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NAME: Ainthra

Doll made by [Gry], photo by Borgni

House: Eylem
Impression: Ice gargoyle
M/F: F
Hair: Silver hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, gathered in a loose ponytail
Skin: Light blue skin, her stomach, tailtip and the insides of her wings are more bluish-white in coloration.
Eyes: Ice blue
Clothes: She prefers silver jewlery and diamonds. She always dresses in practical clothing which never impairs her activities.
Other: She has great blue bat-like wings, a long thin tail, and two horns.
Mother: Elen
Father: Keel
Siblings: Tair (f); Half-brother Namilak
Children: None
Lovers: None
Other realtions: Aunts: Quaa, Bogg, Aumlig, Pekkim, Ooga; Uncles: Yaolin, Korith, Sahriam, Shivn (who is also her illegitimate nephew), Ix, Nix; Cousins: Cerrawen (m), Esam (f), Ecwi (m), Gir (m), Hwok (m), Sûriontin (m), Ellip (f) and Kwal (m); Niece: Molleyn; Grandparents (maternal): Leyana (f) and Wini (m)
Abilities: A mean sword hand.
Personality: Ainthra is a very independent and headstrong woman who lives by the motto "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself". Patience is most certainly not one of her strong points, and she can get violent at times. She is still well liked, and at social occasions you can find her surrounded by friends which she entertains with either stories or songs while she holds a glass of wine in her hand.
Ambitions: Find someone to love. Get status as high noble. Get magical heirlooms which Keel lost to Nanim in a duel back. Find out who her father has been messing around with.
Fears: That Nanim will destroy her heirlooms, claustrophobia, that the scandal with her father will ruin her political ambitions if it ever becomes known.
Likes: Music, singing, flying on long trips and expeditions, wine, ride dragons.
Dislikes: Rude people, duels, things that take time.
Habits: She simply flies away if she is too bored. She cracks her knuckles regularly.
Occupation: Reeve of one of the Eylem estates.
Tresured posessions: A shawl her mother embroidered for her.
Quote:  "That's it! This is taking too long! I'm outta here!"

Once again, doll by [Gry] and photo by Borgni

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