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(Thank you [Cerulean Sins]!)

<> A really well made video with varius Dark-Hunters(Or at least who would play them)

Apollo had beautiful sons, but when one betrayed him and killed his human lover, he cursed all Apolloites to die at the age of 27, painfully. The son who had betrayed him watched in horror as his own son suffered to death on his 27th birthday for 24 hours. Wanting revenge for his dead son, and not wanting to witness any of his other children suffer the same way he learned from the Atlantean goddess The Destroyer (aka Apollymi) how to keep his family alive. They had to suck the souls out of humans before they turned 27. The human soul begins to fade after it leaves the body, so the Apolloites, known as Daimons after taking their first human soul, have to constantly take souls into their bodies, or perish. The gods were furious, and so Artemis, Apollo’s twin, created an army of ancient warriors to hunt and kill Daimons. Her first Dark-Hunter was Acheron, her lover and little pet. She later learned that he’s the only living child of The Destroyer. Acheron has long sense ceased wanting to be Artemis’ lover and for thousands of years after his mortal death, he’s put up with her with decreasing patience. That is until the Fates intervened. His soul mate was again entering the world and this time he couldn’t screw it up, but Artemis was not happy. She gave in though when the Fates warned her that not only would they tell Zeus that his daughter had been having an affair, but that The Destroyer would be released from her prison and go after Artemis first for allowing her son to go through so much pain.

It’s been five years sense the Fates had made Artemis stop using him as her man-toy, but the time has flown. The Daimons are reproducing quickly and are getting more bold. Their leader, Stryker is up to something, Acheron can feel it and the fate of the world rests in his and the other Dark-Hunter’s hands. If they don’t win this time, Acheron can sense that he wont be able to do anything to stop the destruction of the world.

Dark Hunter Characters

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2016-10-27 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa opened the jewellery box expecting earrings or a necklace but she hadn't expected a set of keys."Did us a home?" She whispered as her eyes welled up, her bottom lip quivered as she tried not to cry. 

2016-11-16 [GlamGamer]: Zarek nodded a little, "It's not as big as DH headquarters. But it is all ours. It's half way between HQ and the loft Harmony lives in. It's a three bedroom, two bath loft. Updated, but pretty plain so we can style it how we want. Really nice view of the city."

2016-11-16 [Cerulean Sins]: "You bought us a home...." Lisa leaned up kissing him softly, wrapping her arms around him.

2016-11-16 [GlamGamer]: Zarek kissed her back and smiled a little, "Well, yeah.. I want us to feel free to walk around our house naked." He teased and chuckled softly.

2016-11-16 [Cerulean Sins]: "Zarek!" Lisa chuckled as she shook her head.

2016-11-16 [GlamGamer]: Zarek chuckled softly. "Well, it's kind of true."

2016-11-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa blushed."Maybe....a little."

2016-11-16 [GlamGamer]: Zarek chuckled and kissed her lightly. "Mostly I wanted you to have your own home."

2016-11-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa kissed him back with a happy smile on her face."A home we can call our own. I love it."

2016-11-16 [GlamGamer]: Zarek smiled a little. "I'm glad you're happy about it."

2016-11-17 [Cerulean Sins]: "I have a present for you too."Lisa smiled as she picked up a small gift bag and held it out to him.

2016-11-17 [GlamGamer]: Zarek smiled a little, opening it.

2016-11-17 [Cerulean Sins]: Inside the gift bag was a t-shirt that said 'Worlds best daddy' and also a photo frame that held a sonogram. Lisa bit her bottom lip nervously as he opened his presents and she hoped he would take the news well.

2016-11-17 [GlamGamer]: Zarek took a moment, looking over both of them. "I'm going to be a daddy?" He whispered softly. "Really?"

2016-11-17 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa nodded with a small smile on her face."Yup." She took his hand and put it on her stomach."Your going to be a father in about 7 months time." She said softly.

2016-11-17 [GlamGamer]: Zarek smiled brightly, "Oh... Wow.." He leaned in and kissed her

2016-11-17 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa kissed him back for a moment."So your happy?"

2016-11-17 [GlamGamer]: Zarek smiled, "Why wouldn't I be happy?"

2016-11-20 [Cerulean Sins]: "I don't know. I was just being silly. Hormones and everything." Lisa smiled."Oh its twins we're having. A boy and a girl." She kissed his cheek.

2016-11-20 [GlamGamer]: Zerek pulled her in close.

2016-11-20 [Cerulean Sins]: Lisa hugged him tightly."We're going to be parents." Lisa whispered with a smile. However deep down she wanted to cry because she knew she wouldn't be around forever due to her curse. She already felt like the worst mother ever.

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