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Little saints in little hats are pushing out the leaves
fallen ochre bandages from distant, forlorn trees
there is no love in changing, boys, not a fated drop
but if you seek the outer way there's hope for moving up.
Perfect monks and matron nuns are shunning all that's left
of life outside the brick and mud and altogether bereft
Lucky little them, to have their palace in the hills
away from hate and fear but their lives are much distilled
what help can you truly be, tucked away into the trees?
forgotten with your broom sweeps, pushing out the leaves.

Written by [Roma]

as winter withers

as winter withers
do not mourn the drowning sun
who rests in spring's arms

Written by [hannes]


There is a warmth in wanting
this beauty of a mithridate,
this endearing nostrum
that fills the head with nonsense
and the heart with honey,
sickly sweet and rarely bitter,
agonizingly pleasant
in its infrequent quietude.
The having renders humanity,
imperfect forms living perfectly
without the knowledge of mortality
or the creep of the crepuscular
under midday's sun
or the bite of winter mist
at the fringes of the eyes.
All innocence, all hope,
all knowing
like there is nothing known
but this.
And here,
in softness
and in idleness,
we lay our heads,
our hands, our hearts
bear for the night in the
comfort of a world of
our own making,
noting only the
beauty of eyes
that glance
like clock
when there is nothing else.

Written by [Nite_Owl]

Willow & Zephyr

The gentle Willow I am
does not compare to
supple Summer's breeze,
that unquiet Zephyr
that chills the very core of me
and raises every warmth
to the surface of too,
too longing flesh.
Each bone and sinew
woven like armor,
draping shuddering
verdure clinging like
madness to the broken
framework of frozen limbs,
cracked and weakened,
but these roots grow deep
without sweet Zephyr's touch,
the final barrier
against such an onslaught
as this –
this berating of the senses,
all soft lines
and yielding forms,
ever changing
like swiftly-passing seasons
tumbling one over another
without the careful
guidance of Nature's law,
which constricts only those
who cannot feel as we,
our hearts in tangles
and an ache
not unlike love
that grows beneath.

Written by [Nite_Owl]

Settling for "Bye"

"Goodbye" is too dramatic
and "Bye" indicates apathy.
Is there a word to make "bye" compound
to describe this feeling?

Would "badbye" mean that things are messy
and the only thing to do is leave?
It is not final
or stern
or as powerful as "goodbye,"
but it holds the emotion "goodbye" denies.

You won't know what it means
and neither will anyone else,
so while I'll be thinking "badbye,"
I will leave "Bye" on your windshield.

Though you do not know where I'm going
or why,
you deserve to be told I am
and understand I am,
so "Bye!"

Written by [Leb]

Nothing But Homework

There is no television show
(nor movie i'thur)
that I want to watch.
It is not safe to play outside
and I do not care for a nap.
There is not one book I want to read,
nor song I want to sing;
no food I want to eat
nor drink to enjoy.
I've gone on all my sites
and do not feel like giving my computer a virus tonight.

The homework has made a pile
and the to-do list goes on and on.

There is nothing to do,
so why don't I just do what needs to be done?

Written by [Leb]

In Want Of Nothing

In want of nothing.
So I shall remain.
In possession of something,
With ever more to gain.
My collection of cut out faces.
I hang them upon the trees.
Ever mindful of the rains,
That fall as freely as your tears.
In want of something.
That is how I’ve stayed.
Nurtured by wasted years,
As shape as any blade.
I wear a cut out face.
Ready to take what is mine.
But slow are my actions,
Wholly pointless and unrefined.
In want of nothing.
So I shall remain.

Written by [Tons O' Fun]

My Witness

You came into my life when I was but a little girl,
Broken and battered almost as much as I had been,
You chose me
And in my youthful anger, I spurned your gracious love,
But you followed me everywhere.

Then the darkness came and all horrors I had witnessed prior
You lay with me and listened to me,
Bearing my secrets protecting my bruised heart and body
So you could follow me everywhere.

And the exposure happened, illuminating all that had been done to me
And those sworn to love me and protect me
Rejected me to a world colder than I had suspected before
Except you. 
Not you, you followed me everywhere.

