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Bush Haters Association - Rules


The rules layed out below must be obeyed for the association to run smoothely

1. Althougth we are Anti-Bush, you will respect the opinion of everyone even if they say they like the guy
2. No foul language, it doesnt make you look hard, just a fool
3. No typing in really big Text. it does peoples heads in
4. Members MUST have at least a link to the association in their house.
5. Do not put the wiki banner in your house It'll just get deleted (read uploading art rules)
6. Do not put the volunteers banner in your house UNLESS you are actually a volunteer
7. no spreading lies about about Bush or anyone else. We want true facts about what bush is or isnt doing not a fantasy story
8. Use appropriate page for your statement. Put good discussion material in the debate,discuss page and message [Dil*] with good material for the reasons page. The front page is for chat.
9. No Advertising anywhere other than the adverising page. Thats what its there for.
10. We reserve the right to delete any comment, anywhere, that we feel to be breaking any of these rules or is unsuitable.
11. [Please DO NOT ask stuff like "How do I join" on ANY comments box. If you can't be bothered to read (and it clearly say's how to do so on the main page) Then don't waste anyone's time]
12.IF you are going to profess your hatered for bush, atleast support your claims. Random "bush iz gay" comments will be deleted from anywhere.

We (the Management of the Bush Haters Association) refuse to be held responsible for any of the actions of any member(s) of this group in any way shape or form. It is the member(s) themselfs who will bear the concequences of their own actions.

About Safe Zone
This page recently became a Safe Zone. This is because the BHA believes in equality in all people who come here. We believe that everyone deserves to show their oppinion no matter what it may be, without racial abuse from anyone.

Anyone with anything else to add message [Lord Kügenheim]

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