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Bridget Johanson

Created By [Lin Star]
For Without a Cause

Username:[Lin Star]

Name:Bridget Johanson AKA Jet



Skills:Multi-lingual; can pick up languages easily, even alien languages (She has heard of all the human languages, and can speak many of them fluently. Think "Star Trek" xenolinguistics: the study of all, including alien, languages. C:)

Weapons:Jet is all about the big rigs, so weapons aren't her style. The most she carries with her includes a long staff (strapped to her back) and other bludgeoning objects. She also has a crossbow that can be built speedily within minutes and ready to use, but otherwise stays in its pieces in a bag on the side of her motorcycle.

Appearance:Always being slightly average at most things, Bridget has grown to a staggering 6'4". She has very lengthy extremities and appears abnormally thin due to a high metabolism. She is quite the healthy eater, despite her divulges into the unhealthy side of food, but cannot seem to gain any weight or change her weight at all. Her hair has been chopped short and spiked with the exception of face-long and face framing bangs, the tips of which have been dyed a bright neon green. (They have yet to grow out and she hasn't cut her hair since Johnathan and Isabelle were taken.) She has Asian-style eyes that are a lighter emerald green color and has tan olive yellow skin. She has little to no muscle definition unless those muscles are under stress. Her current outfit includes somewhat baggy "cargo" pants, ankle-high black boots (army style), a wife beater (the only white clothing she has), an army-style hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a jacket that's the same material as her pants that she has the option of merely carrying or wearing. Occasionally, she'll don camouflage face paint and hasn't seemed to have washed that off, letting it fade naturally. She appears dirty, but only on clothing, like she's taken care not to dirty her skin, and also has found the semi-permanent hair color, black, to cover her green dye, should she need it. (That, also, appears faded and as if she hasn't washed it lately.)

Personality:Beginning life as a wild child and learning what interests you is the place you were trying to get away from doesn't always change your character. Bridget was always one to keep everyone smiling, even if the situation made life look like the worst thing imaginable. She was able to give people hope, even if she had none herself. Jet had always been able to smile and laugh easily until Johnathan and Isabelle were taken by Reptilians. Since that happened, she closed in on herself, rarely smiling and beginning to act withdrawn and pessimistic.

History: All her life, Bridget never knew her mother, Annabelle. Anna, as she's referred to by her father, Darryl, had died giving birth to her only child, Bridget. Her father was an army veteran and ran his house like a barracks, married again, to Stella when Bridget was four years old. Stella had been in the army with Darryl and they definitely would've been married before but Darryl had already met and fallen for Annabelle. Bridget never quite felt at home with Stella as her mother, and thus began her wild-child life. As soon as she could, she got 3 tattoos total and several piercings before deciding to join the Air Force straight out of high school. She surprised herself with that decision and began talking to her parents again. She had previously been kicked out of that house because she seemed too much to handle and went to live with Annabelle's twin sister, Grace, who was very much a part of her life. Once she talked to her dad again, life seemed to fall into place. She joined the Army and gained herself the nickname Jet, being the last syllable of her name and for being the kind of craft she flew expertly. Once having served two years, she returned to the country and went back to college to earn a degree in linguistics and began learning many different kinds of languages and how they were similar and different and became quite fluent in most languages known to man. She met Johnathan, her husband, online while she was in college a second time and got to talking. Once they met, it really was something like love at first sight and they couldn't really be parted. He was running a supply company for tattoo and piercing parlors and discovered the army surplus offerred the next step up for him and took it. He opened a storefront for army surplus while still running the supply company for parlors and when he was 30 and Bridget 29, they got married. A year later, Bridget gave birth to Isabelle, survived, but couldn't have any more children. Her life after that seemed to be the best there was, her having a job in the government, translating for ambassadors who couldn't speak English or any other language for that matter, at least none that were spoken there. Once the Reptilians came and captured all the humans, Johnathan and Isabelle were taken. Jet supplied herself through her husband's store and managed to get his motorcycle running and geared that up with supplies as well, headed towards the biggest city nearest her: New York.


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2009-09-29 [Flisky]: I LOOOOVE it! <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2009-09-29 [Lin Star]: lol I just changed her history, too. xD I added more to it and such.

Also, I haven't decided what her weapon(s) will be. :/

2009-09-29 [Flisky]: I like it. And most humans just use yeah.

2009-09-30 [Lin Star]: Uh huh...let's She's a linguistics freak so maybe guns aren't her style. *shrugs* Well, I'll have to research it. Thank you, though. C: <3

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