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2006-07-19 09:27:12
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King Jasper

Jasper is the only male in Hobbiton, and hopes to remain so. He's the largest cat in Hobbiton, weighing in at 20 lbs!


Queen Lily

Lily is what you may all come to know as Lily the Snob. She's very uptight, and judges the book by its cover.


Town Crazy

Sasha is Sir Jasper's Mistress and the crazy who scares even the bravest of tom cats. She runs around with crazy eyes, and pounces from high above places.


Town Gossip

Koko be thy name, and rumors be thy game. She's mischevious and rude, but loving and kind as well. She loud mouths everything, and loves to spread nasty rumors about Lady Lily (her sister) and The Dog. Being a Gossip means staying hidden, so she's really quite hard to catch site of!


Town Ghost

T.C. was the loudest, most loved Cat anyone knew until her untimely death October 20th, 2005. Though she's dead, it doesn't keep her from roaming around Catposts and joining Catfests!


Town Enemy

Of course, every town has one, and Hobbiton's just happens to be a dog. She goes by Aspen and tries to win you over with a wag of the tail. Don't fall for it. Even friendly dogs bite.


Towns Keeper

Of course, the townskeep is human. Sam lives not far outside Hobbiton and comes by every day and night to care for the citizens who live there. She keeps them healthy, and ships their food and water. Oh, and she just happens to be a cat-wannabe.


That's it for the Cats of Hobbiton, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

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2006-07-20 [SpiritOfTheWater]: All done. Es teh gorgeous, no?

2006-08-07 [Naughty Little One]: love this!!! how do i join?!?!?!

2006-08-07 [SpiritOfTheWater]: Join? What do you mean?

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