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Welcome to the Cafe Rondine!

Hiya! I'm Lou-lou. Welcome to the Cafe Rondine, the local, well, hang-out, for Elftowners. Come on in, enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, as the case might be, and have a seat, relax, and have a chat. : )

Hey guys! Cafe Rondine needs a new storefront window / banner!!! Please!! Help out if you can!

Either make an entry yourself, or advertise!!

Cafe Rondine Storefront Contest!


~ Coffee ~
1. [Rook.]
2. [Easterling] <3 (and I want it strong)
3. [ReineBloodwolf] BLACK PLZ!
4. [Nuit Darksin] Cappuccino extra whip cream and chocolate sprinkles pls
5. [Astrid] French Vanilla cream, two sugars, and a shot of espresso.
6. [tia mia] bring on the ultra sweetness of the cream and sugar
7. [dawn bolly] black with sugar please
8. [PnkShpGnWld] Coffee sounds good, although.. How about you make it an Iced coffee and Ill be yours forever.-wink-
9. [Galax'Or] Just make me a pot o' the Irish!
~ Tea ~
1. [JINKS MAN] any tea will do.
2. [ReineBloodwolf] APPLE TEA!
3. [Give Me Red] ooh apple sounds good but i like peach
4. [Frost-:-Wing] Same here Hayden
5. [Paul Doyle] the meanest and greenest of loose green teas, plain . . . shaken, not stirred.
6. [WonderTweek] NomNOM!
~ Soda ~
1. [Frost-:-Wing] ~ Rootber float please! ^^
2. [ReineBloodwolf] I LOVE ROOTBEAR FLOATS!!!! TWO PLZ!
3. [¬°Soy Bekah!] Make that three ^^
4. [*Phoenix*] What about a Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper float!? Yummy goodness!!!!!! XD
5. [ReineBloodwolf] MAKE THAT 2 DR. PEPPER FLOATS!
6. [dimond_babe] DR. PEPPER FLOAT sounds good
7. [JINKS MAN] Mountain Dew
~ Other ~
1. [dawn bolly] give me a pint
2. [ReineBloodwolf] Chocolate shake and a fruit salad!
3. [XxTsomexX] Shirley temple, extra cherries <3
4. [Mortified Penguin] Scotch!
5. [benjiNOmore] eeh, give me some vodka. And make it snappy!
6. [orchidflame] human blood... jk jk :P Ill have a vanilla shake with LOTS of whip cream:)
7. [ReineBloodwolf]HUMAN BLOOD 4 ME N GUTS!
8. [dimond_babe] Chocolate shake

1. Star shaped grilled cheeses!!
[Frost-:-Wing] : YEA Go grilled cheese!
[XxTsomexX]: Awesomely yumtastic! <3
[Galax'Or] for [Lord Squid] : Kat Kabobs!


1) the secret realm - Posted by: [PnkShpGnWld]
2) Underworld Wars + The Hunter Ship - Posted by: [XxTsomexX]
3) Two Face - Posted by [Rook.]
4) Fruits Basket Zodiac - Posted by [*Phoenix*]


The Jukebox!

Place any artist & song on here for people to look up / listen to, and I'll add it to the Cafe Rondine Jukebox Playlist: <~ THATS IT!!!

~ Songs ~
[Rook.] - Anberlin, Alexithymia

Username (or number or email):


[*Phoenix*]: hmm. No.....but we do have PIZZA!!!!

[dawn bolly]: welcome  and we sure have pizzaaaaa!

[ReineBloodwolf]: sighs

[Lord Squid]: oh, ok as long as i get my meatlovers fill

[Galax'Or]: ~Mysterious figure waltzes through the doorway~_--"I believe I overheard someone speaking of pizza... Just to ruin your day, I am going to tell you that this restaurant has been temporarily dis-labeled due to the amount of hostile poisons being used in the additives and pizza contents...otherwise, you can sell anything else you like to loyal customers, a ha ha ha ha! 

[Lord Squid]: um.... i actualy prefer the high contents of chemichals and poisens in my pizza, it helps calm down the dangerous amount of grease im eating.

[Galax'Or]: Unless your business is aiming towards the destruction of humanity...that is not a good idea...

[Lord Squid]: *takes another bite of the green glowing purple oozing pizza* wha?

[Galax'Or]: Now what are they doing?, proposing this as the disclaimer?

[Nuit Darksin]: *sips his poison sprinkle cappucino* mmmmmm arsenic

[dawn bolly]: *waves everyone goodbye*    o'm of to denmark now see you guys somewhere over 2 or 3 weeks baaay !



[Rook.]: Add it on silly ^.^

[Frost-:-Wing]: mkay.

[dawn bolly]: :|   

[Rook.]: Yo Squid! you didn't order... *throws a blank menu at you*

[Galax'Or]: Yea! I think he should order the Kat Kabobs!

[Rook.]: sure?

[Galax'Or]: Positive!...

[Rook.]: *nods* gotcha. I'll add it to the list.

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