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Antes Bien en Speed King


We have finished recording our first EP. You can listen to it here:
7 imagenes imperfectas EP.

Well, now this is complete. I added a few videos (decent quality, luckily). You also have a few pictures and the lyrics (with English translation) of the recorded songs. Enjoy!

Note: Formatting ideas and art would be welcome >>

A few videos

The opening song:
Save Me
Save Me Lyrics

My personal favorite:
La Mecha
La Mecha Lyrics

One of the first songs we wrote:
Ya Es Tarde
Ya Es Tarde Lyrics

The song that gave the name to the band:
Antes Bien
Antes Bien Lyrics

Our biggest hit and the song with which we closed the set:
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Lyrics

A few photos

Left to right: Federico, Victor and Pablo

Antes Bien en Speed King 2
Me, Victor, Fede.

Antes Bien en Speed King 8

/ [All_Most PUNK]

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2009-07-14 [Chimes]: He keeps that on the other wiki.

2009-07-14 [Viking]: Excellent vids! But where's the one of you singing Along the Way?

2009-07-15 [nehirwen]: *stalks*

2009-07-15 [Easterling]: Punk rocks! Yeah, we all knew it.. but now we've seen it on youtube, too! :D

2009-07-15 [Jitter]: Awesome :D

2009-07-16 [Paul Doyle]: Now this is cool. It reminds me a bit of stuff by Husker Du.

2009-07-22 [All_Most PUNK]: Oh, loiters, stalkers and lukers, nice!

Elin: Hope you have already checked it. And like it too, if possible. And of course I rock ;)

Zepher: To be exact, it's the wiki for our first ever live gig.

Akane: Well, what kind of things would you like in the profiles?

Duke: Did you?

Calico: Shhh, that's not for everybody to see, only privileged people.

Viking: Sadly, nobody recorded that one. I think it went pretty fine, but there's no proof :P The idea is, next time, to record everything.

Jitter: Thanks!

Paul: See, this shows we have coherence. Long time ago, when I was trying to form my first band (which never really started) I showed some rehearsals and you said that it reminded you of Husker Du. The singer in this band is the same one from back then, so we are ver coherent with ourselves.

2009-07-22 [zepher]: All_Most PUNK: One of many, I hope. :)

2009-07-22 [All_Most PUNK]: Zepher: It's the idea. We are talking with two different bands right now to see if we organize a gig for August and maybe one in September. And in November we'll probably have one for my birthday.

2009-07-23 [Alexi Ice]: Names
musical talent
preivious musical experiences
music intrests (rock, country, whatever)
How many instruments can they play (if they play more than one)

Just general music stuff like that.

2009-07-23 [Viking]: Well, damn. Get those videocam people to get the good stuff at least!

2009-07-23 [zepher]: Viking: Good idea! Have them invite some film students or something :P

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: Punk: Yes! I did check them out. :D I really like. :) Very talented in my opinion. :O I love Ya Es Tarde. It makes me happy. XD

2009-07-23 [Easterling]: I have checked them :) but I have to listen more. What do you mean "if possible" - of course you must be proud of you and your band!

2009-07-30 [Lothuriel]: Awesomeness!!

2009-08-06 [All_Most PUNK]: Akane, I'll think about that. Maybe when we make a website.

Next time we'll try to record everything. Maybe in September.

Duke: Thanks a lot :)

Elin: I am proud. And we'll get better.

Lothuriel: Wooohoo!

2009-08-21 [Duke Devlin]: Wilkommen. ^^

2009-11-08 [All_Most PUNK]: We have finished recording our first EP. You can listen to it here: 7 imagenes imperfectas EP.

2009-11-09 [Hedda]: Buenos Aires Lyrics is empty.

2010-02-15 [All_Most PUNK]: Finally corrected, oh fearless leader.

2010-02-16 [Hedda]: Bueno! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

Now I can continue my Spanish studies.

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