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2007-03-22 09:16:57
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BBK Works for Sale

Prices are all open to negotiation. HAGGLING IS ENCOURAGED If you were interested in purchasing something from here, then please just add a comment in this wiki, or just send me a message. Whatever is more convenient for you.

<img200*0:stuff/Alltheages.jpg> 26cm by 25.5cm
<img200*0:stuff/BBKThreeFaces.jpg> approximately 32cm by 90cm
<img200*0:stuff/Untitled_as_yet____by_blackbirdkat.jpg> approximately 150cm by 100cm
<img200*0:stuff/Personal_Journey_by_blackbirdkat.jpg>Four Prints available. Each one uniquely different. You can choose the size of the print you would like.

All works created by Kate Staines
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