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2005-08-24 13:44:47
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mmmm, pie, you love pie (thats why you clicked for the wiki, isnt it)

This page is currently under construction, however, you can help me, [*moth*] along by checkin out these pages:

Pie Fanatics Join, all ye Pie lovers!
Pie Chat talk about what you want, with other pie lovers <loosh!

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2005-07-12 [Blue.]: teeheee

2005-07-12 [Don't Fall For This]: No cry baby!

2005-08-24 [Blood.Lust]: NOOOOO No PIE!!! FIENDS USEING THAT ~EVIL~ TRICK ON ME!!!

2005-08-24 [Don't Fall For This]: Wha evilness?! Its COOOOOOL!!!

2005-08-24 [Blue.]: teehee! its funny! you got trickted!

2005-08-24 [*moth*]: there will be pie soon. promise

2005-08-24 [Don't Fall For This]: o.o whaaaaa?

2005-08-24 [Blue.]: c'mon! we've waited ages for are pye!

2005-08-25 [Chitch_AN]: GIMME TEH FUCKING PIE N00B!

2005-08-25 [Don't Fall For This]: com'on.. i'll do it otherwise!!

2005-08-25 [*moth*]: o, please, ash i'd rather you do it atm actually...

2005-08-26 [Don't Fall For This]: Yeah, sure.. i'll start on it tomorroe

2005-08-26 [*moth*]: thankoooooooooooooo. aaaaash if you come on here anytime soon can you phone me please, i'm all lonely and have no-one to go to greenbelt with today :(

2005-08-26 [Don't Fall For This]: im went you moron lol

2005-08-27 [*moth*]: yayayay. didnt stay long enough tho XP the gig you dropped me off in was great. there was a guy in a pink cow suit who got the crowd goin then did a full on stage dive!

2005-08-27 [Don't Fall For This]: WOW! That is quite immensely fun! On sunday its proclaimers!

2005-08-28 [Blue.]: YAY proclaimers! i was sposed to be going tonite (sunday) nd got quite excited bout seeing them. but i didnt go. went yday and am going toma, am soo excited ;D

2005-08-29 [Don't Fall For This]: YAY! Sounds great ^-^ im doin coursework today. its crappy!

2005-08-30 [*moth*]: bleh, fuck coursework. cant be arsed. ooooooooo theres a baloon goin over the house...

2005-08-30 [Don't Fall For This]: YAY! balloon roxars

2005-08-31 [*moth*]: yarrr!

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