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The Disciples of Soth

Sarha PAGE TWO of the disciples/evil side story!

Sarah awoke hearing Galin talking to himself saying something about a painting. He was pacing about the room around luggage and stopped to regard her when he finished talking. "I see you are awake, how do you feel?" he asked crossing to her. Placing a hand against her cheek, he looked deeply into her eyes. He wondered if the attempted assualt would make her fearful and timid.

Sarah smiled brightly at him, he looked concerned and it warmed her from the hand on her cheek down to her curling feet. "Much better." She says softly looking up into his eyes, she was blushing again but how could she not with her love before her concerned of her wellfare and now right before her at her side? She didn't bother with what he had been doing before, it wasn't any of her business probably.

Galin sat on the bed beside her, "It is your choice if you decide to remain with me." He wouldn't ask her to continue serving him if she was fearful. If she wasn't desiring to remain with him, he would find another slave to handle him. "I will do my best to keep such a thing from ever happening to you again." He took her hand and squeezed it again encouraging her to be honest with him.

"I... May not be the bravest... or a warrior. But... If I can help you even a little bit my lord. Then I want to stay by your side. If you say you'll do your best then... I know you speak the truth." Sarah says with a bright and optimistic smile on her face, leaning her cheek and head into his large warm hand. This was like a dream come true for her, to have a man like him so caring towards her.

"When you are ready we will get you changed into other clothes and leave for Shadizar." he told her. Standing he went to get her something to drink and returned shortly. His newest plan for the overall plan, was using Flint but, not in anyway that would cause any problems. He placed the tea cup in her hands. "When you are ready, I will find something for you to wear."

Sarah took the cup and smiled softly at him. Raising it to her lips she drank. It felt good on her throat and warmed her. "um... If I could bath quickly then I'd be ready Galin. I'm sure I look aweful." Sarah said brushing her fingers through her hair with one hand as she continued to si on the tea. She wanted to make him proud and not be embaressed he was taking her with him to Shadizar.

"You don't look awful, but if you prefer to bathe or I will get warm water and a basin and take care of you myself." he countered. He placed his hand gently upon her thigh and rubbed lightly. "I hope you remember what I said about anyone telling you that you should pleasure them. And I was serious and my decree has already went out amongst the dirciples and the Guild." Galin decided not to wait and after retrieving the rose water bowl and rag, he began unbuttoning her shirt.

"I see y-yes I understand. Um th-thank you I remember Galin." Sarah says blushing softly and watching him. She sat still as he slowly unbuttoned the top her had given her to wear to bed. She helped with the sleeves and sat still in front of him. She didn't know how long she would keep blushing when he stared at her but she knew it wasn't today.

He made sure to be gentle as he began washing her, rinsing out the rag andwringing it out. He started at her face and then moved downward making sure to do a through job. He frowned when he saw the bruises she suffered at his man's hands. "I should have him raised from the dead just to send him back there." was his only comment. Galin wasn't against rough treatment, just the treatment of his servant.

"I'm alright Galin, I've had worse bruising then this before, though... never on my breasts before. Thank you for being so concerned about me." She says softly blushing softly at his soft treatment at how gentle he was bathing and washing her with the wrag. She had to admit the warm water felt really good. and so did the gentleness of the wrag on her skin. It didn't really hurt she hadn't lied at all about that though.

"Well, as you will then, but it should still be known you are not to be handled roughly." He continued to bathe her until he reached her feet even, then took a towel and began drying her. "We will be leaving once you are dressed and feel ready. Once there we will have the night before you will start being tutored. While I will begin my visits with the merchant and nobles."

"Alright I understand... but as soon as I am dried and dressed... we can go if you wish because I don't have much packed and all that I do already have everything packed and you've taken care of it already." Sarah says softly smiling softly at his special treatment of her. She felt warmed by more then just the warm water and fluffy dry towel. She didn't want to delay anything he had planned at all and of course she wanted to prove useful and already his treatment had helped her get over what had happened. There wasn't really much he had done to her in the first place but... the fright was gone now.

He stood to allow her to finish on her own then waited by the trunk with her dresses. She had a good deal of strength to not jump and be fearful from her ordeal. But, it would be a truer test the next time he attempted to enjoy her. "Do you perfer a certain color?" he asked, keeping his tone rather light. Shadizar was a big country and there would be lots to experience there.

"I am rather partial to light blue... but if you wish I'd wear any color you asked of me Galin." Sarah said with a small smile as she watched him. She wasn't even thinking about what might be on his mind or how this might affect her later either. She was simply excited to be going somewhere with Galin and to learn something to help him or his mission. She wondered what it would be like and if Galin would treat her any different. "Galin... what or rather how would you like me to um... defer to you? I mean... as your servant or something else?"

"Well, everyone serves the cause, would you call yourself servant, valet, consort, or something else?" he asked. He plucked out the light blue dress and brought it to her. "Do you believe someone will question our affiliation or your membership in the disciples?" it wasn't a hard question for him to ask. Galin set the dress on the bed then drew her to him and slid his hands down her bare back to her buttocks. The move was to guage her reaction to his touch.

Sarah stiffened when he had grabbed her and pulled her against him. She drew her legs tightly together when his hand reached her butt though. She blinked a few times and had to breath hard to think honestly about his questions. "I am... or was a servant... but I don;t know what I am anymore... a servant and a consort? But... I don;t think anyone would openly ask such a direct question, I just wonder... what my role will be? Will I be serving you food and drink like I do here? Does that mean something else in Shadizar... um..." Sarah says softly with more pauses and uncertainty then was usual when she spoke with Galin.

Her reaction spoke volumes to him, she stiffened to his touch and embrace. "You will be kearning many things while in Shadizar. Dance and some physical pursuits for us to enjoy, together. As much, you will be eating with me, but not serving food and drink unless you wish. We will say you are my lover and compainion, is that better?"

"I would be honored to be named such. I will do my best to learn everything I'm shown and taught. I just don't want to make you look bad by... not being able to preform well or something like that anyways." Sarah says with a soft laugh as she relaxed a little against his chest. Her legs not so tightly held regardless if he hadn't moved his hand or not.

He tipped her head back and kissed her gently his hand embraced her buttock. "It is not called learning for nothing little dove. I am sure you will do the best you can. You have not disappointed me yet, in the bedroom or anyother." He released her so that she might get dressed and then depart with him.

Sarah smiled happily and nodded before quickly changing into the blue dress. Once she finished tieing the back of it she turned and smiled up at him. "Then I am ready to go Galin. Shall I call you Soth while we are there?" Sarah asks quite suddenly just now thinking about it. If she were his lover though... she wouldn't call him Master or would she? She wasn't raised to know things from other countries though so she simply didn't know.

"When we are alone, Galin and when in company when I am called Soth like they do. I'm sure you will use discrection in how to address me." He held out his hand to bring her close by. Once they were ready, he summoned the guards to collect the luggage. "Time to go expand the reach of the guild and broaden your knowledge."

"I can't wait!" Sarah says smiling brightly, she really was very excited. She'd never even left the country before, now she got to travel and get dressed and fed and taken care of by the man she had quickly fallen in love with. She would use discretion whether he asked for it or not. But she felt a little at ease knowing she could address him outright as Soth. It made her feel... well less of a lesser person.

