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Cirque De Rêves

Rp by [Yami], [Piercedskull] & [Emeni]

CDR Characters

Boss stepped into the light of the center ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to Cirque de rêves!" Applause breaks out across the crowd. "Tonight we will show you death defying acts, and strange creatures you never thought existed!" More applause. "Without further adieu, I give you the fearless Leon!" The crowd cheers and claps.

Leon strides in, two white lions following in his wake, Leon looks confident, but inside he was scared, the two lions at his heels were beautiful, yes, but they hated him. He turned on heel to the lions and drew his whip, cracking the air and splitting the breath holding silence. "Hiya! Sit!" The lions roared and merely glared. "Sit!" He cracks the whip again, they lions hesitantly sit, still glaring as though any moment could be Leon's very last. After a round of tricks he makes each lion jump through flaming hoops then ushers them into cages with a bow. The crowd cheers him as they are lead away.

Boss takes front and center once more. "Give him a hand folks, what a brave man!" The crowd applauds once more. "Now, for your viewing pleasure I give you Ruby!" More cheers an applauds.

Ruby inhales slowly and exhales just as slowly as she moves into the center ring, her trunk dragging behind her. She wore and old style show girl outfit in deep red and black, her hair pinned up in curls. She kicks off her shoes and pulls off her thigh highs, dropping them on her trunk before opening it and drawing out several long florescent bulbs. With a few loud pops and a shatter of glass she drops them on the ground. Another slow take of breath before slowly walking over the broken pieces barefoot, a hop, a skip and a jump on the shattered pieces before bending to scoop up a large piece. she shows it to the crowd before putting it in her mouth and eating it, a show of empty mouth to the crowd doesn't last as she draws out a tub of live worms and devours them, toying with each between her thick lips. Next a nail in her nose, then a sword, no, two, no three! Three swords down her throat, and a finish of a small, live snake up her nose and out her mouth, Ruby walks away.

Boss appears for a third time, clapping with the audience. "Lovely, just lovely. Now, keep your energy up for our very own Harlequinn!" He strides away once more.

Harlequin tied a thick black cloth over his eyes as he turned toward the knife board. He plucked a small knife from the holder on his side. He hopped doing a spin in midair and threw the knife, it hit its mark above Taiyo’s left shoulder with a thud. Harlequin grabbed his next knife and did a back flip throwing the knife at his next target under Taiyo’s left arm. Flipping upside down he threw the next knife, it hit the wood of the target next to Tsuki’s left leg. Generically throwing the knife with his back turned to the board and the twins, it hit its mark next to the inside if Tsuki’s left leg.
Harlequin spun on his heals throwing the next knife landing it on the inside of Tsuki’s right leg. Then did a cartwheel throwing landing the knife on the out side of his right leg, nicking the pale pink cloth. Doing a front flip he threw the next knife landing it under Taiyo’s right arm. Doing another cartwheel to the left, the knife landed above Taiyo’s right arm. Then to finish he threw his final two knifes landing one on the left side of Taiyo’s neck and the other on the right side of his neck.Harlequin polled off the blind off taking a bow.

Boss came back front and center. "Now, you've seen them once, now see them double! Welcome our twins Tsuki and Taiyo!" He bowed away to the cheers of the crowd.

Tsuki rolled out on a large ball, Taiyo falling behind him with over exaggerated movements. While Tsuki rolled around him Taiyo flipped up onto his shoulders. They wobbled a bit but quickly stabilized Tsuki polled two small pink balls out of his pockets and began juggling them. Taiyo doing the same polled to blue balls out of his pockets juggling them as well. Tsuki tossed one of the pink balls up to Taiyo as he tossed a blue one down to him. They continued rolling back and forth juggling the balls and trading back and forth, when Tsuki tossed both balls up to Taiyo, and polled out three more. Taiyo jumped from Tsuki’s landing nimble on the ball that rolled out. Tsuki stopped so he was facing his brother. They balanced one footed on the large balls as they juggled the five small ones between them. Then they pulled off their jester caps catching the balls and flipped off the balls taking a bow.

The crowd cheered on the brothers and Boss came back out, clapping along. "And now, let me give you our seductive fire eater, Maxine the Wolf queen!" Max back flipped onto the middle of the ring from a ledge, a tribal outfit on her form and blue war paint on her face. She twirled two poles in her hands and slammed them together, blowing hard on them. Fire spouted from her lips, lighting both sides of the poles aflame. She twirled them quickly in her fingers, spinning them around her legs and in the air. She stepped up on the edge of the ring and showed everyone the poles, putting them in her mouth. She reared back and blew a snake shaped flame towards the ceiling. It swooped down towards her, opening it's mouth. She held up the still lit ends and guided it around, making it dance and twirl with her. She clapped her hands and opened her mouth; the snake flying up and shooting down her throat. Max snapped her teeth shut and took a bow, smoke seeping from her teeth.

The crowd screamed their approval, then Boss introduced the next. "From the depths of Atlantis, I bring to you Rayne, the Merman!" The back drop pulled away and a large tank was seen with a red haired merman waving from behind the glass. There were a few hoops in place above it and Rayne swam all the way down, getting prepared and zooming up, jumping through all three. He did this a few times in a few different ways; backwards, forwards, one at a time, then swam into a tube, popping out in tubes around the audience. He leaned out, gently shaking children's hands and swam back into his tank, propping himself up on a hoop and waved goodbye.

Boss reappears on the center and bows. "Thank you all for your generous applause and thank you for coming to the show!" The curtains close and he drops the smile and the friendly act, stalking backstage to glare at Rayne. "You need to step up your game or I'm going to sell you for sushi! Do you understand?!" He stormed off to his room, slamming the door.