So, I lived as a transient for a time, unfostered and unloved,
But there was you and I shared what I had with you
Because you were all there was for me
And you were enough
Because I was not alone when you followed me everywhere.

In all those stages, I grew stronger from
Your love and companionship
And you became my best friend, my most true confidant.
We stayed close at every possible moment
Through yards and long roads, you followed me everywhere.

And as I grew stronger, you grew older, but you remained
My faithful companion.
When I dreamed I found love and acceptance,
Your approval was all that mattered beside my own love and acceptance,
For I knew you would follow me everywhere.

Then twilight comes
Final years where you are regarded as a grand queen:
Treat times, long walks unbound, chances to explore the trails and lakes,
Curled up before the television and riding in the car on long trips,
I took you with us so you could follow me everywhere.

And here in the end,
I hold your hand like I have never had the opportunity to do before,
I release you from your promises with
My own oath that I will live well as you inspired me to
And I give you the freedom to go ahead, so I can follow you when my time comes.

Written by [W.L.]


There is spring in your smile
Like a dance of sunshine
Through the heather on the moor
Mixing purple in with gold
Like a royal cape

There is spring in your smile
And a blossom dancing
With the wind, her charming beau
Waltzing her across the lawn
His breath on her cheek

There is spring in your smile
As the dance of leafage
Twirls so coyly through the air
Making pussy willows sway
With lithe, graceful moves

There is spring in your smile
Like a kiss in the corner
Just a twinkle, barely there
But you dimple
And I dance

Written by [Triola]


And here...
My days spread before and
Behind me
In no straight lines all stationed
Situated soundly in a spiral
With my self centered swirling
Content, confused, creative
All this while slipping, spinning in
The ether, twirling in and out of
All this while being flushed
Down the enormous toilet
That is life.

Written by [*OGD*]

It Used To Be Something More

My mind sometimes
Into distant places
That I haven't visted
In what used to be
Long enough for me.

It's hard to keep
Forgetting the colour
Of your eyes, the
Width of your smile,
And exactly how
My name falls on
My ears while lingering
On your lips.

When it hurts to keep
From remembering you,
I just stop trying.

Written by [Nioniel]

Perils of Love

How canst thee know,
The perils of love,
Without ensnaring thy heart,
With that of another,
How canst thee know,
The hardships and heartache,
The bliss and emotional peaks,
The harsh battles of disagreement,
The relief of making up,
Without opening thyself to possibility,
How canst thee know,
If thou art a hardened shell,
If thou hast no dreams,
Or will of thy own?

Written by [Ravendust]

Tell me

Tell me that they lie.
The voices in my head,
that are saying
It's my fault.
Don't tell me
That it was fate.
The truth will always be
If I hadn't have done that
Then this wouldn't have
So tell me they lie.
That it really isn't
My fault.

Written by [Danboo]

No one

No one understands,
as I lie about my scars,
covering up the truth
just to protect the one I love.

No one knows
what I hide underneath my act,
the pain and secrets underneath
because I don't want them to.

No one accepts me,
because I'm a freak.
And even if they don't know it
they sense it...

No one will save me,
because they can't.
I was cursed at birth
and only I can change my fate.

Written by [Danboo]

Spoilt Autumn

Please see me as a flawless diamond.
Shimmering and alluring to all eyes - a siren of melancholy.
Typical of milk spilt,
As I spit acid since,
Tears as despicable and weak.

Black stained against velvet,
Or like cold issues of loathsome words.
Reacing out as the spoils of Autumn,
Stretched out like a blanket.

Written by [Rice]

Puppet Master

The end soon approaches, midnight encroaches,
The friends I once had all scatter like roaches.
They all flee in fear, for soon will be here,
The one we call master, the wise puppeteer.
His eyes black as coal, I will soon pay the toll,
He has come now, alas, to harvest my soul.
He wields a sharp blade that none may evade,
He will not stop the hunt until all dues are paid.
It is done, no more sand, I give him my hand,
I travel, at last, to the dark master's land.

