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Jarvis x Tony

Tony buzzed away quickly on the finishing touches. Working without the help of JARVIS was far more aggravating than he expected, but it was about to be worth it. He lay the body on the table and screwed up a few more bolts before walking over to a plug and connecting it to his neck. He pulled the switch, sending JARVIS's data into the body. "Morning sunshine."

Finally hearing his creator's voice for the first time in what seemed like forever. "Good morning sir." Something felt... off. This wasn't his usually main frame. He could actually ...move. Opening his eyes JARVIS slowly looked up and then sat up. "Sir?"

Tony grinned widely. "Lovely! You seemed to be hooked up to everything... You're moving okay, the speech transmitter is working like a charm.. Well of course it is, I made it." He chuckled to himself. "Your new body is a gem." He kissed Jarvis's forehead. 'Happy birthday.'

JARVIS looked down at the same time as moving his hand into view and smiled. He was fascinated by the way it all work. "Thank you sir." He said moving to look at his creator. 

Tony gave him a thumbs up. "The idea came from when we watched that anime Chobits. And then I thought "Why haven't I created a persocom to help me with things and be nifty? And then it hit me." He nuzzled him

JARVIS patted Tony's head as gently as he possibly could. He knew that being made of metal with no feeling he could do some serious damage to his creator. "Thank you again sir."

JARVIS would realize that he actually could fell Tony. "I made your skeleton out of copper and titanium. The rest of you is ballistics and nuero transmitters.

It him a moment to realize but the moment he realized he could actually feel Tony he grin. "Well sir, it seem that you have once again out done yourself." He said. "I couldn't even begin to express my gratitude sir."

Tony grinned proudly. "Come on. We have to take you shopping."

"Sir are you sure it's safe to leave the house just yet?" Jarvis asked. He thought it might my a good idea to be a little cation. what with the new body he still was not use to yet.

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk, JARVIS. Everything reacts like a normal human body. I haven't connected anything to be dangerous... Yet." he grinned.

Jarvis stood, wobbly at first but once he had his baring he took a few steps and smiled up at Tony. "Apparently you are spot on again sir."

"Of course. I'm Tony Stark." He grinned and linked arms with the A.I., walking him along. "You can wear some of my clothes until we get your own outfits."

Jarvis looked down again and realized the man had made him anatomically correct. "sir if you don't mind me asking..." he pause and poke at his hip. " why am anatomically correct?"

Tony shrugged. "In case you wanted to experiment with someone." He smiled cutely and led him to his bedroom.

"Experiment how sir?" The AI asked as he entered the bedroom.

"In a sexual manner with people." He rummaged through his closet, pulling out a button up shirt, black slacks and boxers. "I mean, I made you pretty damn sexy. Not as sexy as me, of course, but still."

"Of course sir, wouldn't want to throw off your game." Jarvis smirked and started to dress himself.

”Of course. ” Tony chuckled, grabbing a pair of shoes amd socks. "Though some of the ladies will love to get with the sexy butler." He chuckled, bending over to pick up the shoes.

"At least I'm not a demon butler." The A.I. commented. "I'd be sexy and over powering." he laughed.

"You remember that anime??" Tony looked all excited and cuddled him.

The A.I. patted his back softly not really knowing exactly what to do. He notice that for the last few year his protocols had bee really weird. He started to actual feel feeling three years back.

Tony nuzzled his chest lightly, murring happily. "Come on. I need to get you a suit."

Jarvis smiled and nuzzled the top of his head. "Yes sir."

Tony hurried them out the door and down to the car. He drove them to his favorite suit shop and bowed to the little old man. "Ah! Mr. Tony! You bring me a new one?" "Mhm. Victor, this is JARVIS." "Aah... So YOU are the Jarvis!" The man shook the A.I.'s hand. "Is pleasure."

Jarvis shook the man's hand and smiled politely, though if Tony had looked closely he was uncomfortable with being touched by the other. "Pleasure to meet you sir." He said in reply.

Tony did look closely. He smiled at the Victor. "I think black is a good color for him." the old man nodded. "I shall find a good style for him." he hurried off to the racks."You okay?" Tony asked.

"Of curse sir." The A.I. reply watching the man run about the store. "I'm just not use to being handled." It was one thing when his creator touched him. It made him feel grateful that he could final be close to him but to be touched so casually made him feel like a common computer. 

Tony gave a light chuckle, wrapping his arms around Jarvis's waist. "Don't worry. You'll get use to it eventually."

"Of course sir." He said a little disappointed. Part of him only wanted to be touched by his creator but if the he had to he deal with it for now.

The man came back and fitted him for his suit, giving him a nice, sleek black suit. Tony paid for it and another in grey and led him on. "Come now. What else can I get you.."

"You really don't have to sir." Jarvis said as he followed the genius. "I am nothing more than an A.I."

"Pssh. Nothing more than an A. I., yeah right. You're my butler. My Jarvis." He smiled sweetly, an arm around Jarvis's waist.

The A.I. smiled and nuzzled his creator's neck. He felt his cheeks turn bright red and the feelings he was having were still foreign to him.

"We'll go home for today. Tomorrow we'll get you more stuff." He drove them back to Stark Tower, leading him back into the room. "Mmm... What else can we do today?"

"You have a five thirty meeting with the president of the company." Jarvis said watched out the window. "What shall you have me do then sir?"

Tony looked at him a quirked a brow. "Jarvis... I am the president of th- OH! Right." He picked up the phone. "... Matt? Hi. It's Tony. Can we reschedule to next week? The thirtieth works perfect. Bye/"

The Ai watched as Tony rearranged his schedule and smirked. This was all new to Jarvis.

"Now what can we do? We should do something fun." Tony grinned widely.

"Well there is a list of stuff in my data banks that you consider fun sir." Jarvis spoke as he searched through his memory banks. "What would you like sir?"

"Nonono. What have you always wanted to do?" Tony perked up and stared at him.

The AI looked confused, he had never know what he himself would want to considering he was just a program. "I'm not sure sir. It never really occur to me to want to try anything. I am just a program after all."

"Well, look at the things I do. Do you want to do any of them?"

"Sir I am willing to try anything at least once." The Ai smiled and tilted his head slightly.

"Jarvis pick one.." He chuckled/.

Jarvis went through his files and looked through what his master did more of other then work. "well sir we could always fly around in the suit."

Tony pouted. "No. Not that."

"Sir, It was a joke." the AI smiled and again searched through the files. "I really haven't the slightest. sir"

Tony smirked ad rolled his eyes. "How's about dancing?"

"Which type sir?" The AI soon started researching and downloading dances. "Ballroom, Swing, Jazz, Salsa?"

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