Leon goes over to Max, smiling warmly. "You did great." He compliments her, holding out a hand to her. "Beautifully done."

Ruby slinks into the shadows, going to her room and closing the door tight, she hadn't been yelled at, so she guessed she did well for her first show. She sighed and sat on her bed, looking at her fish tank with the tiny figure of a mermaid in the bottom, sighing softly.

The boss growled as his door was knocked on then opened. From behind the door a tall male stepped in, a smile over his painted face. "Greetings, ring leader." He bows low and smirks up at him. "I am Ripper. I wish to join your circus and offer my..." A grin. "Talents." Boss glances up and waves him away. "whatever, find an empty room and get ready for next weeks show." Ripper bows and leaves the room.

Harlequin quietly stitched the slit in Tsuki's costume, as the twins danced around juggling fake knives Harlequin use to practice with. He tossed the paints on Tsuki's head making him stumble.
"Falling, falling." thud, "Ouch, I fell." The boys giggled in union. Harlequin only shook his head.
"Why don't," Taiyo started and Tsuki finished, "Ever speak?"
Harlequin pointed to his throat and shook his head. The boys looked sad but each rapped there arms around his legs.
"You're still the best knife thrower we know." the boys cheered. Harlequin only smiled. 

Ventigo stepped out of the back, having taken a shower, with seat pants on and a towel draped over his head. He saw Boss yell at Rayne and no one else and frowned, waiting until he left to walk over.

Rayne's fins dropped as he was yelled at and he nodded quietly. "Yes sir.." He mumbled, leaning his chin in his arms.

"I think you did great." Ventigo smiled to the merman. Rayne looked up and smiled weakly. "Thanks... But Boss never seems to think so. I don't know what else he wants.." He looked towards Ruby's door. "And I keep trying to get her attention, but she never seems to notice me..."

Ventigo frowned and petted his head. "She's knew.. Give her time..."

Max took a sip from her water bottle and looked over at Leon. She smiled and took his hand, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "Thank you. You did pretty spiffy yourself, you know. Kimba and Zera didn't nick you, did they?"

Arabae walked over to Harlequin and the brothers, flipping through a clip board. "Tsuki, Taiyo. The new outfits came in. I need you to go try them on so we can get them fitted. And Quin," she turned to Harlequin. "Your lucky Boss didn't see that cut, or else he'd be pissed.."

Xarzus walked out, a blanket around his shoulders, the magician was sick and couldn't perform today, though even in his illness, he wore that mask over his eyes. He sniffled and stood by Vetigo, looking up at Rayne. "How was everything?"

Ruby changed into a long black skirt and a tank top, her hair falling over her shoulders, she slowly snuck out of her room, a mug in her hands. She tip toed down the hall to the kitchen, not wanting anyone to see her.

Leon looks himself over. "not this time, thankfully, but next time, who knows..." He shrugged and sighed. "Do you still need help with your torch?"

Ripper walked lightly through the halls, not saying anything but merely grinning as he listened to conversations and learned things from listening, rather than asking.

The twins race to try on their new costumes more excited then they probably should have been.Quin sighed wandering why his aim had been off in the first place he never missed his mark. He looked over his knives seeing some miner where and tear but nothing that should have effected his aim.

Rayne looked at the magician and smiled sadly. "Everyone else did great..." He noticed Ruby sneaking down the hall. "Pardon me.."He excused himself and pulled up into a connecting tube, going through it towards the kitchen. "Miss Ruby?"

Ventigo looked at his friend and pouted. "I told you to stay in bed, mister. You need to rest or you'll never get better."

Max smiled sweetly. "Don't worry. I'll keep close by so they stay in line. They listen to me more than they do you." She shook her head. "Nah, I fixed it, it just needed-" The brunette paused upon seeing Ripper. ~What a shady guy...~ "Hold on a sec. I think he's new." She walked over to him and smiled charmingly. "Hi there. You're a new face. I'm Maxine Wolf."

Arabae shook her head at the boys running off and placed a gentle hand on Harlequin's shoulder. "Have you been sleeping well lately? That might be why your aim is a little wonky."

Ruby jumps, nearly fumbling her mug as she backs against the wall. She looks at Rayne and flushes brightly, her dull eyes peering up at him. Her lower lip was cut a bit and still glistening with blood.

Xarzus groans softly. "But... I wanted to see you." He looks at him with pouty eyes.

Leon watches her walk away with a blink.

Ripper turns on heel to look at her, a gleam in his midnight blue eyes, he put his hands behind his back. "Pain or pleasure?" He says, his voice like a willow wisp speaking in her ear. A grin splitting his handsome face. he rocks slightly on his thigh high, curled toed boots.

The twins came running back in their new costumes. "Quin,Quin do we look cute!" they say together the bells on their pink and blue jester costumes jingling.

Quin shrugged he slept like he always did, he felt rested. Maybe he missed his footing. Then he turned to the boys and looked them over. He nodded they were very cute.

Rayne jumped a little at her reaction, his fins drooping, afraid that he scared her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you... Um.. Your lip is bleeding. Here, let me help with that."

Ventigo tried keeping a stern face, but melted at the puppy eyes. "Aww... You're too cute... You could have waited until I came in though.. I was guna make you soup."

Max cocked a brow at the question, a smirk appearing on her lips. She placed both hands behind her back and bowed at the waist, leaning towards him. "If the question is which is my preference, is it too much to ask for both?" She winked and popped back straight. "What is your name?"