Written by [perfumed ignition]

Dragon’s life

A dragon’s life is breathing fire
Also flying higher and higher
A dragon always kills the knight
A dragon’s mouth is a nasty sight
A dragon hates good and loves bad
A dragon is never sad
Come on when have you seen a dragon weep
Or hang around with little bo peep

Written by [kians mummy]

abstinence symptoms

my tears water a soil
lacking those
essential nutrients required
for full functionality,
growth and prosperity

like lack of sleep
my brain lacks the ability of
contentment, my skin the ability
to reason

and yes, they were right when they said
that we'd pay for acting strong, young
and utterly untouchable like stars
so hot and so massive, they'd disintegrate
on contact

on earth, with gravity pulling
on eyelids and tears, I struggle
to stay up on the hazy surface
where all is ugly,
but safe

and when I let go, stormy,
oligotrophic waters grasp me,
throwing me against hard,
unforgiving rocks, then
spitting me back up

on a cold beach, beat, broken
and suffering again
from that same lack
of sleep and
your essential nutrients

Written by [hannes]

a gentle caress

a gentle caress
fingertips on my cheeks, spine
- the sun, unlike you, here

Written by [hannes]

So Far Away

It seems like just yesterday
I fell into your arms
Absorbed by all your passion
Held captive by your charms
My mind spins radically
Lost in your dreams of our love
Streaming through the days and nights
Soaring like the elegant white dove
To be held by you is more than I could ever wish
Just knowing your right there beside me
Tearing up to simple visions of you
Wondering when your embrace will comfort me
You're beyond my reach
So far away from me now
I long to be next to you
Have you love me, like only you know how
Seperated by duty and war
Hoping to come home to see your face
My heart aches for you, my love
As I'm bound to this awful place
One day, love, one day
I'll show you how much I care
I'll be set free from my bonds
And our love we will share

Written by [Susie-Q]


Why does my life have to be like this?
Why can’t it be in total bliss?
Why is it in such a mess?
Why can’t I get rid of the stress?
Why do people treat me like I’m bad?
That’s what makes me really sad
I don’t know any other way
So I have to live the rest of my life
Like it is a very long day.

Written by [kians mummy]

how romantic

I’m sitting with you
Wondering what to do
Hug you kiss you
I don’t have a clue
So I sit here waiting
For you to show me how you kiss
And when you did
It was total bliss
My mind went wild
My body went loose
And then I opened my eyes
And then realised
You were a Moose

Written by [kians mummy]

baby I’m sorry

I love you
I really do
But baby I’m sorry
I want someone new
We had good and bad times
But now we need to move on
We need to grasp our futures
Before it is gone

Written by [kians mummy]


Disorder, disorder, disorder.
And other things that come in threes
My obsession, my need to love, my fears
My others, my friends, my idiocracy
I will be quiet when the night comes
With my wit and charm and naivety
You lost the will to learn who I am
So I'll keep counting time
With nothing and no one and everything at once
I'll go down, I'll go down, I'll go down
With you screaming out loud!
Disorder, Disorder, DISORDER!
And other things that come in threes.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

Marble Cherry Trees

Rolling gait,
open path,
iron doors,
beyond the marble cherry trees lies the forest floor.

Out at last,
crunching leaves,
flowing stream,
sneaking out the courtyard making sure not to be seen.

Ahoy! The cuckoo and bristled bear,
kissing trout and downy hare
I've come to learn your earthen dance!
Fox and vixen's hidden den,
lead me to the river's end
and whisper secrets of the stag's royal prance.

Naked moon,
maple's shadow,
ripened berries,
into the grove I go to council with the fairies.

curtained plunge,
the twigs beneath my feet,
It is here that I shall stay, lost in Mother's beat.

Written by [Roma]

Go Away

She ran to where she thought she’d be safest,
    to where her dreams can’t be defined;
  Let her spirit fly, never-ending—
        Hop the rainbow and kiss the sky.

She left the Home of Unresting,
    to where her mind could find some peace;
  Watched motionless worlds pass by, ignored—
        Catch falling stars and say good-bye.

          Peace in a new place,
          Peace far from home,
            Runs from her troubles,
              Runs from her fears,
                  Feeling torn.

     Her father told her to be a good baby,
     Her mother said she’d be back someday,
     Her sister cried they should run away,
    “The pain is too much, why should we stay?”

She ran to where she’d actually start living,
    to where the hatred has declined;
  Let her hot heart drown, keep forgetting—
        Swim through firelight and paint the town.

