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2006-08-28 08:39:02
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Artificial Intelligent

A person who is a pseudo-intelligent bullshit-yapper who has a meaningless opinions on all important topics in other people's lives, while being empty and shallow inside.

Things that such a character could say:
(Please add here)
"Quadratic expressions involving the hypothesis rarely include theoretical answers, and thanks to the scientific method, leading theologists are capable of virtualizing the vaporal tendencies." (donated by [Aradon Templar])

-Pseudo Intelligent craposity (donated by [SilverFire])

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2006-08-27 [Aradon Templar]: XD I dunno if that'd exactly fit because it's so long and relevant to nothing whatsoever. It'd be like, "What do you think of quantum theory?" "Quadratic expressions etc."
Eh, actually it does seem to get the point across like that: Don't expect much from talking computers :P

2006-08-27 [iippo]: It has something to do with theology and science, and if it had anything kore in it, it'd be too smart to be said by this computer. :P

2006-08-27 [Aradon Templar]: What is kore?

2006-08-27 [iippo]: ...I have no idea. ยด_` I can't even imagine where that typo came from. I was trying to say something like "if it had actual meaning, it'd be too smart"

2006-08-27 [Aradon Templar]: o.O I think I actually did something similar last night, though luckily it wasn't out loud. Something along the lines of calling a movie a game, and it made perfect sense to me for about a tenth of a second, then I couldn't make any reasonable justification of it. It was strange :P

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