Arabae looked at the twins and smiled fondly. "You both look great. You're going to trapeze next week too, okay?" She turned back to Quin. "Are you feeling ill?"

Ruby shook her head a bit and tucked her bloody lip into her mouth. She couldn't help but stare though, his long shiny tail, his soft looking skin, his red hair falling against his pale face. she shuddered and tore her eyes away from him.

Xarzus coughed slightly, his red nose disappearing behind his blanket as he coughed. "I despise being ill, perhaps even more than I despise corruption..." He groans.

Ripper held out both hands, his wrists criss crossed and opened to take both of her hands, a devious grin spreading over his black and red painted lips... or was it paint? there was no shine, no shimmer, no indication of the wetness of paint.

The twins looked at each other confused then back at Arabae, "But we only know how to juggle!"

Harlequin shook his head, he would just practice some more, then he turned to the twins and grabbed Tsuki's feet hanging him upside down from a low hanging bar, indicating he would show them how. Then turned back to Arabae and bow apologetically.

Rayne frowned a little, but nodded understandingly. "Um.. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable... But would you like to take a swim sometime?"

Ventigo quickly scooped the magician into his arms. "Then stop walking about and let me take care of you." He carried him back to his room to tuck him in.

Max smirked, eyeing his lips for a moment, before taking his hands in the same criss cross manner and shaking them. "Are you going to avoid telling me your name with every ounce of yourself?" She teased.

Arabae nodded in understanding to Harlequin. She looked back to the boys. "Ventigo is going to train you two on it. He had some training in previous shows he was in."

Ruby shook her head slowly and refused to look back up, for fear she would be stuck staring.

Xarzus gasps and clings to him, fearing he'd fall. "Ven-!"

When Ripper's fingers closed around Max's her left hand, now in his right would heat up and pleasure would shoot up her arm, the right hand, now in Ripper's left would feel as though it was being stabbed, shooting pain up the other arm. He bowed his head and looked up at her from just below his brow. "I'm Ripper."

The twins pouted knowing that Quin would not be teaching them something knew but did not argue with the older woman.

Quin scratched out a quick note and handed it to her, be for helping Tsuki down, "Please do not push them to hard, Tsuki has a bit of a fear of hights."

Rayne looked a bit down casted but nodded again and managed a small smile. "If you ever do, you know where to find me?"

Ventigo chuckled and opened the door with his foot, placing him on the bed. "I'm going to make you some soup. I better not see you out of bed, understand?" He kissed his forehead.

Max's body seized up in shock. Her knees buckled and her face burned red, her breathing picked up as the duel sensations flooded through her. The fire breather didn't know whether to scream or moan. "I-It's nice to meet you.." He managed to mumble.

Arabae read over the note and nodded. "If Tsuki is unable to, I'll ask Boss if you can take his place."

Ruby nods, holding the mug close to her.

Xarzus groans. "What if I have to use the bathroom?"

Ripper smirks. "Want to try it without the gloves?" He bites the tip of his middle finger on his right glove and tugs lightly. From the grin and the nip of his glove, one could see en-longed canines.

"No no I can do it!" Tsuki cried ducking behind Quin, "I can, I can. Don't ask Boss!"

Quin was rather shocked at how frightened of Boss Tsuki seemed. Quin only rested a hand on Tsuki's head reassuring the boy. 

"Alright.. Um.. Bye.. Wait! I have a welcome gift for you if you'd like to come by the tank." he said with a hopeful smile.

"Then I'll carry you to the bathroom." He crossed his arms and grinned.

Max looked up at him, then at his hands and smirked a little. "Why the hell not.." She held out her hands again.

Arabae cocked a brow, then knelt down, putting a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "Hey, it's okay.. I won't let Boss yell at you or anything, okay?"

Boss strode from his office and glared at Quin. "You! I need a word!"

Ruby pauses and looks at him, a bit curious, but cautious, like a baby bunny.

Xarzus chuckles. "Do you plan to hold it too?" He jokes softly.

Ripper's grin gets wider, if possible. he tugs both gloves off, his nails long and lacquered in a dark purple. He holds his hands out once more in the same position. 

Tsuki quickly let go of Quin. Quin keeping his amusement to himself for his lack of words. walked over to Boss. He figured Boss knew already about his slip up and just hadn't confronted him yet.                

Rayne kept a sweet smile. "Its not anything big or anything, but it's something I've kept for a while and I thought you might like it.."

"Mayhaps." Ventigo wiggles his left eyebrow in a jokingly flirty way. "Now I'll be back with soup. So stay. Got it?"

Max takes a deep breath and crosses her arms again, holding onto his hand.

Arabae looked over at Boss and sighed through her nose. "Be nice this time, Boss!" She called and took the two boys by the hand. "Come, lets get to two to the swings."

Boss glared down at Quin. "I highly recommend, if you wish to stay here you watch your throws, I can't afford to keep buying new outfits because you want to strip your assistants!" He growls.

Ruby slowly walks over, her mug in her hands like a shield.

Xarzus chuckles and shakes his head.

Ripper takes both her hands, the sensations shooting instantly up both arms and through her body. Ripper's eyes flickered with lightening.

Tsuki shivered at the thought of being higher than Quins shoulders when he saw the swings.

Quin cocked a brow, "Stripping? Its a minor slit in the fabric easily sown hardly noticeable." Quin signed a bit miffed over how he played it off as if it happened all the time."

Rayne's heart started beating faster and his smile brightened. "Here, follow me to the tank.." He slowly began leading her to the tank, dipping into the water and popping back up to make sure she was still there.