She left her childhood’s abuses,
    to where there was no one to please;
  Noticed fairies in the clouds, she’s gone—
        Hear golden doves and she is found.

Written by [kamisch]

From Nikki, With Love
I do not have Facebook for the apps.
I do not want to see this crap.
I do not want to be flooded with invites.
All that does is fill me with spite.
I do not want a billion friends.
I do not want to be a part of internet trends.
I actually do things that aren't farmville.
I actually have tasks to fulfill.
I mostly have this to store my pics.
All other reasons are about communicating quick.

Written by [wicked fae mage]

All Life
Water is all life.
It ebbs and flows like the tides.
It has its ups and downs.

Written by [wicked fae mage]

Dolphin Scouts

We go to the beach,
   For lack of something to do,
    Out of a sense of comfort
    Something we’re used to.
 There’s usually a pause,
    But I never decline -
  Off we go with our secrets,
   Doubts clouding the mind.
And it doesn’t take long,
    Sun-beamed and heat-stroked,
  For the dolphins to steal our souls away,
  So for mere moments we forget that
      We’re two memories sitting on the shore:
          Nostalgic promises, nothing more.
   Golden as the hours that pass,
   Naïve to thoughts that it won’t last -
     Living ghosts that stalk the ocean,
     Forgetting what it was they craved.
Off we go with our secrets,
  Barefoot and skin-bared -
     Tasting the salt of our tears in the air.
 The waves are broken,
        Pulsing hearts,
     Dreaming of destiny dusted in sand.
  The dolphins are gone,
             So are our plans.
Time rolls on without a fuss -
     Lost childhood vows of sacred trust,
As we take our secrets back to their graves.

Written by [kamisch]

Guise of God

There is a tapping at my window pane;
the wind is whispering to me words of betrayal and misery.
This is my lot, in life-
to sit quietly in the night
loose t-shirt, knees tucked up to my chin,
eyes accustomed to the darkness.
This is the time when muscles are still,
where no eyes glisten at my turmoil.
My only solace is in the ferocious tapping,
in the hush hush of the wind.
My tormentor wears the guise of God.

Do you think the wind is always tapping?
Or does it only whisper hoarsely when the world is silent,
when no greater loneliness can be found?
I wait for the answer, listen for it, wait for it to come,
praying silently with knees held tight
and darkness settled in my eyes.
The guise of God is within me.

Written by [Akayume]

Insert Title

Where I go, I go,
Like a river flows, you know
I have a tendency to roam (it shows),
And I just love to change my mind.
I'd love to stay, but I haven't the time -
Stay too long and my mind goes blind.
If I can't see then I'd rather die,
So I must move on, and on...
I have so much to find.
And what I know, it glows -
Like the sun might show, you know?
As I go, my ideas, they grow.
Every time I stop they slow,
But I like the feeling of their flow -
So I run mad to relieve my mind.

Written by [kamisch]


It's hard to explain,
The pain I feel,
Missing you,
Is so unreal.
I never thought it would end like this,
My lips still remember our very first kiss.
The silence stabs like a thousand blades,
A thousand memories refuse to fade.
I would do anything to forget you,
But I love you.
I don't want us to end,
You're more than my best friend,
You're everything to me.
How could I let you destroy me?
Making me come undone,
Suddenly I've lost the sun.
What have I done?

Written by [MyAlterEgo]


I-t was beauty devine, an obsession, a fascination,
F-alling further into regression, into sumbmission

I-t was the temptation of more than i could resist

F-orgotten gestures, poetic disaster
A-ll in all it was pain in laughter
L-ike suffocating, in the middle of satire
L-ike falling in flames of a cold heart.

Written by [death by society]

I'll find a way

I crave our glory days,
I was young and you were the one.
I never thought anything could be more perfect then us.
I despise destiny, I believe it made a mistake.
I'm sorry for everything I did
and everything I couldn't be for you
but not for everything I felt, I needed you
and you left me,
a thousand miles away
and empty handed.
I get it, you needed someone who could be there,
sometimes love lasts and sometimes it just doesn't.
I'll find someone like you, if it's at all possible, I will
I just wish I could hold onto those memories,
where you loved me.
I never felt so whole,
as much as I need you to be happy,
I secretly crave for everything you have to fall apart,
so I can pick up the peices.
don't hate me,
I'll be there soon.

