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2005-08-03 15:23:21
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Welome to Ashley's Poems


darkness falls apon an hour
have you overcome your tyranical power?

the sadness lay its self upon me
what you lack is what you don't see

my eyes strain fighting back tears
my heart weeps for its fears

no one was there to witness my wrath of anger
for it peirces holes into my flesh like a dagger

my heart throbs with pain
when voices speak your name

mistrust, deceit, and bigamy describe you
im still hurt and what will i do?

the unfaithful, unspoken, forbidden, name got under the guard
the guard that no one has passed nor decieved with expert trickery

die hard, and live life, let not me be fooled
for i have fallen once and a still trying to heal

the treatureous soul that i once so loved
has decieved me once no more than a thousand times and will decieve me once no more

Im not home (so leave me alone!)

get away from me,
get outta my face,
your a disgrace,

get a life
get outa mine
your runnin outa time
take a # and go to the end of the line,

your falling behind
never mind
you'll never be mine

never be mine
you'll never be mine
never be mine

tryin to catch up
runnin outa breath
need some rest

i know you
but you dont know me
you just see what you see,
but that isnt the real me,
you'll never get to know me,
& thats how its gonna be,
thats how its gonna be

why cant you see?,
why cant you see
this isnt the real me,
its what you want me to be,

but i dont want to be like that,
as a matter of fact
so get off my back

get out of my way
just hear what i have to say

i dont want to be the way you want me to be
you dont know see what you see

look @ me
in the eyes
have you ever seen or made me cry?,

im all alone
and when i hear the phone
i pretend im not home

i wanna be alone
i wanna be alone
so just leave me alone
im not home

you see what you see
and you cant see the real me
& thats how its gonna be!!!!


my life is never ending disappointments
my life is full of fucking bullshit
i cant take it any more
what the hell is going on
why is this happening to me
why is every one turning against me
what did i do to them
why am i the one to get hurt
why am i the one who every one uses and abuses?
what have i done to deserve this
why does it have to be me
why the hell is this happening
and why does it have to happen to me
whats the point of living
theres nothing to look forward to anymore
whats the point to all this bull shit
whats the point of me
life is never ending disappointments for me
all the good things are bad things in disguise
so i take the choice to forfeit my life!!!

im just missing you

im laying here in my bed
just thinking of you
just wishin you were here at my side
and holding me tight wispering in my ear...
everythings all right
everythings all right

now that we've cleared the air
you had me worried
and im glad your sorry
cause i still love you
oh i just want to be with you
just want to hold on to you
but i know soon i'll have to let go
but i never wanna say good bye to you

your my only one
the only one who can calm me down
the only one who wont let anyone push me around

but is there a motive behind this kindness
are you trustless
do you really want me
because i really want you

i love the way you kiss my neck
i love the way youcome up behind me,and whisper in my ear...hey baby did you miss me?..because i really missed you
i cant stop missing you
cant stop missing you

sick of being screwed over

been decieved too many times
heard far too many lies

i cant trust anyone no matter how hard i try
been hurt and let down so much
ive been beat, i can hardly walk with a crutch

my life flashes before me
do you undeststand the agony i see?

wont get too far with me
if thats what your looking for

i have weary eyes
seen too many things tryed
all kind of different lies

they all use me
and abuse me

wont stand for it anymore
this time your the one whos gonna be sore


missing you too much

im lonely
im sad
im depressed
im mad

wanting you is all i do
but now i had a change of plan
you know your not the only man...for me

im stupid
im tired
im restless
im wired

i have nothing to do
and i have nothing to say to you

you hurt me
i hurt you
some would say were even
but im still missing you

i know that i cant have you
but thats what makes me want you

you're busy
im not
we never see each other enough

obviously we werent meant to be
but im still missing you

just another dagger

i see time
time is flying by
time is going past my eyes so fast i cant keep up with it

time is running short
time is going by
past my eyes
i cant believe i didnt see it
i shouldve known it
how can you be such a bitch to me

i see love
love is stabbing daggers through my heart as fast as it can beat

i see you
i see you with another girl
too soon for me to see

i feel daggers slashing my hearts desires apart
i cant see
every thing is so blurry

i see life
life that is too short
life that doesnt last for long
i see a life not worth living

i see people striving to stay alive
but for what
just another dagger to rip and scar my heart

im so confused what should i do

i spent so long not knowing what to do
or what to say to you
or what was going on between us
finally its over and i know were i stand

im so confused
i dont know what to do
or what to say to you ..when i see you in the halls
i wasnt prepared for this
i still want you back
but then i dont
so what should i do
stop talking to me because im not interested in you

you left me for another girl
or so they say
i dont know what to believe
or how i should act
i thought you swore youd never hurt me like the others
didnt we make a pact
dont want you back no more
dont want you back
dont want you back

no more no more no more!!!!

true colors

i can see the truth in your eyes
im gonna give you another try
this time when i ask you
make sure what you tell me is true

i can see your true colors
i can see the real you
i can see all the lies that you've told me
i can see what you don't want me to see

i can see past the wall that you've built so high
i can see everything about you
im gonna tell you this for the last time
tell me what you think
don't worry because i already know
i know what you say behind my back
i know what you say when im not listening
i know what think of me

i can see past your mask
i can see the lies in your eyes
i can see everything
i know what you dont want me to know
dont bother telling me
because i already know

i can see past your act
i can see past your show
you dont need to put it on any longer
because youre not fooling any one
i already know the real you

youre a traitor
a decieteful liar
your a backstabber
and im done with you

i thought you were a true friend
i thought you meant what you said
i thought htat i could trust you

i guess i thought wrong
i was wrong about every thing
but then i figured it all out
you never meant to help me
i should have never trusted you

you meant to harm me
you meant to take the knive i handed you
and shove it in my back
you should have learned your lesson
along time ago

you should have known that i already knew
i figured it all out
theres no need to hide
io figured it all out
i saw the real you
i heard the things you said about me
it didnt suprise me
because i could already see
i already knew

youre not fooling anyone
im done with all your lies
i could see it in your eyes
i could see the truth
in your eyes
i could see all the lies
i could see the real you

Thats all i have on here.I have more on Elfpack if you are interested.I might add more here later.

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