Ventigo kissed his forehead and left the room and into the kitchen, pulling out ingredients to make chicken noodle soup.

Max gasped and fell to her knees, her breathing shaky as the sensations shocked her every nerve. She trembled and let go of his hands, panting lightly.

Arabae looked down at him and frowned. "Tsuki, I can get Quin to do it... O I can have Ventigo do it if you really don't want to."

Boss waves his hand. "I have no idea what you're signing... just pay attention next time." He barks before storming away.

Ruby followed along, shuffling a bit, looking side to side as if afraid she'd be attacked.

Xarzus curled into bed, covering up to his nose with the blankets.

Ripper clung to her hands for a moment before letting go, that grin still on his features.

Tsuki swallowed hard but shook his head, "I... I'll..... Try.... I promise."

Quin felt like ripping his hair out why hire a mute if you can't understand them... He spun on his heals to go find the twins.

They got to the shallow tank and Rayne popped back up. "Wait here." He swam to the larger tank and dove down to a treasure chest, rummaging through it. He came back over and held out a simple gold necklace with a small ruby pendant.

Ventigo hummed as he cooked, setting up a tray with tea, pudding, and finally the soup once it was done. He placed a spoon and a napkin on it and brought it back to the room." Knock knock." He called and stepped in.

Max placed her hands on the ground, her body still shaking. She managed to stand and chuckled a little. "Damn... That's quite the trick you've got there."

The woman petted his head gently. "If you get too scared, just tell me. I'll be right here to over see, okay?"

Ruby looked at the necklace and blushed brightly, she felt her breath catch in her throat. She looks at him, unsure she could accept such a beautiful gift.

Xarzus lay napping now, his breathing shallow and stuffy sounding. His face had a slight sorrow to the features under the mask.

A grin split Ripper's face. "Oh my dear, that is not all that I can do, trust in me, I have many more tricks for the world to see." He slipped his gloves back onto his hands and bowed to her.

Tsuki looked up the ladder leading to the swings. He reached out with a shaky hand. He got half way up the ladder and screamed,"Its too high!! I'm scared!!"

Quin quickly made his way up the ladder to the boy feeling a bit guilty for sheltering him from his fears verses working with him to over come them. He pried Tsuki's finger from the bars and sling him on his back before returning to the ground. He looked over at Arabae with an apologetic look.

Rayne held it out to her, looking really hopeful for her to accept it. "It's not as pretty as you, but I thought you might like it.."

Max shuddered a little and smirked. "I can't wait to see them..." She winked.

Ventigo placed the tray on the nightstand and sat down on the edge of the bed. He caressed the magician's face lightly. That mask.. What could possibly be under it... He bit his lip and gently peeled it back.

Arabae smiled sympathetically and nodded. "It's alright. Taiyo, can you please start practicing? I'm going to find Ventigo."

Ruby blushed and held out one shaky hand. She looked at his form and sighed in awe of him. She retracted her hand and shook her head, giving him a look of desperate desire before ducking her head and closing her eyes, running away, without taking the necklace.

Ripper drags his tongue over his lips slowly, almost sensually, his piercing gaze seeming to see right through Max. "I don't think your mate would enjoy that very much my dear, I can see him now, if looks could kill I'd be cut to ribbons as we speak. He thinks himself hidden in those shadows but I see him clearly..."

Xarzus shifted and turned his head away from Ven, coughing slightly in his sleep, letting out a gentle whine from his sore throat.

Tsuki sobbed on Taiyo's shoulder, "I'm going to get in trouble!"
Taiyo tried to comfurt him, "No you wont Quin know how to do that so does Ven.... Ben..... errr that other guy..." Taiyo blushed at hi lack of remembering names.

Quin looked at the boy then at Arabae, "I do know acrobatic it was one of my acts at Vivant Poupee. I did knife throws, juggling and a variety of acrobatics." Quin signed, then ushered Taiyo to the ladder.

Rayne smiled hopefully, then looked confused and heartbroken as she ran away. "Ruby wait!" He called. Too late. She had disappeared down the hall, leaving him all by his lonesome. He looked down at the water, wondering what he did wrong and slunk back into the water.

"My mate? I do- Oh! You mean Leon." She giggled and shook her head. "Leon's not my mate. We're just really good friends. He gets over protective of me sometimes..." She shrugged, but smiled fondly at the thought.

Ven pouted, but tried again, slowly moving the mask off. "Don't move.." He whispered to himself.

Arabae, thankfully knowing sign language from her previous job as a teacher, nodded and looked to Tsuki. "Don't worry hun, you're not going to be in trouble. Quin will take over your part for you."

Ruby ran to her room and sat on her bed, crying softly. She hated that she couldn't trust anyone, she wanted so badly to forget.

Ripper glances at him. "Do you not want him to be your mate?" He looks back at Max.

Xarzus opens his eyes and puts his hand on his mask, looking at Ven silently.

Taiyo looked at Quin and Arabae and call, "Quins way taller than me and a lot heavier i wont be able to hold him. Quin wish he could laugh right then. But Taiyo did have a point. There was no way a child could hold the weight of a grown man.

Rayne pulled himself into one of the connecting tubes and swam to Boss's office. He leaned out and knocked on the door.

Max glanced back at Leon and smiled a little. "I've never thought about it. I don't date really in the first place..."

Ven pulled back his hand and smiled, defeated. "Sorry... Couldn't help myself. Soup?"

Arabae looked at the trapeze and thought about it. They were right... "Hmm... Maybe I could convince Boss to just let Ventigo and Quin do this one..."

Boss throws his door open and glares. "What?"