Written by [LIL_ELF_GURL14]

Temptation Ignored

trivial eyes, significant lies, peering through the cracks.
as perfidious desires, force me nigh.
like a golden emanation of temptation luring me aside
before the mistress of time tested glory.

before the volatile grip of what you once called love
constricted my thoughts, from something beautiful as she
just as tempting as the forbidden fruit of life, i sought for thee.
before the interest of life forever, fighting for thee.

In love with life beyond compare
remembering every second of life's despair
before the love you shamed, forever in vain,
condemned for vicarious animosity

Written by [death by society]

Clinging to the Crag

Witnessing the broken bits of your ambitions crash the shore
    It hurts my heart to see it,
     Forever scarred –
            You're swallowed whole.
   All the sorrow that it brings,
      Why let it be?
         Shadows steal you now and then,
  Knuckled under, crumpled…Time doesn't recede.
    Your storms are dark and cold,
     Hiding in your caves and mountains,
     Cloud your head and stand alone -
                       Like you're the only one in Hell.
Picking up the pieces of your shattered soul from off the floor
    The mind wrackles such a fit,
      Bloodied shards –
             You've lost control.
   Come get wrapped up in these wings,
       Won't you let me?
          We'll get through the rage again,
  Cerebrated, havened…whatever you need.
    My eyes are grey and old,
      Passionate as roiling oceans,
      Still you glean me to the bone - 
                       Like you're the only one in Hell.

Written by [kamisch]

The Secret Embrace

The darkness of the summer night envelopes us
and hides our nakedness from prying eyes.
Our child-like giggles
and the squish of our feet on the moist earth
are drowned out by the pitter-patter of God's tears
falling from the heavens to bathe us and cleanse us.
My fingers grow jealous of our performance
and so they too begin to dance
across the exposed skin of your neck, arms, and torso.
My mouth finds yours eagerly
and I can taste rain drops on your tongue.
Our bodies move with such liquidity
that, very soon, a passerby would see naught but the rain...

Written by [DrunkOnShadowz]

Dreams of You

In the evening of these lonely days
When all the work is through
My heart, so merrily, skips a beat
With thoughts of speaking to you
Though only for the shortest while
From when the sun sets, and just beyond
My troubles and concerns of this desolate place
Quickly melt, and soon are gone
Oh, this life I live here is foggy
A shroud of uncertainty for coming years
It's only when I see your words
That this mist begins to clear
And on the shores of this ocean, divine
Where I am yours and you are mine
You hold me so tight, so tender, so right
I pray you'll still have me when the darkness turns to light
But as the honey rays of sun
Drip up into the sky
I know that I am dreaming
For I see it in your eyes
Yet, even when you disappear
Like a wispy vapor into air
I'll wake up with a smile, because
When the sun dies, you'll be there
So until you wake me from this dream
When I rise up and you are there
I’ll continue to meet you on that shoreline
With all my love to share

Written by [Susie-Q]

I know I always leave you

I know I always leave you
it's always my own choice
And when I do apologise,
it never is my voice

For 'though your touch is heaven
your voice my favourite song
It's to the touch of oceans
and songs of winds I long

Written by [hannes]

Forever Lost In Sleep

Forget about me. Move on,
before you get left behind.

Count your steps. Run along,
captured in place.

Keep yourself aware. Seek out,
What is hidden in plane sight.

Hear the murmurs fade.
Passing though the walls.
Beginning at the end.
Forever Lost in Sleep.

Ethereal movements. Be still,
As you meld with yourself.

Radiant spirals. Sliping away,
earthly bondage dissipates.

Grains of sand. from it's glass,
pouring from your finger tips.

Separated from the self.
Senses given away.
Wandering though the sands.
Forever lost...

Hold on. Try to hold on.
Don't sleep. You might never awaken.

