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Here is a list of some links I thought you might find helpful.

You will have to use your "Back" button to come back to this page, as there is no return link

All Wiki help pages links are on my Wiki help page (CNETG9)


More Help pages

Elftown FAQ (FAQ):Frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions about Elftown.

Help page written by ET Crew: This is the Help page that you'll be taken to if you click this button: <img:help.gif>. <URL:help.html>

Help page written by ET members (Index)

Another help page: This is a great one. (Help). 

Advanced Help Page: For more tech stuff about Elftown (Advanced Help)

Animated Elftown Tour


Help in other languages

<img:/flags/sp-t.gif> Spanish

<img:/flags/de-t.gif> German

<img: flags/po-t.gif> Portuguese

<img:flags/fr-t.gif> French

<img:flags/fi-t.gif> Finnish

<img:flags/netherlands-t.gif> Dutch

<img:flags/italy-t.gif> Italian


Other important links

The Elftown Council (Council)

The Hall of Fame (Fame)

Featured Art (Featured Art)

Daily Poem (Daily_Poem)

The Town Herald Newspaper (The Town Herald)

Uploading Art Rules (Uploading Art Rules)

The Guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown (Guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown)

Glossary and Spelling Guide (Glossary and Spelling Guide)


Go or return to:

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The wiki-index
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Complete Newbie ET Guide index
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The list of guided tours
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> Elftown - Help
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The help index

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