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2006-06-08 16:56:14
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[ this page is all about black label society cuz they rock and ya] um if some one would make a banner that would be great!
zak and dime :) RIP DIME BAG u will be missed


zak ozzfest 2002
zak and nick with the BLS funny car ..[ what i would call the blessed hell ride]



[miss Lindsey] CREATOR!!! SDMF 4 life
[Anthrax] hell ye!! they kick ass!!!!
[Faulty Limerence]I eat babies!
[kremit73] all hail the wail of Zak's guitar.
[disco biscuit] hell yeah theses guys rock
[Mr. Crowley] Bleed for me black label!
[IX.Dollface] Hell yeah!! \m/
[Bong Tokin Alc] fuck yeah BLS kicks ass
[Helghast] BLS Rule and don't disagree

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2006-01-11 [miss Lindsey]: lol thanks and i am so confused about the last thing lol

2006-01-11 [Faulty Limerence]: Thanks? Well I figured I was going to get attacked because I basically just called them infantile.

2006-01-11 [miss Lindsey]: o ok lol wow thats a big word whats infantile ,mean?

2006-01-11 [Faulty Limerence]: As or alike to an infant.

2006-01-16 [kremit73]: WOW, I finally find a bad ass wiki, can i join , pretty please with a guitar on top.?

2006-01-16 [miss Lindsey]: ha ha lol nice and ya go right on ahead

2006-01-18 [Anthrax]: hey looky here!!! its zakk wylde in a comedy show!!! OOHHH!!!

2006-01-18 [miss Lindsey]: ha ha that was funny ... pretty cool website ;p

2006-01-24 [disco biscuit]: hell yeah they rock

2006-01-24 [miss Lindsey]: go ahead and join if u want

2006-02-16 [3xile]: zakk wlyde is a god...

2006-02-17 [miss Lindsey]: i agree u should join well if you want to

2006-02-27 [black_sunshine]: black lable society is my favrite band can i join your wiki?

2006-02-27 [miss Lindsey]: ya go ahead

2006-04-20 [Xanian]: This place is like home xD

2006-04-22 [miss Lindsey]: thats good :} .. bls rocks os it should be lol

2006-04-25 [Mr_McEwan]: IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE HE'S DEAD!

2006-04-25 [miss Lindsey]: ok how us that funny

2006-07-06 [.Toxic Valentine.]: guitatr rocks

2006-07-07 [miss Lindsey]: oo ya

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