Written by [Tons O' Fun]


I was the wind in your hair
Then the scissors that cut
Off one golden lock

I was the song on your lips
Then the finger that stilled
Your joyous voice

I was the light in your eyes
Then the slumber that drew
Those curtains shut

I was the kiss on your brow
Then the teardrop that fell
As I whispered goodbye

Written by [Triola]

Dust Dancer

When the sun shines through my window
I see dust specks in the air
Flying hither, thither, there

As they swivel ‘round each other
I sit still and watch the show
Dirt and light in endless flow

Then I rise and join the dancing
And we gambol with the gust
Now retreating, now advancing
Me and thousand grains of dust

Written by [Triola]

the reflection

looking into the broken mirror
the face of who i want to be
a man of honesty
a soldier
protecting the ones he loves
having a family
a wife
to understand him
the reflection ripples
fading from view
now seeing the frightened face
of a young man in war
bright eyed, hunkered down
praying to god for help
this is who i see myself as my reflection

written by [American Revolutionary]

“Life With A Bull Rider”

I stand here at the door
and I start to hope that it will pour.
You'll lose the entrance fee
but still be here safe, with me.

You're married to the rodeo
and now it's time to go.
You'll ride in an hour
I'll just sit and cower.

I knew when I met you it would always last
Now the bull's outside the chute and buckin' fast.

I hold my breath and pray
and when the buzzer rings your feet hit the clay.
The announcer comes on and tells the score
the judges decided you get an eighty four.

I meet you by the broncs millin' 'round their pen
and I wish you were more like other men.
No matter how I hate you ridin' bulls I still hug your neck
and we walk together hand in hand to get your check.

Written by [hanhepi]

The Figment of Time

"Tick tock." screamed the clock
The sound echoes in my head
Making everything we do
Seem insignificant and few

From the beginning of life
The clock begins, "tick tock"
And doesn't stop a tick
Till your heart refuses to tock

Life turns into a race.
To beat that second hand around
But no matter what you do
You'll always end up where you began

So I beseech you all
Don't heed the false ideal of time's passing
Instead make your time mean more
Than the tick tock of that clock

Written by [Lord Josmar]

Brutal Honesty

Truth, it doth glimmer,
Upon thy wicked brow,
Whom hath thee cut,
With words from thy tongue?
The deep regret,
Of honest brutality,
Does it touch thee where thou stand?
Does it burn thee with its bitter taste?
Surely not,
Or thee would coat thy words with honey.

Written by [Ravendust]

In the Firelight

Once again a restless night,
The waking and the dreaming fight,
Amidst the fire in the South,
A mother holds in its mouth,
A cub so small it cannot begin,
To understand the world it’s in,
It stays close by the mother’s side,
Until it has to run and hide,
Hiding from the endless fight
Fought by the wolves in firelight.

Written by [AuroraLumos]

Fear of Nothing

Fear courses through my veins,
I'm running,
Still running,
Cramp all over,
I've been running for so long,
From what?
I know not,
Just running,
No looking back,
No need to look,
The fear of nothing keeps me going,
I'll just run forever.

I stopped,
The fear is rising,
I try to start again,
No movement,
I struggle against the air,
The struggle to move,
There's nothing there,
Nothing there,
The fear is near breaking point,
There's nothing there,
Nothing there,
I can't move.

Written by [AuroraLumos]

Pretermitted Dictionary

There is a no-man's-land
where forgotten thoughts flock,
where all words left unsaid dwindle.

I hope I may find myself there, one day
to join my colleagues
and to fade gracefully alongside them.

Written by [Akayume]

Ache No More

I can't sleep.
Not from the crying.
Not from not eating.
I can't sleep because I ache.
I ache for you.
I can't sleep because I will never forget.
The memories won't die.
They won't even fade.
I love you forever & a day.
But I will be strong.
Your love remains.
I will walk forward today.
I will ache no more.

Written by [Mystin]

Into You

Here and now is a soul unhidden,
the spirit glides in the wind.

Here's a soul who's whole,
and here in your heart unfold.

Love and spirit embrace,
and intertwine in this place.

As leaves fall, he flies into your heart,
unable to crawl up to you.

Trust that this angel is gliding over you.

Here and now is a soul hidden,
the spirit goes to heaven.

Written by [Mystin]


Many are the days,
that my mind seems to wander,

through my innerverse,
Moving backwards through our past,

Memories faded,
Returning anew to me,

and though we are done,
I have but to close my eyes,
and wish to return to you.