Ripper uses his hands in a shooing motion. "Go, go then... love birdies."

Xarzus chuckles and looks at him. "Thank you."

Quin bowed a quick goodbye to Arabae as he picked Tsuki up and took Taiyo's hand leading them back to their room. "I'm sorry." Tsuki said in a hushed sob before they were out of site.

Rayne flinched at Boss's tone and looked at the ground. "C-Can.. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to better my act but it never seems good enough for you.."

"We're not love birdies." She shook her head and chuckled. "I'll see you around." Max waved and walked back to Leon.

Ventigo pulled over the bowl and filled the spoon, blowing gently on it to cool it. "Open up!" He held the spoon to his lips.

Arabae sighed softly and scribbled some notes down before walking towards Boss's room,

"Your act is bland and lacking in style..." Boss replies flatly.

Ripper bows and walks away, looking for something fun to do.

Xarzus chuckles. "I can feed myself, hun."

"Quin, will Boss be man?" Tsuki asked rubbing his eyes with his left hand and grabbed Quins left with his right.

Quin shurgged he figured Boss would be upset but he hoped he'd take it out on him vs the boys as it was his fault after all, and they were just kidds. 

Rayne's fins drooped a little. "But how? You wanted me to jump through hoops; I jumped them. I've lit them on fire, I've made water art, I've swam through and greeted the audience! What do you want from me?" He was so desperate to do something right.

Max walks over to Leon. "He's.. Interesting."

Ventigo grinned cutely. "I know. Let me be a nurse for today."

Boss growls at Rayne. "Figure something out and leave me be before I sell you to a sushi chef!" Boss slams his door shut, going into his office.

Leon didn't look amused. "Uh huh."

Xarzus chuckles and nods. "Alright..." He opens his mouth for Ventigo.

Quin sighed, as he walked back to his own room after dropping the boys at theirs. It had been a long time since he had been on trapeze. Not since he first started in the cirque.

Rayne flinched and looked to the ground, down casted and scolded. He slinked back into the water and swam to his tank, rubbing his eyes.

Arabae saw the outburst and sighed, walking to Boss's room and opening the door. "Hey..."

Max smirked a little. "What's that look for? You don't even know him."

Ventigo smiles sweetly and feeds him, making sure the soup wasn't too hot.

Ruby slowly came out of her room as Rayne swam past, she jumped and backed into her room a bit. Her eyes fell on his face, the saddened look hurt her heart to see. Slowly she walked out of her room and over to his tank, climbing the ladder slowly and sitting on the platform. She reached over and flicked her fingers in his water to get his attention.

Boss sighs and drops his head on the open book on his desk. "Zeus strike me down, now what?" He picks his head up and looks at Arabe. "Do you people no realize how much work I have to do per day to keep this place running?"

Leon narrows his eyes at the retreating back of the odd man. "I don't need to know him to see you were enjoying his company. I have eyes, the lions haven't blinded me yet..." He crosses his scarred arms over his broad chest.

Xarzus swallows each bite slowly. "You're too kind to me, dear Ventigo, what have I done to deserve such kindness?" He smiles softly, his eyes watching the contortionist.

Quin rummaged through a chest in his room that was filled with his belongings. he polled out a rolled up fabric and smiled to himself. He slipped into the sleeveless shirt and shorts he always practiced in and walked out of his room the fabric tucked under his arm. It had been a long time since he had done any form of acrobatics, he figured he could practice on his own for bit.

Rayne was settled in the bottom of his tank, playing boredly with a bubble maker, then looked up at the disturbance of water. He swam up and peeked his head out. "Oh... Hi Ruby." He managed a sweet smile.

"Yes, that's why you hired me to do half the work." Arabae snapped back and walked in. "I don't think you should put the twins up to the trapeze act. Put Quin and Ventigo, they have the experience. That way, it'll give us more time to teach the twins and there will be a lower chance of them messing up."

Max crossed her arms and raised a brow. "Am I not allowed to enjoy another man's company?"

"You were just you." The contortionist said with a kind smile and kissed his forehead, putting down the bowl once he was done and holding up the cup of pudding.

Ruby waves her fingers lightly, she tilts her head in a questioning manor to his saddened face.

Boss rubs his temple. "Start the children on the low trapeze... the one that barely hangs over the thick mat...You're smarter than this Arabe..."

Leon waves his hand dismissively. "I guess not..." He walks away.

Xarzus chuckles. "Pudding too."

Quin finished hanging the fabric and wrapped his left leg loose enough that he could slide about halfway down its length. He then grabbed onto the fabric and flipped himself slowly back up right. Stretching his legs straight, he twisted so the fabric wrapped once around his waist. The flipped himself back upside down slipping out of the fabric and catching it by wrapping his right leg in it. His left bent inward to make what looked like a four.
He sat up grabbing the fabric just above his foot and pulled himself up so it looked as if he were standing in midair. He took a quick breath then let go as he fell he grabbed the fabric doing a back flip back and grabbed another section of fabric skidding to a stop. Then slid down to the floor. 

Rayne understood her wordless question and shrugged, crossing his arms over the platform and leaning his head on them. "Boss wants me to change my act all the time, make it better, have style... But... I don't know what else to do... He says he's going to sell me to a sushi chef if I don't get better..."

"I know, but it is going to take a little longer because of Tsuki's fear of heights. Just let Ventigo and Quin do it for now. The twins are just boys, you can't force them into something." Arabae put down her clip board and walked up behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

Max grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. "Leon, what is up with you lately? You near snapped at Ventigo for kissing me on the cheek."

"Of course! What's a meal without pudding?" Ventigo grinned and help up a spoonful.

