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Avalon: Web of Magic Review


Avalon: Web of Magic Series by Rachel Roberts

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

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Welcome to a world where magic is real and friendship is everything.

1-Circles in the Stream
(haven't read it yet..)

2-All that Glitters
Kara had a hard time balancing her friends and Ravenswood Project all while keeping magic a secret. Things get even worse when a giant cat stalks her at school, Fairimentals and dragonflys show up at her party, and Banshees threaten to take Kara's life for her magic stone. It's not just any magic stone, it's a unicorn horn. All Kara wanted was a magic stone like Emily's and Adriane's. She got that and a whole heap of trouble.

This is a great book. I got it when I was little and have read it so much that the corners of the book are soft. It would make a great addition to any little girl's collection; or to any big girl's who wants to remember the little girl inside of them. It's a short read, too, but a good one.

3-Cry of the Wolf
To increase the magic inside of you, you must bond with an animal. That's just what Adriane did with a mistwolf named Stormbringer. Stormbringer believed herself to be the last of the mistwolves, but when her pack calls through the portal for her help, Stormbringer joins them. Adriane, unable to let her friend face the danger of Aldenmor by herself, follows Strombringer right through the portal. Adriane beings a journey through Aldenmor meeting scary monsters, new friends, and adventures along the way.

This was a great sequel to the second book in the series. It shows you more about the world or Aldenmor, and lets you know more about Avalon and why the firls are the ones who have to save it.
If you've read one and two, you must read the third!

4-Secret of the Unicorn
6-Trial By Fire
7-Song of the Unicorns
8-All's Fairy in Love and War
9-Ghost Wolf
10-Heart of Avalon
11-Dark Mage
12-Full Circle

/ [*Phoenix*]

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