Written by [Draugur dauðans]

Day to die

Standing on the edge,
of a whispering meadow,

I look up smiling,
upon a soaring falcon,

listening for his call,
carried on a tranquil breeze,

that sighs out our thoughts,
That the beauty of this day,
Will make our deaths the sweeter.

Written by [Draugur dauðans]

Tears of Yesterday

The lights flicker in my heart,
It's shattered by the memories,
The heat hit the core and tore it apart,
It burned me & yearned me,
Pulling you away from me,
Cause girl I'm setting you free,
I made those stupid mistakes so long ago,
Boy was I wrong and so very cold,
Well it's time for me to let you go,
Although my hand doesn't want to,
I'm the one who hurt you,
So I must pull back today,
So let the lights flicker away,
Keeping those feelings in another time or place,
Though I feel like I know you from aeons of time,
In this life your simply not mine,
And everything I did to hurt you,
I will try to let it all die,
Cause girl I just want you to take his wings and fly.

Written by [Mystin]

The Fallout

I look away in silence,
As time stands still,
I didn't mean to,
I can't explain how I feel,
I was so wrong to play heel.
It's not me as one to kill.

And my heart could bleed for you,
And it wouldn't change a thing,
I kept lying over and over,
Still the lies remain the same.

If I could go back to do it all again,
I would protect you oh so dearly,
I would treat you just like kin.

And the fallout is always the same,
Every time I look in the mirror,
I know I'm the one to blame.

Written by [Mystin]


We are all footprints.
The impressions that we make
Disappear too soon.

Written by [Doormat]

Terribly in love with the unattainable

I'm sorry I loved you,
and I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
I'm sorry I don't live closer
and I'm sorry I'm not skinny enough

I'm sorry you're out of my league
I'm sorry I'm not pretty 
I'm sorry my heart still sinks when I see you
I'm sorry I'm not worth loving

I'm sorry I'm no prize to show off to your friends
I'm sorry I'm still desperately in love with you
I'm sorry you're leaving me behind
I'm sorry I'm not worth staying

I'm sorry you can't love me back
I'm sorry I'm not worth being remembered
I'm sorry I can't forget.
I love you.

Written by [LIL_ELF_GURL14]


Given to those so willing
Is the golden bow called Halo
Those angels with the liquid wings
Slide across the heavens, ignoring gravity
They receive the loud trumpets
Used to sing eternal songs
The keepers of forever

Written by [There Is No Cure]

Abandon hope –

Ye who enter here
Will lose all hope of fortune
Killed by mermaids cries
Those who travel distant lands in ships
Leather clad with bounties
These bloodthirsty rebels abandon hope
And steal the innocents of man.

Written by [There Is No Cure]

Emotion's Blade

She stares at me, glares at me
While feeding me these lies
Telling me she loves me
And that it's a feeling that never dies

They may have once been true
These lies that she sows
But now they foul the air
And she does not know I know

I know that love, it isn't
It's darker, bleaker, twisted
This feeling cuts the ties of love
Like the throat of one's foes

The feeling that she feels
Fills me with disdain
But will never over power
A broken heart's true pain

Written by [Lord Josmar]

Never be afraid to love

I’m evil, I’m malicious,
selfish beyond belief.
I can lie through my teeth
and have you believe every word.
Every "I love you"
and every "I’m sorry."

Your worthless to me,
just another soul to take
but don’t let my looks fool you,
their my greatest asset.
I've got the sweet girl act
down to a "T"

I prey on the weak
and the vulnerable.
I cheat, I manipulate,
It’s what I do.
I'll pull on your heart strings
and tear you to peices.

Written by [LIL_ELF_GURL14]


remind me to
Sometimes, I forget.

Written by [Akayume]

why bother

Why should I care to,
Continue to try and heal,
from my heart wounds you've left?

when by your own words,
you don't love me any more,
yet you're still my truest love.

I will never heal,
because I can't recover,
Love for me is dead for good.

Written by [Draugur dauðans]

Woes of Browsing the Interwebs

There once was a man from Nantucket,
He found "Yo dawg" and Lolrus and Bukkit,
The lolcats were there
In Chuck Norris’ hair,
And he followed steps 1, 2, ?, PROFIT!

Written by [Avaz]

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