Ruby taps her lips, thinking. She leans down and slurps up a bit of water, spitting it in a neat stream. Meaning to do a water design.

"That's why I said the low ones..." He groans in pleasure at the massage.

Leon sighs and shakes his head. "Just leave me be..." He pulls his hand away and walks away.

Xarzus licks the spoon, smirking.

"Quin, is that hard?" Tsuki asked sotly.
Quin almost jumped, at the silence broken. Quin turned and nodded at Tsuki signing, "Every thing is hard at first." Tsuki looked up at the long fabric.
Quin took Tsuki's hand and slung him up around his neck, then tied his hands with the rope used to keep the fabric bound so that he couldn't fall.
"Quin I don't want to go up there!"Tsuki yelped. Quin put his finger to his lips and stared to climb up the fabric. He climbed around eight feet off the ground and stopped. Tsuki's eyes were pinched shut. Quin nugged him a bit getting him to open one eye.

Rayne smiled brighter at her and chuckled. "I've tried... That's not enough either... I swear, he just wants to get rid of me.."

Arabae worked on the knots in his back, kissing the top of his head. "I know, but it'll still take a while for him to adjust. And I think you should be a little more gentle with Rayne... He only wants to please you and you keep shutting him down."

"You know, when training a dog, if you don't show it what it's doing wrong, it'll never learn." She growled, balling her fists. "All you ever do is walk away when you're mad at me."

Ventigo blushed lightly and smiled lightly, kissing his forehead.

Ruby tapped her lips once more, looking quite cute while in thought. She losses her hands in the air as if juggling.

"And he's losing fan base, his performance is being overshadowed by the block head act and that's the lowest form of freak show act in the industry." Boss sighs and a gets a cigar, lighting it.

Leon shrugs. "You're not a dog and I know what you would say if I said anything." He waves his hand dismissively, still walking.

Xarzus chuckles softly.

Tsuki looked down and whippered, "Too, high.... We're to high."
Quin shook his head and leaned back so that Tsuki's leg dangled. Tsuki yelped, "You're going to drop me!" Quin said nothing knowing the way Tsuki was tied to him he couldn't fall. He sat back up and fipped himself and Tsuki upside down. Tsuki screemed as he flipped over Quin's head the only thing holding him was the rope Quin had tied around his arms and chest and to Tsuki's hands. "Can we stop now?" Tsuki asked tears in his eyes.
"not till you stop screeming. You're not going to fall." Quin lipped flipping them right side up again.

Rayne chuckled at the motion and shrugged. "I could ask... But the twins usually do the juggling acts."

"Then instead of yelling at him, why not sit down and try to help him figure out what to do? You are the Boss after all." Arabae rubbed his neck and spine.

Max continued to follow. She grabbed his shoulder and made him turn around. "I'm the Wolf Queen, am I not? And say it anyways.

Ventigo put down the empty cup and pulled over the cup of tea. "Here, this will help you sleep. Relax while I go fix my props, okay?" He kissed Xarzus's forehead and walked out towards the main room where he saw Quin and Tsuki. He smiled fondly and walked over. "Lookit you, Tsuki! I'm so proud of you."

Ruby nods slowly, then goes back to thinking.

"Because..." Boss sighs. "I don't have the time..."

Leon narrows his eyes. "Max, we've talked about this before and you've said your peace."

Ripper stands against the wall, his smile almost like a crescent moon lighting up as he watched Tsuki, and Quinn.

Tsuki yelped as Quin slipped slightly not expecting anyone else to come in. Feeling bad for scaring Tsuki with his own mistake he slid back down to the floor. He untied Tsuki from him and put him down on the floor.
"Was I really good?" Tsuki asked blushing.
Quin patted Tsuki on the head as he spotted the unfamiliar man standing agents the wall.

Rayne thought and thought and only became more sullen. "Maybe I should just go back to the ocean.."

"Again, that's what you hired me for. I'll do all of this." she motioned to the papers. "You go help your employees."

Max's eyes narrowed back. "You can't be mad at me because I won't date people. That's unfair."

Ventigo smiled brightly and knelt down to him, pointing up to where they were. "You were! See? You were all the way up there. Quin is really good at helping people get over their fears."

Ruby bit her lip gently and looked down, she didn't want him to leave.

Boss narrows his eyes. "Why don't you go help them?"

"Life's not fair." Leon replies back, turning to walking away.

Ripper merely smiled at Quinn, raising his right hand and giving him a small wave.

"I'm still a little scared the trapeze are higher." Tsuki pouted, "But I'll try hard I promise."
Quin crooked a brow but nodded back to the man, still unsure of were he came from. He turned to Ventigo signing, "Who is he?"

"It's just like... He's not impressed by anything I do... Everyone else seems impressed.." Rayne sighed and pouted.

Max growled and followed, grabbing his wrists and pinning him to a wall. "Don't do this, Leon..."

Ventigo smiled warmly at Tsuki. "You can start on the smaller trapeze levels and slowly work your way up you know." He looked at Quin, then at Ventigo. "I'm not sure.. Boss probably hired him."

Arabae kissed his cheek and pinched them lightly. She was always teasing him. "Because that's what I've been doing since I've worked here. Your turn."

Ruby places a gentle hand on his arm.

Leon growls, baring teeth with a slightly opened mouth as his lions did. "Let go of me Max... leave me alone... just like you do any other time."

Boss grunts. "I'm done talking to them."

Ripper remains against the wall, smiling his wide grin.

Tsuki looked over at the man ducked behind Quin, "He lookes scary.."
Quin patted Tsuki on the head and walked toward the man leaning against the wall,signing a quick "Hello".

