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2009-09-09 00:55:14
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Genre series, number four. For this one I tackled the delightful realm of Science Fiction. It's another one that I am happy with. It worked better than I though possible. Why, you ask?

Well, I meshed two people together to get that lovely being you see before you. It has around half and half of each model stock's face and both hair, only one of the bodies though. I love that I managed to make it look natural. I think it looks natural anyway.

I also tried monotone, which isn't something I've ever used in a manip before. I'm not sure why I chose the yellowish colour but I like it. It seems to work. I do have a full colour version as well but I see this one as more the final outcome - I do like the colour one too. If you want to see it, let me know and I shall upload it.

As per [Linderel]'s request, the colour version can now be seen below.


Planets and Sky:
All from:


Other details painted.

Genre Series:
1. STEAMPUNK - Rusted Grace
2. CYBERPUNK - Cyber Styled
3. FANTASY - Faeble
4. SCI-FI - Alienated
5. HORROR - Red Webbing
6. HISTORICAL - Vintage Feel
7. ROMANCE - Strawberry Taste
8. COMEDY - Sunshine
9. TRAGEDY - Teary Eyed
10. MYSTERY - Shroud


/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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2009-09-04 [Linderel]: Give uuuuuus!

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: Colour? Alreeeeet.

2009-09-04 [Linderel]: :D
Now that [Viking] solved my software problem I can finally get to my own manips... next week, I should hope.

2009-09-04 [Linderel]: 'Tis nice. :)

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: How'd he solve it? :D

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: And thank you. :)

2009-09-04 [Linderel]: He linked me to a version of Gimp that can be installed on a USB drive :D

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: Ahaaaa! I forgot about that one, I've never needed it, so it's not surprising.

2009-09-04 [Linderel]: Well, it certainly saved my day :P

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: :D *does the yay for Lami manips dance*

2009-09-04 [Linderel]: Aren't you putting the horse in front of the cart now? What if they're horrible? :P

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: If they're horrble, they will get better with practise. :)

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