He activated the pin and walked through the portal with Sarah. On the other side they exited into a small courtyard in Shadizar. It was warm there even with a slight breeze blowing. "Lord Soth I am glad to see you and your people have finally made it to my humble home." a smallish man said bowing low. "Rise Azizar, and while I am here for the guilds business, it is Galin Ravenwood again." he commented. "May I introduce Sarah, she is the one I requested some of the training for."

"It's an honor to meet you!" Sarah says curtseying to him. She wasn't sure what the custom was here but she was in her new dress and standing at Galin's side so she decided to fall back to Andorian styles. It was after all the only thing she really knew. She made note to remember Azizar's name though. It was his home they were staying in apparently.

"Of course, it is good to meet you as well." he bowed to her. "Mazla will be here in the morning to begin her lessons." he smiled and straightened. He began to show them around his home and offered them his hospitality. "Master Galin you did not request seperate chambers, shall you be sharing with miss Sarah?" Soth looked at her and smiled, "Yes, miss Sarah and I will share my chambers."

Sarah smiled softly back at him. For once the blush didn't raise to her face. It was an honor for him to treat her as his exclusive companion while she was here with him. She was excited and nervous as to what she would be learning and how well she would do. But she was confident she would learn it well and Galin would be pleased with her. He said that now but she really wanted to make him happy that she was there.

Once everything was taken to their chambers, Galin had a private conversation with Azizar then returned to see them unpacking. "Is the room acceptable to you Dove?" he asked. Dinner and a bath area had been arranged for later. Deciding against using her tonight, he would conserve everything and make his pitch to Shadizar in the morning. "Anything you wish or need Sarah?" he was still waiting to see how the change in station would do to her.

"No... Everything is fine, I... I'm sorry I haven't unpacked much I keep staring out the window! This... place is amazing Galin!" Sarah says smiling brightly at him. She had only gotten maybe a third of what was packed unpacked at all. She had been standing at the window when he had opened the door. She was a little flushed at having been caught and not having done her duty. She turned quickly back to the clothes to start unpacking better.

He stopped her and walked her back to the window. "You shouldn't feel badly for being curious. Perhaps we will take some time to explore?" Galin moved her hair and kissed her neck gently as his hand wrapped around her waist. "Dinner will be ready soon and I have arranged for a proper bath for us."

"Sounds wonderful... I... I would love to explore... I know you will be busy though so I didn't want to impose on you or your time..." Sarah says softly blushing, She leaned against him but her back was tense. She wrapped her arms around the one he had placed around her stomach though and was breathing regularly. Still looking out the window at the hustle and bustle she realized that the women were completely covered up, from almost head to toe it seemed. She wondered if she would have to dress that way as well if she headed outside on the street at all.

He frowned, she was still reacting poorly to his touch. "It would not be an imposition to my time. In truth I have managed to make sure we have some more days for exploration." Galin brought his other hand to her neck and kissed her there again. The slaves looked at them with a wish that they might be so entangled with Lord Soth.

"Mmmm... if you have time then... I owuld love to... see what all they have here... everything is just... so amazing." Sarah says with a bright smile, she didn't see the frown otherwise she might have grown nervous but she was leaning against him now, a little more relaxed then before, She tilted her head giving him more skin if he wished access to it. It made her swallow though, as she continued looking out the window at everthing below. She was oblivious to the stares of the Slaves or the wistful looks they were giving her.

He continued to kiss her neck while holding her close. If her reaction didn't change in a couple days he would release her from his service. "I believe some of the nobles may hold a ball. We will be asked to attend I'm sure, and I would be remiss not to take the most lovely flower." Most of the slaves were finishing and then departing the chambers.

Sarah smiled brightly turning to look at his face. "Really? You want to take me? To a ball?!" Sarah asks excitedly looking for confermation of what he had told her. She'd never get a chance like this again and she knew it. It meant getting dressed up and make up and walking into the room with the strongest most handsome and influential man as her partner. Not to mention the dancing! Sarah's eyes nearly sparkled with her excitement at the prospect.

He returned the smile, "I will take you with me if you wish, dove." Looking about he noticed they were alone. "Are you planning to wear this for dinner? And I have a thought on a nice place for us to have dinner." He then left after another kissing to go and make the final arraingments. Her stiffening at his touch was begining to bother him.

Sarah smiled brightly, she really did want to go with him. SHe looked at her outfit and wondered if his comment meant she should change or not? She decided to change anyways so just in case she would be alright. She decided to use a deep red gown instead, and one of the elven styled ones he had just had made for her.

The plans were finished quickly and he returned to dress and fetch her. "Are you ready to go and eat Sarah, I think you'll enjoy this evening's meal." Galin pulled off his shirt and pants, wiping himself down with rose water then dressing in dark breechs and a white shirt. He preceeded to forego his weapons and offered her his hand. "I promise you'll never find a more interesting spot in all the city."

Sarah took his hand immediatly and smiled brightly, having watched him wash and dress. He was still the most handsome man she had ever seen, or that had ever wanted her for that matter. "You have the best taste... I'm possitive I'll love it if you say so." Sarah says brightly and happily, she walked closely beside him, not minding very much when she bumped her hips against his own.

The trip did not take long, they went up a couple of sets of stairs and as he opened the door at the top, she could see everything. He had planned with his host to use one of the highest points in the city. "What do you think of our first stop?" he asked. Once again he wrapped his arms about her waist and drew her close. "I hope it all will be to your liking, Your first night in Shadizar should be special."

"This is... so amazing Galin!" Sarah says gasping at the amazing view before her. She leaned in against Galin and stared wide eyed at the view. She would never forget it for as long as she lived. She knew that whatever he had planned would be one of the most amazing things she had ever witnessed or been a part of.

Servants brought dinner to them, local dishes all of which were fantastic. And wines from local fruits, all served at a low table with pillows instead of chairs. "Shall I help you to the table, dove?" he asked lightly before kising her neck. Her sense of wonder was getting past her urges to pull away from him. Galin would let her sample the food and sights of this city, then perhaps later try to get her into his bed again.

Sarah smiled brightly at him nodding her head. She was speechless as she looked around at everthing the servants were bringing in. The table the food the pillows to sit upon. It was all amazing and exotic and smelled wonderful. She was amazed at how efficiently the servants brought everything in and set it all down on the tables in front of her. "You'll have to help me... I... I've never done or eaten any of this before I mean." Sarah said smiling widely at Galin.

"Of course, although I'm a little new at this myself." he commented as he took her hands and lowered her to a pillow. He moved his own closer and in turn filed her plate then his own. All sorts of interesting tastes were to be found on the table. He also filled her glass then his own, it was a potent wine with a mild flavor. "Is everything to your liking my dove?" he asked after several minutes.

"More than! I've never had anything that tastes like this before! Everything is so amamzing Galin!" She says trying not to be crass and be more mannered and take small bites of everything before picking out the food she really liked and eating it first. She was trying to sit properly but the pillows weren't supportive at all so she had to lean back a little and slouch a little, she thought it was a little awekward and was a pose more suited to resting in a bed though.

He chuckled at her words and attempt to remain well mannered. "I think since we are so familiar you may sit, talk, and eat however you wish." he told her. Galin had an easier time since he was wearing pants and he casually tried a little of everything set on the table. His host was gracious and giving with everything they were trying. "Will you be ready tomorrow to begin to work with your tutor?"

