than a mile from here, but it's still pretty early, let's head inside and get something to eat and drink, kay?" He unbuckles his seat belt and climbs out of the car.

Adrian fallowed quickly behind him. He watched dark clouds start to roll in from the west. Adrian felt slightly uneasy by the sudden change in weather, "Was it supposed to rain today." Adrian asked nervousness in his voice.

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