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Sajore and Xirag gallery: Armaros

Armaros is a big part of the boys story. Since he is part of Sajore.
So, this gallery is completely dedicated for him ^__^

Armaros, the first time he revealed himself to me =D

Armaros breaking out of Sajore ^___^

the two sides of Sajore: Armaros and the real Sajore

Adoration ^_^

Sleepy boys

Once upon a time there was a very powerful young demon called Armaros, who ruled his lands well. His luxorious life was violently interrupted when the great war against the dragons started. The young demon lord was killed in a battle protecting his family, none of them were spared.
His soul escaped into a deep dark forrest, where centuries later a couple of powerhungry vampires summoned him into their sons body.
Yup. Thats the story of Armaros.
And later on Sajore's.

mine and Ktiraam's Valentines day collab ^_^
Our sexy seme demons, rawr ;D
Her Anock and my Armaros

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