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I dedicate this page to all of you out there who are saddened by the recent media hype over supposed "punk" music! If you know what true punk is...if you like to listen to lyrics that aren't about whining over lost girlfriends and video games, then this is for you! If you have so many times shaken your heads at poor little kids buying Ashlee Simpson's album and proclaiming themselves punk, this is for you. If you cried when jelly bracelets were called a punk trend, this is for you. I dedicate this to all of you.


adj : rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock [syn: punk rock]

Deliberately Offensive Banners

Deliberately Offensive Members

What You Should Know

Deliberately Offensive Application

Deliberately Offensive Lyrics


The Sex Pistols





The Velvet Underground


The New York Dolls


The Stooges


Patti Smith


Dead Kennedys


The Adverts


The Slits


The Clash


Tsunami Bomb


Dayglo Abortion




Dead Milkmen


The Misfits-Not quite punk, but they got the attitude.


The F-Ups

Thought Riot

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2006-07-06 [idyllicday]: i don't care if you join.....i'm trying to add lesser known bands now. i'm getting shit together.

2006-07-06 [idyllicday]: and i understand where you come from. i know that at times i get pissed at people for the same reasons. it's just i don't like being called a's one thing i pride myself on not being. but if you want i need help getting lyrics for bands and i was going to start a new wiki page for the lesser known punk bands. so if you wanted to start that up and put the link up by the others, that would rock.

2006-07-07 [WashBoard]: sounds murderous:) but i know nothing abotu starting wikis though. I wanted to start a page called freaks fags drunks and junkies, a page for discordians, punks, anything offensive or wierd. we should start that up and post a bunch of lesser known bands of all genres but mostly punk or psycho billie

2006-07-07 [idyllicday]: okay, all you gotta do is type in the name under wiki name and if it's an empty page hit edit this page. write what you want. if you need help with the html for stuff, lemme know. you start it, dani help.

2006-07-07 [Arsenic and old lace]: i havn't been on in a while but [WashBoard] it's cool. but yeah... seriously, we should start a punk nation again but everyone would think everyone was posers

2006-07-07 [WashBoard]: well calling it a nation would kinda do that....maybe a movement or something but i get what your saying

2006-07-08 [idyllicday]: movement...maybe....not revolution though, they already had one of those.

2006-07-22 [Arsenic and old lace]: well, we happen to be a different generation if that means anything

2006-07-22 [idyllicday]: no....i just don't think you can have two revolutions of the same idea...the first one would be called the movement towards the revolution, elvis and james dean were like the movement, the 60's and 70's were the revolution, and i dunno what you would call the 80's and 90' revolution? hm...but now it seems the newest movement is...*dum dum dum* emo...

2006-07-25 [Arsenic and old lace]: noooooooooo! well, what do we do.... ?

2006-12-01 [sXe=clean punk]: ooooo i wanna add Thought Riot! when i get a chance
now im gonna watch everyone argue about what kind of punk they are.......does it matter????

2006-12-01 [sXe=clean punk]: 50% of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. 42% of all teens would be dead if Hot Topic said the same. Repost this if you are one of the 8% who would be confused as hell.

2006-12-05 [idyllicday]: I just sit. I know I'm not cool. I'm the antithesis of cool. I'm the microcism of the macrocism man! My AP teacher told me it's smart sounding, so we should say it often, but with care. But I don't care. So ha! And I don't care what punk I am, I just hate when people say they are and (not judging only by their looks, I mean, I wear American Eagle and Hollister schitza all the time) clearly are not based on attitude, music choice, and their definition, then i get upset...scha fer sher...I dunno.....I'm in a good mood, FUCK YEAH! AMERICA, COMIN TO SAVE THE MOTHA FUCKIN DAY, YEAH!

2006-12-16 [sXe=clean punk]: uh.....thanx for the biography

2006-12-19 [idyllicday]: no prop, thanks for the spam

2006-12-19 [sXe=clean punk]: ^-^ np

2006-12-20 [idyllicday]: lol

2006-12-29 [sXe=clean punk]: so dot dot dot

2006-12-31 [idyllicday]:


2007-01-01 [sXe=clean punk]: yeps

2007-11-30 [_Einsam_Ein_]: please, tell me why do people constantly have to give a label to everything? FUCK ITS ANNOYING....

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