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RP: Cover of Darkness

Name: Chado

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human, darkborne, All About a Borne

Description: Looking to be quite average, Chado's face is chiseled, but still rough on the edges and having a tan-red stubble around his mouth and jaw. He has fair skin, covered in freckles and mottled scars, with blond to red body hair; being as such, his head is covered by long red brown hair, hanging over his eyes to his ears. Being 6'3" and semi muscular, Chado tends to tower over most people with his light green and blue gaze.

Personality: Chado is very quiet, shy and a deep thinker. He tends to react quickly, and often trying to do the right thing. Being a darkborne, he has learned to deal with the judgments of his fellow borne and people, and tries to prove himself worthy of their approval. Being that a darkborne is an ill omen, and is a semi rare of a gift, most of the large village he was born in do not trust him.

History: Birthed from a woman with no gift, his father Vicorius was a well known fireborne adequately endowed in his power. So sufficient were his ancestors that he could trace back, connecting all the borne before him that could bring their element into a physical form. Being as such, Chado's bloodline lineage helped in making it so he could transform. His first was when he was 13 when he heard that his father, the only person who had trusted him died in a skirmish with some tribal people to the south. Abandoning her cursed child, Chado survived to adulthood and continues to strive for acceptance.

Strength: Due to his bloodline, the ability to bring forth the darkness into a physical form (wings), complete control over his gift, patience and skill with a Bo staff.

Weakness: He is quick to back down or run away if faced with negative remarks or criticism and is fairly meek. Being as large as he is, Chado tries to be gentle, however as many strong things are, they do not know their own strength. Darkness is weak to light and lightning, semi weak to earth and fire.

Elemental Creature: Mouse. An odd creature, he is a forest strider, hand dyed black to match Chado's power when revealed. Forest striders are large birds with crystal scaled feet along with pinion feathers sprouting from behind their legs and from their ankles and spikes rising off their skulls. Feathers are naturally brown and green. His beak is a good foot long, sharp and capable of a deadly bite. Like most birds that cannot fly, he can run very fast, and his legs can dish out a powerful kick.


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