Rayne looked at her hand, then up at Ruby. He smiled sweetly and kissed the back of her hand gently. "Thank you."

Max snarled lightly as wolves do and kept him pinned. "No. I'm sick of it always ending up like this! We get mad, walk away, don't talk to each other for a week, then one of us caves and we're all better with that hurt still in th back of our heads. We. Are. Working. This. Out."

"You hardly talk to them. You yell and criticize them." Arabae pointed out.

"Some people look scary but are actually very nice." Ventigo smiled.

Ruby jumped and blushed, her eyes looked away quickly.

Leon pushes her away. "There's nothing to talk about Max." He brushes himself off and walks away.

"They won't listen to me even if I did just speak to them."

Ripper bows to Quinn. "Greetings." He smiles up at him.

"No he's scary, in a bad way." Tsuki said huddling close to Ventigo, it wasn't really like Tsuki to not instantly try to get to know someone.

"I am Quin, the small one is Tsuki." Quin signed giving him a small smile.

Rayne panicked a little on the inside, not wanting to scare her away again. "I'm sorry... Am I not acting like humans do?"

Max growled. "Fine. You know what? I'm sick of this. I'm quitting." She turned and stormed down the hall.

"You've never tried. So try." Arabae kissed his cheek. "For me?"

Ventigo chuckled and kept him close. "You don't know that hunny... Come on." He gently coaxed him closer and smiled at Ripper. "I'm Ventigo. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Ruby shook her head quickly, she meant that it has ok, she took his hand and caressed the back with her finger tips.

Leon got into his room, punching his wall, splitting his knuckles. "She wants to quit, then fine, she can quit, maybe the lions'll just eat me alive..."

Boss growls and sighs, shaking his head.

Ripper bows to them. "I am Ripper, it's a... pleasure to meet you all..." He says with a silky voice.

Tsuki stared up at Ripper still not sure what to think of him. Finally he just ran from the room.

Quin watched Tsuki and shook his head, signing "I'm sorry he's not usually like that."

Rayne relaxed a little and smiled softly. "... Thank you..."

Max slammed the door to her room once she was in it and rubbed her eyes, sniffling. "That.. Jerk..." She muttered, flopping on her bed.

"Please?" Arabae kissed his jaw. "For me?"

Ventigo looked to Tsuki and sighed. "He's shy around strangers... He'll warm up eventually." He smiled and held out a hand to Ripper.

Ruby nods, the corners of her mouth twitching, almost a smile.

Leon growls and punches his wall a few more times, tearing up his skin.

Boss shakes his head. "Arabae..."

Ripper's grin splits his face. He keeps his hands behind his back. "Pleased to meet you..." He murmurs.

Quin razes and eye brow at Ripper, "What will you be doing here with us?" he signed intrigued by the man in front of him.

Rayne smiled, thinking she looked lovely when she looked happy. He lifted his hand, gently caressing a bit of hair from her face; the necklace he wanted to give her wrapped around his wrist.

Max's keen senses heard the knocking of a wall and got up, wandering to his room. She peeked open the door and gasped. "What the hell are you doing!?"

"Boooosssss.." Arabae pouted, kissing his jaw again and again. "It isn't that hard."

Ventigo tilted his head, but lowered his hand. "Are hand shakes not common where you're from?"

Ruby glances at the necklace but says nothing. She blushes as he touches her pale face.

Leon looks at her and glares. "What do you care?" He drops his hand to his side, the knuckles dripping blood onto the cream colored carpet of his room, pieces of dray wall dusted over the floor.

Boss swats her away a bit. "I'm too busy to deal with them and have lost all patience for them, you go deal with them."

Ripper watches Quin sign and smiles at him. "A little of this, a little of that, I'm here to be filler, in short, nothing more..." His eyes dart to Ventigo. "If you are sure you want my hand to shake then choose; pain or pleasure?"

Quin looked at the man a bit taken back by his pain or pleasure statement. This would be very interesting indeed.

Rayne glanced at the necklace and frowned a little. "I'm sorry about the necklace... If you still want it..." he trailed off.

Max walked over and made him sit on the bed. She grabbed the first aid kit from the shelf and started cleaning it. "Leon please... I hating fighting with you..."

Arabae spun his chair around and put her hands on her hips. "You're not being a very good boss, Boss."

Ventigo raised a brow and smiled. "I'm always of fan of pleasure. Why?" He asked, holding out his hand again.

Ruby looks at the necklace and slowly takes it, putting it on.

Leon looks at Max and sighs. "I don't enjoy fighting with you either, but you frustrate me so much..."

"Yeah well, who ever thought I was?" Boss waves her off.

Ripper takes a hold of Ventigo's hand with his right. Pleasure shooting up the male's hand.

Quin blushed not to sure of what to think.

Rayne looked at her, a huge smile forming on his lips.

Max cleaned the wound with the utmost tenderness; years of fixing him or her own burns made her a pretty good nurse. "I'm sorry.. I don't mean to.."

"I did.." Arabae said softly, frowning.

Ventigo gasped sharply and moaned, falling to his knees and squeezing Rippers hand involuntarily.

Ruby smiles softly.

Leon hisses softly in pain. "Ow..."

Boss crossed his arms.

Ripper releases his hand, smiling widely.

Quin swallowed hard his face bright red, he didn't know what to think of what he just saw.

Rayne reached out slowly, careful not to startle her, and caressed her cheek. "You look absolutely beautiful..."

"I know it hurts... Just bare with it a little.." She wrapped his hand and kissed it gently.

