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2004-10-04 10:24:04
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Well come the seminal home of britpop, and the values that have made it in to the institution that it is. The transparent movement and tolerance of musical progresion which has spawned such undinaibly world class bands as varied as the Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Joey Division, Rezzerection, Led Zepplin e.t.c ( you get the picture.) over the years. The values which have turned Britain into a safe haven for musical revoloutionaries, its no mere coincidence that Nirvana tourted before they made it big in America, and the White stripes made their last album here.

Converstion Topic: What is the best album of all time, put your nomonation forward






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[octopus009]: Indeed, but then again there are bands like Metro, the Bravery, Bloc Party, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and more...who make great records and still have that retro alternative sound

[JAAN]: Yeah i suppose, i just dont really the reason for such over exuberent hype in the killers

[octopus009]: I never listen to hype..hype just gets me listening..but I never take mind to it.

[JAAN]: Neither do i if did i d wrack my brains for ways to justify them. The strokes ahve got a new single out soon, to appease us before thier album in March, have u heard the new elbow single

[octopus009]: I Dislike the strokes for some reason..i mean I love bands like Kings of Leon but the strokes don't really do it for me. But no I haven't, why is it any good?

[JAAN]: Its fantastic, ive got to start getti thei albums. I bought Super furry animals radiator and love craft, neil young harvest moon, grham coxons h i m at the weeeknd, set e back 30 quid

[octopus009]: I'm getting into The Streets...mostly because I am a huge fan of underground rap and also because they are hilarious..very tongue and cheek.

[JAAN]: the super furry animals are as well, thier new album is very good

[octopus009]: I haven't heard it yet...who dislikes the new Coldplay album? I do with a's just like their last one!

[JAAN]: I hate thier new single, but the single sped f sound is pretty solid. Thier gettin more and more contrived now, more U2 than radiohead

[octopus009]: Yeah I hate it..I do think their songs are beautiful but they just sound too much like the other...I mean when I listen to a radiohead or a blur album I here different songs, different melodies, but the same people. Bands like Coldplay and Oasis really piss me off because they can't stray from, the sound that makes them famous.

[JAAN]: Oasis strays i little bit i suppose. i really like coldplays first album cause it had amazing radiohead, jeff buckleys songs like shiver and dont panic, now they just seem to be paryoding themselvres

[JAAN]: Whats the best led zepplin album

[octopus009]: Number 4 by far..either that or number 2

[JAAN]: what about number 3, id say 4 is the best but the first two i reALLY DONT LIKE. the ones after are interseting, preverence is pageys faveourate

[JAAN]: did i spell that right

[octopus009]: don't know...all dat matters us that you got the message through...damn tis been a while

[JAAN]: yeah lets continue. Television are they better than the strokes

[octopus009]: Television woop the strokes big time...

[JAAN]: apart from marquee mon they have only one more album out?

[octopus009]: Not sure really..

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