"Yes I am! I'm looking forward to it! I've... been wondering and I admit I'm a little nervous but I'm excited. I want to learn to please you properly Galin, I want to serve you however I can. You have... um... something on..." Sarah smiles brightly before noticing something on Galin's chin. She leans forward however and wipes it off with her thumb licking the pad clean of the food, she sat back with a happy little smile and continued to eat. Even though he had said she could eat however she didn't want to be so lower class. So she continued to eat with as much manners as she could muster anyways. Besides she wasn't sure how you were supposed to eat this stuff anyways.

"I find it better to improvise like you just did my dear." He dipped his finger into some of the sweeter food got up and dabbed a little on her chin, neck and cleveage. Galin pulled her close and licked licked every spot slowly and deliberatly. Perhaps now was the perfect time to press the issue of pleasure. "I can only wonder how much more you will grow as my companion after these classes." he mused giving her breast a second lick.

"G-galin! I... Me too." Sarah said stiffening at first, then relaxing into his advances. She had goosebumps from the coldness of the sweet sauce he had painted her with, then her nipples hardened under her dress at the feel of his hot slick tongue moving across her skin. She was blushing softly and her breathing while not quite a pant was close to it as he licked her cleavage just above the dress. She was expectant now and wondering what he would do next. His dark brooding eyes were filled with lust and her own eyes darkened in responce.

Emboldened by her relaxing and her eyes becoming lust filled, he pulled her dress up exposing her legs to the hip. Galin dipped his finger again and drew designs on her thighs. He lowered his mouth and began to lick along them, his hand began to rub her covered nethers. Having seen her reacton to him, gave him some relief for she was so willing to do anything he wished. "I think I have a splendid idea to make this view so much more memorible."

"M-more memor-able?" Sarah moaned softly her legs straightening from the folded way they had been to open and receptive to his hands and fingers, most especially his mouth as well. Her breath hitched when his fingers began to play with her covered privates and she lay back against the pillows more fully and spread her legs to give him room. She was panting now and her hands held him close, one on his shoulder the other in his hair. She couldn't beleive they were doing this... in public and under the open sky on a roof of all places.

He tugged off her coverings and began to assail her body, loving every inch of her. Galin planned on having her there, under the stars in front of all the people of Shadizar. Spreading her nethers he began to nibble them anything to make her enjoy this. His desires were growing, and he felt like not fooling around with the little things, but her noises told him it was worth everything he did. "I never tire of you little dove." he whispered before redoubling his efforts.

Sarah gasped sharply and tightened her grip in his hair. Lifting her hips towards him, the pleasure she was feeling and the chill of the air on her skin as well bringing this to a whole new level. It felt brand new to her as he played with her skillfully and dexterously. The food was forgotten as Galin filled her mind with numbing pleasure and his skillful embrace. Why he took such care of her or took the time to please her so thoroughly first she didn't think she would ever find out but for now she just reveled in what he made her feel and tried to give it back to him.

Reaching up to began to rub her breasts through her dress. He wondered what she would do once she achieved climax. For he intended for them to couple here and enjoy one another throughly. Galin began to try to untie the top of her dress to better please her. This may turn into a very glorious night indeed, and this place my be his best decision ever.

Saah helped him open the ties to her dress and slipped it down her shoulders to expose her breasts fully. She shivered as the cold air gave her more goosebumps and her nipples puckered into tight nubs. She was panting and moaning from his ministrations to her body and she knew she wouldn't last very long tonight. Not with everything being so perfect and him being so... extra attentive to her body as he was. She didn't know what he was planning but she would willingly follow his lead. She knew he would never hurt her like the other man did. He said so himself and she trusted him.

He continued to pleausre her nethers until she climaxed. Then he moved up to her and holding her hips inserted himself into her. Lowering his head down he licked and suckled her breasts and tugged her body up against his hips. The stars seemd to dance overhead as they began to thrust against one another with the city before them. After a little while he released her nipple to seek out her mouth for a lust filled kiss.

Sarah cried out and clutched at him, wrapping her legs around his hips to feel him deep inside of her. Her fingers digging into his shoulders, she did her best to match his pace and meet each of his thrusts inside of her. she opened to him bodily and let her lips part to accept his tongue as well. She wanted nothing more then this night to last forever. It was the most romantic night she'd ever lived through.

Galin was feeling proud of himself, Sarah was back to normal and letting desire flourish. He continued to thrust savoring the warm slickness of her body. Moaning he conintued to kiss her as his hands rubbed and teased her body. Sarah could always excite him to the point he could become no more erect. Drawing back more than halfway out before thrusting back in.

Sarah cried out as he thrust in hard inside of her. He seemed to be using a lot of effort in this night. It felt amazing, his movement and everything he was doing to her body. Each thrust and each pulls of his hands on her breasts. Each time he kissed her fervently and with passion. She was overwhlemed and he was so deep and so hard inside of her. His body felt almost feverish to her as he thrust in and out of her.

To Galin it felt like the whole situation of her being skittish around him had never happened. Her body clutched at him as he continued, each thrust only served to increase desire. He continued to touch and tease her while looking deeply into her eyes. The city behind them was beautiful and full of life, as sounds of people and animals floated up to the balcony. As his climax broke he kissed Sarah deeply, imparting his groan to it.

Sarah cried out and writhed beneath him as her body clenched his member tightly as if to milk his member of all it's seed into her waiting and wanting body. Her orgasm left her breathless and seeing spots in front of her eyes. She could do nothing but take all that Galin was ging her, even as her cries and his groan mingled in the kiss they shares together. She didn't know if she would ever forget this day, if she even could, but right at the moment she couldn't think of anything, only feel his hot body above her. His pulsing member inside of her and the coolness of the night wind against her skin as they coupled beneath the open sky for any of the gods to see.

He wrapped her into his arms, leaving his member inside her warm grasping body. The wind cooled the sweat and carried the muffled cries away into the night. "Dove, you still are an amazing woman. I hope this night is pleasing to you." he told her while stroking her bare neck. Now that he brought his loving servant back to enjoying his touches, he loved the fact her lessons would open her horizons. 

Sarah panted beneath him and slied reaching up a slightly shaking hand to gently stroke his stubble covered jaw. "There is nothing that doesn't please me about anything you do Galin. If I could I would stop the world so that this night might last forever." SHe whispers softly leaning up and kissing his lips chastely. Even after what they had done she blushed a little at being so forward with words and action. He seemed so pleased at the moment and yet she didn't know if it was where they were or something she had done. She hadn't thought she had done anything out of the usual. It might just be the setting, if he enjoyed it so much she would do her best to make sure they did such things in the open again.

"We should go bathe and perhaps make ready for sleep tonight. For I think your lessons will start after I wake and leave in the morning." He kissed her again and held her firmly. "I will be gone most of the day and will not see you until I return. Is that alright, or would you prefer me to make time in my schedule for you?"

"Oh no! That's fine I... I don't want to get in your way. You are important and these are important things you are doing. I'm sure I'll be busy in my lessons so don't worry about me. Besides they say that... a short break makes the sex worthwhile when you rejoin again, and once I have a few things taught to me... I'm sure it'll be true." Sarah says with a smile, she was almost glowing, the traces of pleasure from their coupling adding on this talk and the over tones of romanticism. She was almost deliriously happy right then and there.

