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A lil wiki page made by a girl that has


to much time on her hands. Yeah that girl would be [tattoo your soul] …ME!
Now what can ya do here? WELL! I'm literally OBSESSED with music! so if you scroll down below, you'll see a bands wiki secion with bands I wanna have wild monkey oral sex with!


If you like any of thoz bands listed, do become a member to this useless lil Wiki by putting yer name onto the member list, and making a link to it, in yer Description/bio! Also add the purdy banners that [DillySamma] made fer me!! Cause its...purdy...and...eyecatching.....*attention whore*

Anyhoo yeah I still haven't quite said what you can do here…hmmm…well you can talk bout yer fav bands and such, and post news about the bands and a yada yada! Ya'know…concrete listings, rumors, and stupid news!…it can be fun if you make it that way!!! Shut Up!

Ya So Mainly a gathering of good music luvin' fools to find other good music luvin' fools.

so now....


2 add it...just put Bidaz World@wiki in B-tween [] and wooha! Also if any of you wanna add anything to this to make it that much more interesting go right ahead...I just choose if it stays or not >=D


*c'mon know u wanna join.....oh how about this peer pressure, yer not COOL unless you join..OH SHANP!!!*

-[tattoo your soul] Owner
-[DillySamma] Co-Owner
-[Big shiny ass dolphin
-[Cat Nip]
-[Blue Raspberries and Grape Juice]
-[KMR #1]
-[Y*** F***]
-[Melody "Yami" Anizamu]
-[I dont exist anymore]
-[Sweet Tatia]
-[Sally Stiches]
-[I'm gone gone gone]
-[You deserve each tear that falls.]

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2004-11-18 [tattoo your soul]: WO0O0O0O letz stay happy everyone!!

2004-11-18 [minifer]: thats not gunna happen...its absolutly fuckin chuckin it down..quite damn hard...n i jus had to walk home in i was wlakin in the rain for at least 1/2 an hr...n its windy as im fuckin soakin..n my face is im not rlly in a good mood..

2004-11-18 [I'm gone gone gone]: aww *hugs* so sorry

2004-11-18 [minifer]: *huggles*...ah be in a better mood now..oh the wonders of sitting in ya pj's since 4pm n eatin chocy lol

2004-11-18 [I'm gone gone gone]: lol yayay pjs rock and so does chocolate!!!

2004-11-18 [minifer]: hell yeah it things in the world lol

2004-11-20 [tattoo your soul]: Okay wondering if anyone has heard of the band Complete. They are sumwhat local, so I'unno. If not I do reccomend sum hardcore searching up on em, cuz they are pretty friggin rad!

2004-11-20 [DillySamma]: Complete is from Vancouver, and they just released their new cd, Windows and Shadows, I am not sure if or when it will be hitting the store shelves, but you can go to and check them out there and then get your download on ASAP PEOPLE!!!!

2004-11-21 [tattoo your soul]: YEEEEUH

2004-11-22 [tattoo your soul]: oy been there, it scares me

2004-11-22 [minifer]: its annoyin lol

2004-11-22 [I'm gone gone gone]: is supposed to be lol

2004-11-23 [minifer]: yeah...i this wel kewl email i got afew months back but i cant member the link in it..twas great lol...

2005-04-07 [wordwreckin]: tell em mini haha

2005-04-11 [I'm gone gone gone]: i'm jus glad i didnt make that site

2005-04-11 [minifer]: memories great...^_^

2005-04-23 [SexieSharon]: yeah, i went to that website ( I'd have to say it is pretty annoying. lol.

2005-04-23 [minifer]: yup...kinda obvious from the name...:P

2005-04-26 [I'm gone gone gone]: lmao yeah really

2005-08-17 [I'm gone gone gone]: lalala i'm bored

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