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2012-11-07 21:32:25
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After being away from Elftown for an extended period of time and then returning I found that most of my old relations had disappeared. This is a way to connect to new people and make new friends. Join, Chat, Become friends...

This is a place for any conversation but please keep it clean for the youngsters. No cursing. No sex talk.




Boredom is the root of all evil - the despairing refusal to be oneself.
-Soren Kierkegaard

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2012-11-12 [Kbird]: <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif>

2012-11-13 [Igaehinvdo]: why is my chat filled with animals? lol and elves

2012-11-13 [Roxcie]: *points to Kira* SHE DID IT! >:O PUNISH HERRR! xD

2012-11-13 [Kbird]: Dont put this on me you MEOWed first!!

2012-11-14 [Igaehinvdo]: LMAO nice, no fighting!

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: we are not fighting just playing!! oh are you making a character for undead zoo?

2012-11-14 [Igaehinvdo]: I haven't really been able to work on it much but i promise that I will

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: ok that's fine. oh if you need help with it I can try to help.

2012-11-14 [Igaehinvdo]: lol ok. omg i popped my finger and for like 5 minutes it felt like i had broken it, because I'm so cold

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: ouch!! yeah my toes are frozen lol.

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: this is your one!!
<img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzietan1.png> everyone on Undead zoo! gets one not this exact one but still!!

2012-11-14 [Igaehinvdo]: ok

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: that one reminded me of you!!

2012-11-14 [Igaehinvdo]: lol it kinda looks like my dog, its cute

2012-11-14 [Kbird]: Indeed!

2012-11-16 [Kbird]: HI!!

2012-11-17 [Igaehinvdo]: I'm involved with Rural relief this holiday season, to help bring happiness to families in need, plz donate to families in need in your area- Karma will thank you

2012-11-29 [Kbird]: <img:stuff/mood21-gif.gif>I dont have any money.

2012-11-30 [Igaehinvdo]: Its k, even a small can of food helps but its understandable if you don't have the resources to help

2012-12-02 [Kbird]: I gave alot of food about a year or two ago I want to do it again though.

2013-04-12 [Kbird]: Hello!

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