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2010-03-12 07:51:40
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2010-02-12 [Eyonic]: ...what happened in here?

2010-02-13 [beastman]: I put a time bomb in and it went off! BLEW IT UP! I was going to revamp this thing but I suck at wiki stuff. You know the fancy huge lettering and sparkles and such you can put in these things. I tried it but it failed HA HA so I just put it back up as it is.

2010-02-13 [Eyonic]: I could try and help, like put dividers in and such. afraid i don't do sparkles though :P

2010-02-13 [beastman]: LOLOL it's okay but thanks for the offer. I have decided that it's just art and the fancy stuff may even take away from what is up to be looked at so LOL as I go along and add more eventually I'll keep it simple that way what is up will be seen!

2010-02-14 [Eyonic]: ^.^ okiday

2010-03-12 [beastman]: The Kenny Rogers I did for my nieces' mother, she put it into a nice frame. Slight color in the eyes lips and tongue with color pencil. I feel it worked with the drawing, not too much but enough to pull you into the drawing. It's a much better look in person, the camera doesn't really pull it off.

2010-03-12 [Morrigon]: Wow, that looks incredible.

2010-03-13 [Eyonic]: oooo that's amazing!

2010-03-13 [beastman]: Thank you very much Morrigon and Eyonic. I spent an excessive amount of time on it and it really does look better in person too bad the camera doesn't pull it off better. Kenny is her hero LOL she just loves him.

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