"Well, with this," he reached over and pulled a pin from his pants, "Will allow you to communicate with me wordlessly." Lowering his mouth he licked her nipple then kissed up to her shoulder. The pin would allow her to ask if he was busy, he did intend to observe a few of her classes. "If you do wish to see me you'll need to speak in your mind while holding the pin. And if possible I can join you for a little while."

"I would be honored to have you join me." Sarah says softly taking the pin from him and moaning at his attention to her breast. It made her shudder softly, and she made idle designed with her fingers on his own shoulders. She was enjoying her time with him like this, and could only hope the next few days would be the same.

"We should head to our chambers then, little dove. And continue our enjoyment there before a bath?" he asked. Her flesh was soft and warm and he nipped at it lightly. Sarah's moans and cries always increased his desires into enjoying her. He then slid his member from her warm body, and kissing her cheek.

"Y-yes I agree." Sarah stutters softly, the feel of him withdrawing from her making her shudder once again. Goosebumps rising all over her flesh as she sat up a little so she could pull up her dress and rety it in place. He was insasiable and she loved it. He was a little hard to keep up with but with her lessons she hoped she learned ways to oversome that and be able to keep up with his lust and ferver for her.

He fixed himself as well then offered his hands to help her up. When they went downstairs he would have a bath drawn for them to share. He found that it was easy to lavish attention on her. It kept him from being reckless and therefore make a horrid mistake. "Little dove, you have made a significant addition to my plans." he said then kissed her gently.

Sarah nearly melted at the words quickly followed by a kiss while he held her close. After the kiss she blushed softly and looking up at him a little amazed. "I-I have?" She asks softly not knowing what drove this man or prompted him to act the way he did. He was so... off the wall and spontanious she loved it. It just added to the man he was.

He called for a servant to fetch hot water for the tub then proceeded to open a couple of scrolls, studing them until they arrived with the water. "Shall we bathe now Sarah?" he asked. The had had sex before in the hot springs, so if it happened in this tub it wouldn't be much of a shock. He began to remove his clothes, placing them in a empty basket the slaves would launder later. Galin entered the water and sat down slowly, enjoying the water.

Sarah too undressed and laid her clothing in the basket with Galin's. Waiting until he was completely in the tub before she began to slowly slide in as well. Moaning softly at how wonderful the hot water felt against her skin. Sitting down she sighed at how wonderful it felt to be in the hot water. Especially with Galin. She was excited about what tomorrow would bring and to lay beside Galin tonight in bed, and for as long as they were there as his companion.

He pulled up one of her feet and bgan to wash it with a rag and soap. Proceeding to clean as much of her as he could reach, "Am I doing a good job Dove?" He looked forward to meeting with some of the lesser nobles to discuss the guild. Wondering a little what was going on with Flint and also Lash. They would report to him when the time was right, as for the rest of his operatives he would get their reports.

"Wonderful Galin." Sarah groans softly at the care he was giving her. He was skilled at everything he did and she wished she could be the same. He did have a somewhat faraway look in his eyes though and she didn't want to interrupt his thinking so she gently took the wrag from him and began to wash him in turn. Hoping it let him free to think upon his duties.

Her washing him was starting to arouse him again. Galin realized and decided to see how far she would go. When she arrived at his waist she would find him full aroused. Galadrid was over due on where his troops were. If that old elf was disobeying his orders, he would regret it.

Sarah had been humming softly as she washed him, she was moving the wrag down to wash his hips and brushed it. Her eyes flicked up to look into his own eyes quickly and in surprise. She had wanted to give him time to think not... distract him more. But... she gently wrapped her hand with the wrag around his length and with gentle strokes cleaned him off, before releasing him and licking her lips washed the skin between and then the skin of his sack as well. She was blushing softly as she did so though.

Galin groaned when she began stroking him, her hand felt wonderful on him. "That was wonderful dove, you have learned well." he told her. He certainly was surprised and hoped she would return to his member. Reaching out he gently tweeked her nipple and pulled lightly on it. He reached out and pulled her into a kiss.

Sarah let out a moan at his fingers play with her nipple before she moaned into the kiss and leaned in against his chest with her own. Dropping the wrag in the water and letting her hand wander back to his hot member. Wrapping her fingers around him and gently and slowly she stroked it. Teasing him even as she submitted to his kiss and his touch, her touch was boldly teasing him in defiance of the rest of her. It seemed, they were both well and truelly distracted now and as such Sarah decided to give him all her attention on what he craved most.

He allowed his hands to roam her body, still teasing her breast and entwining his tongue with hers. One of his fingers gently pressed inside her nether region. Sarah was becoming bold, and he liked the thought of her understanding when they were alone she could be a little forward. Galin moaned in pleasure with her hand grasping him as she was. "Dove you wish to claim that for your own?" he asked.

"I do." Sarah said in a husky tone, she began to gently bite now his neck and shoulder. Not enough to leave a mark but enough for him to feel her teeth. She moaned and rocked her hips forward into his hand and his finger. She was hot and slick and tight yet again. It made her stop at the base of his member and squeeze, not hard enough for pain but with deffinite pressure. She loved when he let her take charge, but didn't make her do all the work involved. She was still a little unsure but she tried to be confident and bold. He liked it when she was.

He moved his finger around inside her, feeling the slick contours of her body. Exploring Sarah was an enjoyable pasttime, for if he found a good spot she reacted so genuinely. Bringing his other hand up he began to rub and squeezed her breast. Galin feasted kisses upon as much of her bare skin as he could reach without disturbing her. Her hand underneath the water working on his member aroused him to a steel like state.

Sarah gasped and dropped her head to his chest and her entire body trembles so suddenly she seemed to hold her breath a moment or two as the first orgasm washed over her. She hadn't realized she was so close but he was so talented with his hands that she semi stood in the water and could only tremble and lean on him as the intense pleasure swept through her body and his fingers continued the sweet torture on her body.

Galin chuckled releasing her breast and running his hand down her back. Sarah trusted him, at any time he could do as he wished and she would still hold so much love for him. He wondered what she would do next, her hand still holding his erection. She was learning to reach out and take what she wanted, it would not surprise him that at some point she wouldn't even ask. A thought flitted through his mind, he was teaching her to follow her passions and desires, so in sexual pursuits she would be better than Alehail.

After a few breaths Sarah reached down a little further and cupped his genitals in her hand. She didn't know how much pressure would feel good or not so she was being gentle. She continued her gentle bites down his neck and shoulders. She slid herself forward onto his lap and released him so she could use her arms to help herself lift up over him. Grabbing his shaft in her hands again she was concentrating hard on alighning them correctly and not falling or failing.

Not sure what she had planned, but a little concerned at her hurting either of them. He stopped her, "Dove how about instead of trying to mount me again we alter our coupling." He sat her back and stood it would allow her to use her hand or mouth if she preferred. He smiled down at Sarah and waited to see what she would do. Galin's member waved in front of her face, it was fully erect. 

Sarah blushed brightly and nodded. Leaning forward and wrapping both hands around his member. Her embaressment led to her not looking up at his face and the blush stayed red on her cheeks. She swallowed lightly before leaning forward to teasingly lick the head of his swollen member. Both hands holding it with a steady firm preasure before she alternately squeezed and relaxed her grip while she lapped at the tip.

