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Here you will find pictures of items that Craft Exchange members would be willing to make again for a trade.

I can make these in copper, gold or silver and various bead colours.

[Thunder Cid]
This cutting board is a sample. Most of my cutting boards are done upon request. Wood used is walnut, cherry, and purple heart.

Mask shape and design are very flexible
<img150*0:stuff/aj/5555/1305919058.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555minithulhu.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555bigthulhu.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555L.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/aj/5555/1278694787.jpg>

Figure & seahorses can be made in various colors. Shirts: various sizes and designs
<img0*150:stuff/468871a.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/46887/NehirwensSeahorses.jpg> <img0*150:> <img0*150:> <img0*150:>

I can sew hats! They are hand sewn and can feature different things. (This one is supposed to make the wearer look like an owl.) Note: The Cid is not included.

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2011-05-21 [nehirwen]: Why do I always take pictures before I finish my stuff, the seahorses have button eyes nowadays.

2011-05-23 [Linderel]: Aww, we don't get a Cid?

2011-05-23 [Flisky]: Nope. No Cid.

2011-05-23 [Thunder Cid]: I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me.

2011-05-23 [Linderel]: :P

2011-05-23 [Akayume]: (Lin secretly wants a Cid)

2011-05-23 [Linderel]: (Amg)

2011-05-23 [Akayume]: (NoIDidAnt)

2011-05-23 [Flisky]: (You can't have a Cid. Teh Cid iz minez!)

2011-05-23 [Akayume]: (OhNoSHEdidant!!!)

2011-05-23 [Thunder Cid]: <img:stuff/aj/101743/1306170012.jpg>

2011-05-23 [Akayume]: OMFG I LOVE THAT. XD

2011-06-03 [nehirwen]: I almost forgot I draw on shirts sometimes. :o

2011-06-03 [Linderel]: Aaahh! That circle cat one is adorable!

2011-06-03 [nehirwen]: :3

2012-04-01 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: The cutting board is very very pretty and made from good materials. I alo like the mask. Hm, can anyone make like lovely baby hats with ears for little boy newborn. I would love that to maybe trade!

2012-04-01 [SilverFire]: I could make a crocheted or knitted hat in a baby size, with pointy or round ears, horns, or even dinosaur spikes. 

2012-04-01 [Akayume]: :O Silvie, you're making me want a baby. :P

2012-04-01 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I would love that, in round ears! I don't know which would look nicest, maybe crocheted? But that would be lovely.
you are too young Akyaume ;)

2012-04-10 [SilverFire]: Yeah, I think crochet would look better for this kind of hat. :) How big do you want the hat? (I know it's baby size, but y'know... babies do that odd growing thing :P I think 13-14 inches is the usual head circumference range for newborns, 14-17 for 3-6 months, and 17-19 inches is the range for 6-12 months.

2012-04-10 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: The newborn size please?

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