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The five Afien stones, long protected by the Afien seers, each house one of the five elements; Water, earth, Fire, air, and the deadliest Deamonice or a spirit stone. People of this land can weild a element, the most powerful being seers, and the Afien stones being the most powerful. The Afien stones were created by a mage who sought to harness the Elements into something that can be stored. Realizing that his creation's, though they made his realm unparalled in beauty and splendor were a power far too terrible to let any one have access to, thus was born the Afien seers. The Afien seers are warrior monks, those who have devoted themselves entirely to the element of a given stone. Each stone was set inside a seperate fortress, brought together once a year for the festival of light, a grand celebration held as the most magnificant of its kind. Thus was the realm of Zeraph the most prosperous, but it was not to last.

The dark elves, raiders, black hearts and whoes' leaders are sorcerors, the likes of whom are unmatched by all but the most powerful of Zeraph. This dread race united under a single leader, and took the Stones water and air. They were driven back, though the stones were not recovered, and there was great loss of life.

Who will you chose? The Zeraphim? The dark Elves or one of the many city states surrounding Zeraph?

Please note that the wiki pages are not up yet, I am working on getting them up an running

If you are interested then first visit Afien rules

Second visit here to view the selection of races, and abilities offered: Afien races

and third, here is where you will make you character bio: Afien character profiles

Once you have been accepted and once they are open, the RP will take place here: Afien RP 1

Your RP moderators are:

[Assassin's Night Angel] She is the owner of this RP, what she says is final and do not at all ask me to contradict her

[Talos Cyrion] acting manager, and stand in for miss wolf when she is not available, also the complaints desk

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