Galin sucked in his breath, he had figured she would take him into her mouth. But, just lapping the tip while she squeezed him was different. "I'm impressed you are wanting to try something new, Dove." He reached down and patted her cheek. He wouldn't claim her again tonight, maybe not in the next couple days. He'd wait until they slept then he'd possess her again.

Sarah blushed lightly happy at the praise he had given her. She released his length from her hands and continued short licks all the way down the underside of his meat and back up again. Letting one of her hands reach up to palm his other flesh. She then wrapped her remaining hand around his base and gave him a few long licks to the beading tip.

He groaned again enjoying her attentions. "Oh, little dove, I find you very tempting right now." He was fighting the urge to pull her from the bath and take her. Instead he decided to do something else, he stepped from the bath and picked her up. He laid them both on the bed and nuzzled between her legs and began licking.

"OH!! MMM! G-galin!! But you need to mmmm!" Sarah tried to protest between moans. She was looking down watching him, her legs spread open to accept him, her hips gyrating towards him. He was so skilled and yet she felt she wasn't, but she must have done something right because instead of letting her finish him off he had wanted to taste her. Galin was very skilled in the elven arts, in a way Sarah didn't know if she could match or even come close to. She longed for him though, even as he was pleasing her now. There was something about feeling the heavy weight of a man, and the feel of skin and the hurried kisses and Sarah moaned again feeling his mouth on her.

He moved his hips, placing his manhood in front of her. Galin settled into a rythm licking and sucking at her sex. Waiting to see if she would attempt performing again he also stroked her thoghs. Tomorrow he would use a new compound to get responses from Lash and his other henchmen. Tonight he thought he would spend a good part of eat licking his companion's nethers until they were spent.

Sarah groaned and twitched as he continued to please her and she wrapped her hand around his base. She couldn't think enough to do anything fancy as before she instead she liked his head before taking the tip into her mouth and sucking on him. Rubbing her tongue just underneath the head. Swallowing aorund the head she takes a few inches more and continued to move her tongue and suck, until she took him about halfway and then she went back to sucking on the head again. She only hoped it was making him feel as good as she felt.

He was pleased to her her making noises as well as her movements. Galin continued to lick, suck, and bite at his whim her eroginous zones as he stroked and squeezed her thighs and buttocks. She in turn was doing an amazing job of pleasing him as well. After hearing Azizar discuss Mazla's talents both in and out of the bed chamber. He was happy to hear that she would be happy to show Sarah those talents.

Sarah moaned with him in her mouth. She liked the way he tasted. She liked the way he was tasting her too. She wondered why he didn't seem to want to couple with her tonight though, but as long as she could bring him to completion she supposed it didn't really matter. As long as she gave him pleasure. She used her other hand to cup his balls gently and knead them carefully. Wanting him to feel as much pleasure as she was from his touch.

Her moan made him gasp, the vibration felt wonderful travleing his length. And in return for such joy he suckled her clit, then nibbled lightly on it. He also slipped a finger inside her body and stroked it back and forth. Sarah was getting very comfortable in taking him in her mouth and between her thighs. Probably just as comfortable as he was making her moan and climax.

Sarah cried out around Galins cock as his actions on her body made her own body clamp down tightly around his fingers inside of her and her juice to flow from her body. Her orgasm swept her of breath and she sucked hard on Galin's flesh in her mouth, deep throating him for a moment or two as her body clenched tightly and her muscles all tightened. She couldn't think for several moments as pleasure ran through her body and her ability to function normally.

He began to climax, feeling his seed spill into her mouth. Galin groaned and laid his head on her thigh. "Oh dove, you are very good, I find you sweeter everytime I taste you." Trailing his fingers between her cheeks, he kissed her thigh. She had again taken his seed into her mouth and he was very surprised that she had done it again.

Sarah swallowed as much of his seed as she could, though some escaped her mouth to run down her cheeks. Finaly licking his cock clean she released it and panted heavily for breath her thich twitching at his touches. "Th-thank you master." She says softly her eyelids drooping as she struggled not to yawn still breathing heavily. After the entire day she was exhausted.

He turned to lay beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "It has been a long day, hasn't it dove? Perhaps you should rest, it will be a full day tomorrow." Galin also stiffled a yawn and drew her closer and kissed her neck. Morning would come too soon, and to extend his reach was his goal.

Sarah smiled softly and nodded, cuddling up against him and laying her head on the pillows. Her mouth tasted of his bitter seed and yet... it was his taste, which made it taste wonderful to her. Wrapping her arms around his chest she relaxed completely against him and in only a few moments was fast asleep. Tomorrow was the first day of several she would be getting tutored in pleasing Galin. She would learn and yet be completely exclusive to Galin, she was the only woman he wanted.

The next morning, a slight knock at the door woke Galin. He slipped a hand to his sword not far from the bed. "Enter." he called as he slipped from her arms. A young woman entered almost as tall as Sarah, her skin was a dusky color as most people in Shadizar. She wore loose pants and a top that showed her abdomon well. She carried a bundle of clothes with her, but she stopped short seeing Galin naked with sword in hand.

Sarah woke and turned over to see who had walked in, she hadn't missed the fact that Galin had grabbed his sword nor the fact he seemed so angry and defensive. She had little enough time then to grab the sheet and cover her pale and pink body with the sheets. Rubbing her eyes though at seeing a scantily clad woman with a bunch of clothes in her arms. "Ga-Lord Soth I don't think she means harm." She says softly holding the sheets to her chest with her hand.

"I am Mazla, Lord Galin? I was told you are Guildmaster Galin Ravenwood, and I am to tutor your companion, Sarah." The woman took a minute to take her eyes off Galin and look at Sarah. She smiled meekly and looked at the floor. "I had not been told that you both still slept, I apologize, shall I come back later? I brought some garments for her since it is easier to teach when student and teacher are the same."

"No! I mean no I've rested enough! Um... Galin if... If you wish I can... go with miss Mazla and begin my lessons already." Sarah says softly and stands letting the sheet fall as she gets off the bed and stands on the floor nude before them. She smiled brightly at Mazla and looking at Galin, she was hoping he would put the sword away and give her permission to go begin her studies. He had many things he needed to do today and she didn't want to get in his way.

Galin noticed Mazla look on Sarah's naked form and smiled lightly, then put away the sword. "Very well you have my leave Sarah, but I would ask you put some clothing on first." The little tease felt good, he smiled at her again. "Mazla, I cherish my little dove, I want no harm to come to her under your guidance." She bowed in return and waited for him to leave the room.

"After you Galin of course." Sarah smiles softly as a pink blush spread over her cheeks, teasing him back gently. So far he hadn't really... interacted with her like this before and it made her happy and warm knowing he was becoming so comfertable with her. She stepped over to Mazla and bowed a little before holding out her arms. She would dress in whatever it was Mazla brought for her to wear, she was eager to start her classes and to learn all that this woman wanted to teach her.

Mazla handed over clothes similar to what she wore, but no jewelery. "Come along with me, we will not be leaving the household today." She then turned and waited for Sarah to dress. She had trained dozens of girls to better serve husbands and masters. But, Sarah was the first Andorian woman to be under her tutulege.

"Alright I'll be just a moment Miss Mazla." Sarah says with a soft smile, taking the clothes and laying them out on the bed. She pulls them on and adjusts them minutely while observing Mazla. Once she was sure she had it correct she turned and smiled softly. "I beleive I am ready Miss Mazla." Sarah says proudly.

