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Azmagelle and Gyllioc's Daughter


Azmagelle and Gyllioc's Daughter

These are a couple portraits I intend to use in a tactical RPG I'm making. They are low resolution because the game displays at 480x300.

It's the same girl in both pictures but the first is rolled back 7 years or so into an adorable nine year old. A time before she's all jaded and stuff. A time before realizing her parents are complete monsters!

I just wanna bust my way in through my monitor and give her a hug! I can't help but go "Ohhhh!" like a girl that has seen a fluffy kitty when I look at her. I never would have believed I could draw something lovable.

The lower portrait is for when she turns sixteen. She is born in the course of the game and the player names her, so she has no name. She is also extremely likely to die in battle against her parents. It's very sad. And the tears! So many tears.
/ [atojer]

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