Arabae plopped herself on his lap. "You use to be a fantastic Boss when I first worked here.."

Ventigo panted lightly, his cheeks stained pink. "... What.. was that?"

Ruby leans into his fingers.

Leon winces.

Boss flexes his fingers, trying not to touch her, oh how he wanted to.

Ripper smirks. "A special ability."

"That's some trick you've got there." Quin signed quickly then tucked his hands in his pockets his face still red.

Rayne caressed her soft skin and smiled warmly. "You're beautiful..."

Maxine looked up at him. "I'm sorry.." She said genuinely.

"This was your life... The circus, the freak shows..." She nuzzled his cheek. "What happened?"

Ventigo's legs felt like jelly and he didn't know if he could get up or not. "... Damn.."

Ruby blushes softly and looks down.

Leon smiles softly. "I'm sorry too."

Boss sighs and puts his cigar out. "My wife happened... she went behind my back and has been sleeping with the strong man..."

Ripper offered a hand to help him up. He could control his powers... with his gloves on.

Quin grabbed Ventigo's arm to help stabilize him.

Rayne gently lifted her chin. "I'm serious..."

Max kissed his forehead, hugging him tight. "I'm not guna leave..."

Arabae frowned and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm sorry love..."

Ventigo cautious grabbed his hand. When he was sure it wouldn't happen again, he let them help him up. "That's uh... some trick."

Ruby looks into his eyes.

Leon kisses her cheek. "I got an offer to leave..."

Boss sighs and slides his fingers through his hair. "Yeah.."

With Quin's help, Ripper lift Ventigo to his feet, no shooting feelings of pleasure. "Want to try the other?" He jokes.

Quin looked at Riper a bit taken back, he had seen pleasure he wasn't sure he wanted to see pain.

Rayne smiled sweetly at her. "You can come for a swim whenever you'd like."

The heart break in Max's eyes could destroy the strongest man. "... you're not going to, right?"

Arabae caressed his hair, holding him close to her chest. "I'm here for you..."

Ventigo laughed lightly, his knees still shaking. "If I'm having a really bad day, Ill keep that in mind. But for now Ill stick to the pleasure."

Ruby shakes her head, looking down.

Leon looks at her with a frown. "Max... I don't know if I can stand to be here with you but not with you..."

Boss sighs, closing his eyes.

Ripper chuckles, his eyes looking at Quin. "You're not human either, are you?"

Quin shook his head and signed, "I am Vivant Poupee."

Rayne pouted a little, but nodded. "Do you know how to swim?"

Max whimpered softly and held his hands. "Please don't go..."

The assistant kissed his forehead, holding him tight.

Ventigo looked at Quin, then back to Ripper, and glanced at his hands. "..."

Ruby nods. She could swim, very well in fact, but she didn't want him to see her in her bathing suit, she didn't find herself good looking.

Leon looks into her eyes. "It's breaking my heart to stay..."

Boss caresses her side.

Ripper, without looking at Ventigo raises a hand and wiggles his finger. "A puppet hm?" He says to Quin.

"So to speak." Quin signed blushing lightly, "As are the twins."

Rayne nodded and nuzzled her. "if you ever do, the tank is always open."

"But... my act is dead without you... you're my muse..." she held his hands, burying her face in his chest.

Arabae shuddered lightly and kissed his temple. "Careful."

Ventigo blinked in confusion. He looked at Quin, then cautiously back to Ripper.

Ripper smiles warmly. "Very interesting."

Ruby sighs in content and nuzzling him.

"And you are mine...but... I need you to myself..."

Boss looks at her. "What?"

"Speaking of the twins I need to talk to them, It was good to meet you now if you'd excuse me." Quin signed quickly and hurried off.

Ventigo waved to Quin and looked back at Ripper. So where are you from?"

Rayne murred deeply, nuzzling her affectionately.

Max nuzzled him. "Then I'm yours... please don't go..."

"I checked the white lions today and Zera caught my side..." she mumbled.

Ripper's make up changed suddenly to a frown as Quin left. "A bit of everywhere..." He murmurs.

Ruby closes her eyes, enjoying the attention.

Leon blinks. "You mean it?"

Boss blinks. "Show me."

Quin's knees buckled causing him to fall to the ground be for he could reach his room. He could feel the heat on his face, his heart pounding in his chest. He didn't understand what he was feeling. He knew very little of emotions only fear, anger, and happiness. He didn't know anything else he was incomplete. All he knew was he was polled to that man, but why?

Ventigo smiled lightly at the change of face. "His room is the last one at the end of Corridor 3 if you wana keep talking to him.."

Rayne's tail swished in the water. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yes." Max curled up in his lap. "Just don't go... stay here and be mine.."

Arabae pouted, normally avoiding showing him any wounds. But she slid off her blazer and tank top, a nasty looking claw mark along her side.

Ripper bows and leaves the room, his make up changing to a smile once more. He pauses seeing Quin in a heap on the floor. He rushes
over, make up a frown of worry, both hands pull him up, no jolts of pain or pleasure. "Are you alright?"

Ruby blushes and blinks.

Leon caresses her hair. "Only if you're serious."

Boss pulls her into his lap and pulls out his first aid kit.

Quin blushed a deep red, he didn't what to say. He wasn't sure what to do, even though Ripper wasn't using his abilities he could feel shocks of unknown feeling running thought his body. "I.... don't.... know.." he signed his hands shaking.

Rayne nuzzled his face gently into her stomach, his tail swishing happily.

"I don't say things unless I mean them." Max murred.

Arabae squeaked and looked down. "Its fine you know.."

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