Mazla looked her over with a critical eye, it would be a challenge to teacher her everything Galin had requested. "Very well, tomorrow morning we will go over hygenie and some other finer points. Come along now and we shall go to an area to begin showing you to dance in our fashion." She opened the door and led Sarah into the compound. It was odd a man like him would take a woman with him rather than indulege in a woman of this area.

Sarah looked confused at the rather harsh comment of the hygene. She had washed quickly before she had dressed. Used the wrag to wipe herself and wash her face. She hadn't wanted to take long so she hurried but... she kind of wished she had taken a lot of time now. But she followed behind Mazla dutifully. She couldn't let harshness run her off or anything, Galin was counting on her to learn this for him.

They arrived at a open room with a group of men with instruments. "Are you ready to begin? You'll just follow my lead and mimic what I do." She took Sarah's arm and led her to the middle to begin. "Nazem, if you please, something simple to start with." Then Mazla began to dance using her hips and moving about in a very sultry manner.

Sarah nodded and watched a moment before frowning slightly and trying to follow along. She wasn't doing the best and this 'dancing' was actually more like sex... but with only the female and some music. Sarah was doing her best to try and follow along but it was clear she wasn't really getting the 'flow' of the movements. She didn't even know How Mazla was doing some of the things she was.

Mazla frowned the Andorian wasn't very coordinated. SHe moved up behind Sarah and took hold of her hips, moving them slowly the way they were supposed to go. "Just like this, no matter what your movement most be enticing and always fluid." Releasing her hold she moved back around to gyrate and move with the beat of the music. Hopefully when the moved into teaching of bedroom pursuits, Sarah would catch on.

Sarah frowned and she tried to make her body do what Mazla was doing, but Mazla was moving faster then Sarah could so instead Sarah focused on a few movements and tried those instead. It would be better if the woman didn't assume she already knew the dances of Shadizar and taught her like a child would be. One step at a time and one move at a time. Not this instant dancing lesson. Sarah held her tongue and did her best though. She would get it... eventually.

She stopped the men and turned to Sarah, "I am moving too fast for you yes?" She wondered how this woman was a companion and not be able to dance or pleasure well. "We will slow down then, from first position here to this position here." That is how she began to teach Sarah, through positions one after another. "What is important is if you get confused, not to show it move enitcingly to catch up and keep going."

"Yes I understand... Stay fluid and enticing." Sarah nodded and copied each style, trying to move from one to the other, she practiced a few times between when Mazla was showing her the movements. Soon enough she had gotten the few Mazla had taught her down and she was doing a rather exceptional job now that she was shown how to do things, slowly and properly. The clothing was odd and the dancing made her blush a little at its suggestive overtones but overall Sarah was enjoying this very much, she was sure Galin would to... in a little while.

Sarah did notice none of the men showed any interest in the inticing movements that they were using. They paid more attention to the music they were playing. Mazla had them rest around noon, when a lunch was brought to them. "Has master Ravenwood told you how long you'll be in Shadizar?" she asked Sarah. She also kept Sarah's glass full of water to stave off dehydration.

"A sevenday at least longer if he needs it." Sarah said nodding her head and thanking Mazla for the water, she eats. All the food here was as vibrant as the color clothing they wore. She had noticed the men's lack of interest but she thought if she asked Galin he might know and it wouldn't be rude, where as asking Mazla right now in front of them would be. Sarah was glad for the break though because she was panting hard and sweating until her body glistened. Her muscles had begun to tremble just lightly and her stomach had been threatening to rebel. Mazla was so strong to be able to do all this without breaking a sweat or even showing any strain.

"I am not sure if such a short time will allow me to train you well enough, we may need to use as much time as you have." she theorized. She also had to consider how often they would have to stop to allow Sarah to cath her breath. "I once had to dance for a master for three hours without a break, one song after another." she explained. Standing she stretched and shook her hips and shoulders and smiled, "Shall we continue your lessons?" She instructed the players to begin another song, from what Sarah thought was at half speed.

"Um... of course I understand, I don't think Galin will make me dance for such an exstended period of time though. Please teach me as much as possible." Sarah says getting to her feet and stretching a little as well, though she couldn't do it as extravagently as Mazla did. Listening to the music a little she waited for Mazla to continue to show her and teach her. She knew there wasn't a lot of time and she wondered if they would spend all the time learning to dance.

Mazla continued to teach most of the day different dances and speeds. Sarah did an admirable job trying to follow. "Now we will move to other lessons, please come with me Sarah." She led her to a different area of the house, the baths. Once there Mazla stripped away her garment and entered the water, "Come join me Sarah."

Sarah followed suit and disrobed quickly sinking into the water gratefully. She loved the feel of the water taking away the aches and pains she felt from the whole afternoon of practice. She had been working hard and she was tired, the rest in the bath would help her a lot. Moving over to Mazla as she was requested to do, Sarah quickly moved to the woman's side and sat waiting for any other instructions.

She reached over into a small bundle she had left here, and removed a wand. "Please Sarah spread a towel here on the edge and sit upon it."  Women of Shadizar, especially like her used wand of dipltory to remove body hair. Most men enjoyed a cleaner body, that meant without hair and using soap and other things to keep the body that way. This would be the best way to start, showing Sarah how everything worked and stressing this point.

Sarah blushed but sat up on the edge as she was told and spread her legs. Red covered her face though she tried not to lt it do so, she was trying to be more mature and open about all of this. But when she had spread her legs she was clean. In fact most of the female staff of servants all had the use of wands such as that one to rid themselves of body hair. She didn't know why Mazla had wanted her to show her, well her most intimate of places but Sarah would follow her intructions.

Mazla ran her finger over Sarah's nethers, "How often do you use the wand of dipitory?" The other still woman felt smooth and that was good. She grabbed a rag and began to use the lavender scented soap and started to wash Sarah. "Has master Galin told you what I will teach other than dance?" she asked. Starting at her feet and moving up, Mazla watched and commented to Sarah about technique and her body.

"As often as it runs it's course. Galin offered them to all the servants and makes the female slaves use them as well... mmmm Y-yes I was told what I would be tutored in." Sarah couldn't help but hitch her breath once Mazla got past her knees. It was instictual now, since she had lain with Galin, it was a sensual touch that she reacted to. Sarah did her best to remain calm and to pay close attention to Mazla.

Mazla noticed the reaction, but continued to use the rag to bathe her. "I will be teaching you everything from 'elven arts' to what a master desires when in bed with two women. And several other things that will benifit you in service to master Ravenwood." She smiled at Sarah as the rag crept closer to her nethers. "Has anyone, even another woman touched you there, except for the master?" she asked.

"No I was... pure. Master Galin took my purity and taught me many things but... He has not given permission other then you teaching me to give myself to any others including women. I have... attempted several times to preform the... elven arts and Master Galin was much pleased with my attempts." Sarah said in responce panting just slightly as the wrag moved ever closer upwards. Bathing with Galin had gotten her used to 'play' in most everywhere.

"If you performed to completion and drank his seed, any man would be pleased." Her rag made it to Sarah's nethers, using slow and deliberate strokes. "I shall prove this, now between master Galin and me." she leaned forward and slid her tongue into Sarah. LIcking several moments and nibbling her clitoris, before pulling away. "Any difference or just pleasure?" she asked, enjoying the Andorian's taste.

