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D&D Classes


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Warriors are by far the most common of all the character classes. From their ranks come the mercenaries, champions and holy warriors of the world. In general, the men and women who fill the ranks of this dangerous profession are a courageous and hardy breed, skilled in the arts of armed combat and battlefield strategy. They risk their lives for the glitter of gold, the lure of power and the glory of the gods. The warrior braves battle with stoic routine.

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The Adventuring Priest has dedicated his life to ministering to the needs of adventuring companies, pioneers, travelers and pilgrims. Finding life in the village or city temple too restrictive for the wanderlust coursing through his veins, the Adventuring Priest accompanies any who seek to explore new lands or settle new territory. He offers spiritual guidance, healing and, when needed, his fighting skills.
The Adventuring priest usually serves the spiritual needs of members of several different faiths who share moral values similar to his own (alignment) and has little interest in converting his charges to his own faith. While he may owe loyalty to a Temple or other Church institution, he has usually received an indefinite leave of absence to minister to the needs of those he deems under-served by his Church. An Adventuring Priest is expected to serve the needs of all the members of his flock without regard for their religious persuasions. While he is not obliged to minister to those who worship deities opposed to his own religion, he has been granted great latitude by his Church to serve members of “allied” and “non-hostile” faiths.

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Mages are the most versatile types of wizards, those who choose not to specialize in any single school of magic. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. On the positive side, the mage's selection of spells enables him to deal with many different situations. (Wizards who study within a single school of magic learn highly specialized spells, but at the expense of spells from other areas.) The other side of the coin is that the mage's ability to learn specialized spells is limited compared to the specialist's.
Mages have no historical counterparts; they exist only in legend and myth. However, players can model their characters after such legendary figures as Merlin, Circe, or Medea. Accounts of powerful wizards and sorceresses are rare, since their reputations are based in no small part on the mystery that surrounds them. These legendary figures worked toward secret ends, seldom confiding in the normal folk around them.

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Thief characters in the Dungeons and Dragons game come in all sizes and shapes, ready to live off the fat of the land by the easiest means possible. In some ways they are the epitome of roguishness.
The profession of thief is not honorable, yet it is not entirely dishonorable, either. Many famous folk heroes have been more than a little larcenous — Reynard the Fox, Robin Goodfellow, and Ali Baba are but a few. At his best, the thief is a romantic hero fired by noble purpose but a little wanting in strength of character. Such a person may truly strive for good but continually run afoul of temptation.

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