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2013-11-21 17:29:39
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DA Requests

~At the moment we can only do six at a time because we only have six artists available.~

DA Dragon Artists


[all past requests met]

Artist Requested:
Name of Dragon:
Dragon Description:

Artist Requested:
Name of Dragon:
Dragon Description:

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2013-11-16 [Amanda Bastian]: oh my O.O

2013-11-16 [Eyonic]: I just don't want to start drawin somethin up just to find the person isnt on here anymore

2013-11-16 [Eyonic]: Lineart for [Kbird]'s Sleen

2013-11-16 [Amanda Bastian]: lol :) I wouldn't worry about it then since she's not here anymore.

And awesome sketch! :D

2013-11-16 [Kbird]: It is sooo awesome! XD

2013-11-16 [Eyonic]: <img400*0:stuff/aj/92267/1384587473.png>

2013-11-16 [Amanda Bastian]: Nice!!! :D

2013-11-18 [Kbird]: I love it

2013-11-18 [Eyonic]: :3 happy face

2013-11-21 [Eyonic]: I got rid of the other 2 requests since both of those people don't seem to be coming back :( but now I'm bored again q.q need to think of how to advertise this place more >.>

2013-11-21 [Kbird]: I can tell my friends about it.

Oh and there's a christmas 'secret santa' thing going on....I'll have to find a link for it though...

2013-11-21 [Eyonic]: <3 that'd be awesome kbird :) all my friends that are left here kinda know about this place already : /

2013-11-21 [Kbird]: Okay I'll start advertising~

2013-11-21 [ancienteye]: This kind of cool. :P

2013-11-21 [Kbird]: ^-^' thanks Mukki

2013-11-22 [Amanda Bastian]: np :)

2013-11-22 [Eyonic]: :D thanks mukki, and ancient yesh it is cool, now you feel the need to put in a request! *waves around hands mysteriously*

2013-11-22 [Kbird]: XD nice spell

2013-11-22 [Amanda Bastian]: np ^_^

2013-11-22 [Eyonic]: :D

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