Sarah had moaned softly as the wrag was pulled against her tender flesh deliberately, she carefully laid herself on her elbows and then Mazla bent down and Sarah cried out at the sudden feelings of such intense pleasure. "V-very different, Lord Galin slowly brings me to pleasure and spends time on me. You're very direct. It's very different." Sarah panted heavily easing herself down on her back. HEr legs spread automatically to accomadate anyone between them.

"You desire more, my tongue lapping at you while I allow my hands to bring you to orgasm?" Mazla laid the rag aside and climbed out of the water, licking Sarah twice more before taking her hand. "Your hand will do the same as mine, understand?" Then her finger began to explore Sarah's nethers, enjoying the slickness of the young woman's body. Soon she would know if Sarah trusted her as her teacher.

Sarah nodded and reached down with her own hands as well. She moaned at Mazla's touch and skill. Sarah hesitantly skimmed her hand down Mazla's skin before she carefully and slowly inserted her own finger. Wondering slightly at the slickness she felt and the strangeness of feeling another person. Though she hadn't often felt herself either, she had been almost completely chaste.

Mazla moaned lightly and smiled at her student/lover. "Never let a man inside you without your nethers being excited and slick." She began to move her finger around and discussing the best parts to touch. "If your master wishes to make you gain new altitudes of pleasure, help him by telling what you enjoy." She stretched again pushing out her breasts and letting out a languid moan.

Sarah groaned softly but managed to stammer out a soft. "y-yes." Before she began to copy exactly what Mazla's fingers were doing inside of her own body, inside Mazla's. Sarah was nothing if not a great student when shown. And a perfect immitator. Though she wondered at the dark skin and yet still pink nipples of MAzla's, and since they were right in front of her and she enjoyed Galin's mouth... Sarah leaned forward and gently bit Mazla's right nipple before licking it gently. Plunging her own fingers inside Mazla as her teacher was doing to her. Slowly she added a second finger to the slow pumping and rubbing of her first finger, even as she switched to Mazla's left nipple.

The sudden movement of Sarah now enjoying her breast made her gasp then moan. "Sarah, you just surprised me greatly and are very pleasing." she moaned out. Mazla continued to use her fingers upon Sarah's nethers, noticing she became slicker more excited. Adding another finger and pushing deeper into Sarah. This would be an amazing student, possibly even teach her something.

Sarah would have smiled greatly at the compliment but she decided to use her mouth in better ways. Sarah groaned at the extra finger pleasuring her and again followed suit plunging her fingers deep into Mazla's body as well. Still she continued to lick and bite Mazla's breast before her other hand reached out to cup and tease the other breast. After all she didn't want to leave it without any attention either, and Galin had done this to Sarah and she had really enjoyed it too.

Mazla pouted a little even though she was breathing heavy and moaning. She was supposed to teach Sarah, and here her student was feasting on her breasts while matching her movements. "Sarah, you are quickly impressing me with your raw skill." Letting her legs fall open wide to Sarah's touches and groaning as her nipples tightened to her mouth. In attempt to get Sarah excited she brought a hand around to tease her breast and nipple.

Sarah moaned softly before using her hand to gently push Mazla down on her back against the floor. HAving just done this with Galin last night Sarah figured it was the same principle with another women as well. So once Mazla lay on her back Sarah moved herself around. "I hope you don't mind Mazla, but perhaps we can play a little like this before finishing our bath up. I for one like this position very much." Sarah grinned and before giving Mazla a chance at replying Sarah leaned down and parted Mazla's center before licking from clit and full slit a few times with her tongue.

Her back arched and her toes pointed, Sarah's tongue was exquisite. "Unh, wait one minute, I wish to do the same for you." She began to wiggle around until she rested underneath Sarah, and between her legs. Immediately she began to lick as Sarah did. Reaching out she also began to rub Sarah's breasts, as she found her clit and bit gently.

Sarah moaned and squirmed a little against Mazla before she used her mouth sucking and licking on Mazla's clit and reached her finger down, only putting it in until the first knuckle and rubbing it teasingly around Mazla's entrance, feeling how very slick the other woman had become since they had begun their 'playing'. sarah wasn't sure if she was doing this the right way or not but Mazla seemed to be having fun and enjoying it. So Sarah decided to keep playing and trying whatever she wanted to.

Mazla groaned and licked happily at Sarah's nethers, she had to know how to please a man or a woman. ANd the fact that Sarah was such a willing partner so quickly, made it even better. She spread Sarah a little wider and slipped a finger inside her as well. Then she began to wiggle her hips a little as a climax began to build inside her. She quickly began to figure how best to teach Sarah more of these skills.

Sarah jerked her hips at the entrance of Mazla's finger, and decided to play along and slid her own inside the women and moved it about as she left the clit and licking inside a little with her finger in Mazla's slit. She tasted... thick and almost sweet it was interesting, Sarah had never before tasted any climax other then Galin's. This whole experience was new and rathe exciting, enough so that a blush was covering her face the entire time, and she had been so bold as to push her teach down and begin to... take advantage of her.

She continued to please Sarah, taking her time to work her fingers back and forth. This was going to prove a most enjoyable endevour, not only would they find carnal pleasure and get paid for it. Some of her other clients, were good money, but not as much fun to be in bed with. Getting into bed with her wasn't exactly in her instructions, she almost wondered if Lord Galin would be getting invloved. Mazla wrapped her lips and Sarah's clit and began to suck on it.

Sarah moaned deeply and added a third finger inside mazla, pumping her fingers in and out of the woman and rubbing the top of her insides. The area she knew to be the most sensitive on herself. She leaned down and licking full length with her tongue against MAzla's clit. Not wanting to bite to much lest it become too sore for their lessons to continue.

Mazla's hips began to buck as her orgasm would not stay away. She continued to moan and lick Sarah. Her own fingers moving and twisting inside her. She love the fact Sarah seemed so natural at making another woman climax. Things would be so much easier, since she didn't have to convince Sarah to trust her.

Sarah clenched her eyes shut tightly as her own orgasm crashed over her as well. She continued to move her fingers in and out of Mazla's body but she fount she had to concentrate on staying up on her knees and not crush the woman beneath her, with such concentration it was hard to continue to lick her to please her as well. How Galin had managed was amazing to Sarah now that she knew how hard it was.

Panting and groaning a little, Mazla stopped Sarah. "Oh, enough for now. You have exceeded everything I could have imagined." she praised. She gave Sarah another appreciated lick then slid out from under her. "We should finish our bath and return you to master Galin." Deciding to reenforce Sarah's learning by making her climax at the end of the lesson as a reward for working hard.

Sarah nodded and after a moment of more panting she too carefully slid back into the water. It felt great on her sore muscles, relaxing into the water she got her breathing back under control and Sarah supposed she must have done well, she made her own teacher Orgasm, not to mention she surprised her and got praised several times. Sarah felt rather accomplished at the moment for everything she had done today, though her muscles hurt a lot from the dancing they were relaxed thanks to the orgasm and the hot water they were soaking in.

"Shall we learn more tomorrow in dance or other pursuits?" Mazla posed to her. She would be more than happy to tutor her student in the bedroom talents, even using Galin as a visual aid. But, she would allow Sarah to decide how fast she would proceed. Looking at the Andorian woman enjoying the hot water, she decided she needed to get a little color to her skin. There was much to teach and not long for it to be taught.

