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Crossdressing contest

This is a closed art contest that was run by [Veltzeh].

Theme: crossdressers!
A crossdresser is a person who dresses as a member of the opposite sex.

Overview of Entries and rules at Crossdressing contest entries.

Winner: [Caterin S.]! (entry q)
Public's favorite: [blu.nation]! (entry n)

Thanks to all participants!

Here's a participant badge for those who want one:

Poll results:

a) [Arisonu] <img0*200:>
b) [Arisonu] <img0*200:>
c) [Arisonu] <img0*200:>
d) [Leara] <img0*200:>
e) [Lady Chaos] <img0*200:>
f) [Nebsy] <img:>
g) [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu] <img0*200:>
h) [Oblivious Commentary] <img200*0:>
i) [Bulma] <img0*200:>
j) [Nazarath.93] <img0*200:>
m) [Lady Chaos] <img0*200:stuff/lccrossdressing.jpg>
n) [blu.nation] <img0*200:stuff/fabianresize.jpg>
o) [Relphien] <img0*200:>
p) [Hobbit teen] <img0*200:>
q) [Caterin S.] <img0*200:> <img200*0:>
r) [cyberhavok] <img0*200:>
s) [Erubeus] <img0*200:>
t) [Kikai] <img0*200:>

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2006-11-07 [Saffron]: Teehee

2006-11-09 [popeyethecat]: Are these alright?
They are me dressed as my Alter-ego, Robbie. The picture were taken with the auto setting thing. Sorry they're not the best photographs in the world, but for this I found the costume more of the art form :p

2006-11-09 [Veltzeh]: Yep, those are fine. :)

2007-06-12 [ally]: If this contest is still active, message me about it or it will be removed from mc.

2007-06-13 [Veltzeh]: [Relphien], do you have permission from the photographer and other people in your pictures to use them? Also, you posted two pictures too much.

2007-06-13 [Relphien]: I have permission and it stodd that I can post three pictures..

2007-06-13 [Veltzeh]: Okay, cool. There's this additional rule: since it seems males in women's clothes are very popular, please don't enter three male crossdressers. You can enter two, but only if you enter one female too.

2007-06-13 [Relphien]: ok, I deleted one of them. =)

2007-06-13 [Veltzeh]: Well, the condition says you can enter two male ones if you enter one female too, and you don't have a female one... X)

2007-07-07 [Caterin S.]: Hey, I had no idea there was a competition like this too. :) Great, I just had to participate. I hope the photos are alright. :)

2007-07-24 [Veltzeh]: Sure they are okay, and they're pretty good! The first one is a bit too big, though, could you resize it? Same for [blu.nation], your entry's too big.
[cyberhavok]: Only one picture, please.

2007-07-26 [blu.nation]: Oops, sorry about that ^^; I forgot to upload the resized version.

2007-07-26 [cyberhavok]: Sorry. I fixed it. ^^;;;

2007-07-26 [Veltzeh]: Thanks. :)

2007-08-11 [Kikai]: i'm drawing an entry for the contest...I hope I can make it in time to meet the #20 deadline o.o

2007-08-12 [Kikai]: I used imageshack to host it beccause I don't like the elftown compresses some images sometimes. If you'd rather me host it on elftown, i'll swtich the links though o.O

2007-08-12 [cyberhavok]: Awww. He's adorable! =]

2007-08-12 [Veltzeh]: [Kikai]: Well, you could at least upload the smaller version to Elftown, but I don't really care, especially now that the contest is ending and it doesn't have time to disappear. :) Of course, if it does disappear before I have time to announce winners, it will be disqualified...

Wow, deadline met! That's awesome.

Now, my plan is still to pick out a winner myself and have a vote for the public's favorite too, unless many people don't want that. I'll put that poll up on the 14th.

2007-08-12 [Kikai]: Okies, if it disappears (whcih it shouldn't, I've had an image uploaded for two years now that I use often, and it still hasn't disapeared o.O) then I will upload the smaller version to elftown lickedy split, it's already uploaded, just need to switch the links. O.o

2007-08-13 [Veltzeh]: Okay. :)

2007-08-14 [Veltzeh]: Voting commenced!

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