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Aodh PaperDoll Dressup

Aodh of SabbathNight
for anyone not familiar with my naughty faery
inspired @ mh's cosplay challenge


everyone interested can make their own wiki
of a 'paper dolly' of their OC
and they and other's can dress them up differently
as much as they like
basically like this



1. character must be your own
2. make a base body (can be as nakkid as you/your OC likes)
3. dress him/her how ever you wish
[ooooh and dont forget those accessories/glasses/jewelry/shoes/ect stuff]
4. all art must be your own
5. upload to ET peeps
6. have fun
7. beats handed out behind my barn


<img:stuff/swirl%202.png>DO IT LIKE THIS:
1. [your name] 'title'
<img300:awesome cosplay image
(short description of OC if you like or a link to his/her character wiki)

2. ECT

feel free to put up WIPs so we can *poke fun of em*

<img:stuff/swirl%202.png> START NOW!

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