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2005-08-20 09:26:58
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Me being in Crete... 8th - 15th of August, 2005... yay!


In front of the famous Lassíthi Plateau... that's where Zeus was raised! Great view...


Chilling out on a couch... in the shadows


I don't really know what I was thinking to bring such a face... but it clearly must have been somewhat ridiculous!


*puts up Joey Tribbiani voice* "How ya doing?" ^^


Yes... that's the way I work... at least... in my free time :p


Waiting for some Pasta in Greece... lol, I'm such a diplomatic faux pas :D


And even after I got some, I still don't seem to have had enough yet!


Yeah... now that's a classic: me realizing that I'm under supervision, so I figure it'd be best to laugh about my grotesque sacrilèges. The cowlick was made by the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea btw... don't get any wrong pictures here ;)


I swear... the time we left it was as hot as in a vulcano! :(

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2005-08-20 [Nostradamia]: u are so cute! and tan! oh sorry did i say that aloud? *blushes* u seem to have had a fantastic trip.

2005-08-20 [w00kie:)]: hehe, thanki-you :) It's was an awesome ride, we def. gotta do that together one day!

2005-08-20 [Mercenes]: well look at you flashing your abs >.< you kinky man-whore! xxx

2005-08-20 [w00kie:)]: Right... I'd like to see you running around at the beach at 40°C/100°F with lots of clothes on girl ^^ Punchline: immediate death of a heart attack - I tried the clothes thing on our final day (when I was used to the heat already) and the result can be seen on the last pic here (second pic on my front page!) LOL. I was so dead! Sinking onto and literarilly into the bench, just able to rip my tank top off of me and that was it! ;)

2005-08-20 [LightningSpirit]: Sommer und Sonne....Es scheint als hättest du eine tolle Zeit erlebt ;)

2007-01-20 [Xx sαяαн-ιоυιѕε мαч..x]: Aaw, I haven't been around for ages..and you're still the adorable little poser you were before I left :D

2007-10-30 [small and mighty]: lol that face is frickin cute,it made me giggle... and as for joey, :)hes my favorte characted from friends :-p....always was..nice pictures... :).

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