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Player - [PredatorX]
Name - Akh’Adar “Vulcan” Ner’mah
Race - Planetarii
Sub-race - Ignean
Class - Knight / Archer
Allegiance - House Ignus
Appearance - A good six feet and maybe an inch in height, with long, red hair and a muscular build, Adar is a good enough reason for any young lady to lose her breath a second or two. His eyes a bright red, not only because of his racial features but also the fire within which reflects itself on the outside: A well-worked physique, result of hard training and a constant, wicked smile that could quickly turn into a frighteningly evil grin should anyone dare to cross him.
His pride and glory are his horns which have grown quite long for his age and even curled forward, he had to custom-make his helmet to fit them. He wouldn’t cut them off for thrice their weight in gold.
Age - 23
Personality - Fire is his element, fire is his way of life. To say he is impulsive would be quite an understatement. As a soldier he was renown for being a textbook example of the “gung-ho” personality… he’d rush to execute an order before his commanding officer was done telling it. His pride knows no limits and should anyone question, annoy or just look at him in a way he doesn’t like he’ll teach that person a lesson or two… or three, or four. For this he earned the nickname “Vulcan”. Due to this inner, endless energy he has to constantly be on the move or do something, either fiddle with his sword, play with something or even grab a musical instrument… else he’d go mad.
That could never affect his mood, though. As soon as he’s done beating his opponent half to death he’ll enjoy his drink, joke and laugh as though nothing happened. Unless of course he sees a beautiful damsel walking by, in which case he’ll forget everything and dash after her.
But his child-like behaviour hides the wisdom which in-born for each Planetarii. However, in his wisdom he decided it was wisest not to act the part of a wise man. Also, his wisdom is what keeps him from bursting into tears whenever someone mentions the word “parents”. If anyone would ask him about it he’d reply tersely: “What’s done is done and nothing can change it.”
He does show off his mental skills when arguing over something… he not only looks like a ram, but is as stubborn as one. 
History - He enrolled in the army at the age of 16, a very fragile age, and was only accepted because his horns were larger than those of his older comrades... apparently this was due to excessive hormonal activity. He proved to be quite the tough one. His mother died at birth and his father, a military man himself died in an altercation with a Dah’kin task force. So the army was his only family. However, ranked corporal he decided to retire with honours and went on to roam the lands, seeking to quench his thirst for adventure. Apart from having broken many a lady’s heart and even more a thug’s skull, his life was quite eventless thus far…
Weapon of Choice - Flamberge
Others - Is a heavy smoker.
Themesong: Corvus Corax - Estuans intrinsecus / Carl Orff - Carmina Burana - Estuans interius

Element - Red (Fire)


Trade - Marksman

Pirate Traits -
Classy – This character knows how to act in high society gatherings (+1 Charisma in balls and against governors)
Horny – This character has been alone at sea for far too long. (-1 Opposite gender Crew Morale)
Head-butter – This character thinks his head is a battering ram. (When fighting unarmed, 50% chance of taking d4 damage)

Pirate Reputation - 5

Level - 6 (5 Knight, 1 Archer)

Experience/To next level - 3010/4200

Equipment -
Flamberge+1 (7 Atk / 4 Def / 2 Mag / -3 Spd / 9 Wgt)
Chainmail (6 Def / -1 Spd / - 1 Mag / 10 Wgt)
Horned Helmet (2 Def / 1 Atk / 4 Wgt)
Composite Bow (4 Atk / -1 Def / 10 Rng / 5 Wgt)
Red Cloak (2 Mag, 2 Car, 3 Wgt, Bonus to Level 1 Red Magic)
30 arrows (3*1 WGT)
Tribal Necklace (2 Atk / 2 Dex / 1 Car / 3 Wgt)
Rockbreaker Gloves (3 Attack, Allows the use of the "Knockback" skill 1/day) (3 Wgt)
Spiked boots (immune to "Knockback", "Wind Blow" and similar spells and skills) (3 Wgt)
10 GP

HP - 33
MP - 12
STR - 8
CON - 7
DEX - 5
MAG - 6
INT - 5
CHA - 5

CC - 43/45

Skills - Handle Swords, Defensive Stance, High Morale, Claymore Mastery, Magic Resistance, Handle Bows, +3 Range, Rapid Reload, Marksmanship.
Skill Points - 0

Special Skills
Smite - Once a day for every 3 levels, you can attempt to deal d6 + charisma damage to any opposing element characters in the area.
Craft Arrows - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for arrows, the Archer learns how to craft his own arrows out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of arrow, the only way to know which makes whih is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.

Lv 1 - Ignite

Party Nº6
Realms of Lemire

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2006-10-04 [Adaman]: Bwahaha, perfect pirate traits for Adar.

2006-10-04 [PredatorX]: I'm rather pleased with them.

2006-10-04 [Blood Raven]: so he's both fearless and he has a phobia. Now that's interesting :P

2006-10-04 [PredatorX]: Well, don't see it as a phobia.
Just... pathologic disgust towards bacteria and the sort.

2008-01-27 [PredatorX]: Perfect... and I mean perfect pirate traits for Adar!
By the way, Char needs to be set back to 5, it was 3 because of the "annoying" trait.

2008-01-27 [Blood Raven]: aye aye

2008-07-20 [Lepellier]: predator's been gone over 2 months now.

2008-07-22 [Blood Raven]: Damn it... and here I was figuring he could be counted on as a regular player.

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