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2006-03-31 09:39:37
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Cubby Building

These are some photos of the cubby that [Nebsy] and I ([Lady Chaos]) built while we were on holiday... over 2 years. We started it in 2004, and came back in 2005 a year later, only to find it still intact! So we built a fence and extension to it. I wonder if it will still be there this year...?

Yoss, cubby-building day 1

Yoss, cubby-building day 2

Nebs from inside the cubby

The cubby, original (2004)

The cubby, with fence (2005)

The cubby with extension (2005)

Yoss and Nebs in front of the cubby

Yoss buildenating the extension

Nebs buildenating the extension

Extension complete!

Nebsy and her boyfriend Pezza in front of the cubby

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