"I will follow whichever you would like to teach, though I don't know how good I will become with the dance... there isn't a lot of time that I will be here, Master Galin has already been teaching me many things in the bedroom arts. Perhaps... a little of both but... it is up to Master Galin and you Miss Mazla." Sarah says softly smiling at the other woman before looking down into the water.

Mazla got out of the water and grasped towels, handing one to Sarah. She dried herself and offered to help Sarah. "We will take it a day at a time, I shall defer it to master Ravenwood to decide." After drying she proceeded to place lotion upon herself and Sarah. Her fingers spread the lotion across every inch over her student.

Sarah couldn't help the soft moans that escaped her, the feel of lotioned hands on her still sensitive body made bumps raise and her to shiver. She had never before used lotion of this kind. It smelled wonderful and just glided right over her skin. The stuff at home was just oils and some scents thrown in. she had never had the money to buy it special, but oh she wished she could afford this, it felt like silk on her body.

"It will soften your skin and make it smell wonderful." Mazla told her. "And the best part is that one can lick it and not cause any sickness." she said after her own lick. Once they were done with the lotion the dressed in clean clothes, and Mazla wrapped up her bundles. Then she escorts her back to the chambers she shares with Galen. He was waiting for them going through some papers and looked up to smile, "How went your lessons?"

"Very well! I even got to surprise Mazla with how much I knew of some already." Sarah said with a bright smile, the odd clothing felt strange but if she was to learn she also wanted to dress like they did. But she was so pale compared to Mazla she wondered if the clothing didn't suit her. That was momentary thoughts however as she was really excited about seeing Galin again and the prospect of dinner finally hit her.

"So, your early knowledge of dance helped?" he commented. His eyes slid over Sarah's outfit and he smiled. Mazla left after giving instructions that she would return in the morning. "Anything else happen, while I was gone?" he patted his knee and smiled again. She looked radiant, dressed in the silks of Shadizar.

"She attempted to teach me some of the elven arts... But I surprised her with what you had taught me. She was very pleased with what I knew. Even surprised at how much I knew. The dancing was a little difficult though, I know she was a little dissapointed in how much she had to slow down and teach me." Sarah said softly as she walked over and sat on his knee. Making herself comfertable and smiling brightly at him. Mazla was very pleased with her and she knew that, but it was something of a releif to not have toi practice any further for the day.

"So, you and Mazla got a 'taste' for one another? I shouldn't be worried that you won't enjoy me as much anymore should I?" He wrapped his arms about her waist. Inhaling this wonderful scent that wafted from her skin, a clean flower scent. He pulled her into a kiss before informing her, "We will be dining tonight with our host."

"Is there any way I should act? There is no other for me then you Master Galin I promise!" Sarah says softly smiling brightly and speaking fervently. She smiled brightly at the attention he was giving her though, she just loved the fact that Galin spent so much time with her and really talked to her like he really cared about her. She would have to ask Mazla if she could get her her own jar of that ointment or lotion or whatever it was that Mazla had used on her body. Galin had liked it and Sarah only wished to please him.

"I usually remain quiet during meals only answering and asking questions for politeness sake. Feel free to admit this is your first visit, and show your excitement." He slipped a hand to her thigh and rubbed it gently, her skin felt like silk. "So, how are you planning on dressing? in Andorian fashion? I hope this dinner isn't very long, I wish to see some of what you have learned."

"I understand I uh... This is the only outfit Mazla gave me, so I thought I might have to wear one of the new outfits you had made for me. I have to admit I haven't really learned very much really, not compared to Mazla herself." Sarah said with a soft blush over her cheeks. His warm hand against her thigh rubbing his fingers against her skin was making her feel heated and made her wish that dinner didn't last long at all.

"I believe she will teach you many things before we are ready to leave Shadizar. I only wish I could have seen how well you learn your lesson." He moved his hand and squeezed her lightly, as he smiled at her. Galin imagined it must have been an erotic sight seeing Sarah and Mazla. He doubted he'd have been able to stop himself from joining in and enjoying both of them together.

Sarah's breath hitched and she nodded. "She said if it was alright with you that she may request your pressence to better aide my learning. If you have the time... I'm sure she wouldn't mind your intrusion, besides today we practiced dance for a few hours before even er... touching the bedroom arts." Sarah says with a soft blush as she leaned against his chest with her back, spreading her legs at his bold touches, she was always open to Galin whenever he might wish use of her.

"I think then I shouldn't do too much as to ruin your lessons." he teased again squeezing her thigh. Already some of the implication was arousing his manhood and imagination. "I'll let you pick your outfit, and dress to match it accordingly." Galin did however turn her more so he could kiss her lips. Tonight was going to be a night for enjoyment and a little celebration, another guildhouse & Sarah was learning at a prodigious rate.

Sarah litterally gave in to his even unspoken demands. Letting him kiss her however he wished and participating but not in a dominant way at all. She let him have whatever he wished she could offer him. He seemed in a good mood too and that pleased Sarah to know he was pleased with her. After the kiss she slowly got to her feet and walked over to the closet. She had hung everything of theirs that had been packed so none of it would wrinkle. Pulling out a deep almost midnight blue dress she smiles softly and lays it across the bed. Galin looked fantastic against dark colors, his tanned skin and dark hair even his brown mysterious eyes.

He liked watching her pick out clothes and change, there was always a plan that made him look good as well. He stood and went to her, pulling her against him at first in a hug. Galin began unlacing and helping to get her out of the outfit she was wearing. Her soft clean skin made him smile, and the fact that she wasn't wearing much in the first place moreso. After the outfit and she was bare in front of him, he ran his hands across her skin.

Sarah leant against him and worked with him to get undressed. She blushed lightly and looked up at him, a peaceful happy little smile and expression covered her face. She didn't speak a word nor was she asking him any kind of question with her face, she just smiled and accepted everything Galin did. Shivering lightly at the chills and goose bumps his touch gave her, she held eye contact and simply waited. If there was more she'd enjoy it fully, if there wasn't she qould get dressed and ready for the dinner as requested. Sarah held no judgement in her gaze nore was she naive and innocent. There was just knowledge and acceptance in her as she stood before Galin.

He slowly moved his hand down her stomach and grazed her nethers with his fingers. "Perhaps I should not eat much tonight, so I save room for you." he teased. Galin allowed his fingers to linger a little longer, "You should get dressed little dove, the longer your naked before me the more I desire you." Moving away he began to look through his own clothes settling on a nice outfit to compliment hers. Then begining to strip off his own clothes smiling at Sarah, the dinner would be great & later would be pleasurable.

Sarah nods her head and smiles in return, Dressing in the fine silk dress she dons the undergarments and underdress before slipping on the overdress. Tieing it and walking over to the Vanity, Sarah picks up the brush and comb and quickly does her hair, nothing to elaborate just enough to be seen ad proper in Andor for a lady going to dinner. Once finished she smiles and standing once again, stepping over to Galin to do his cuffs and the last few buttons. She hoped he didn't mind but it was always awekward those last few things.

He smiled at her fussing over his outfit, and as she did his cuff the other hand rubbed at her. Galin was impressed with how she melded into any society they visited. And toyed with the idea of sending her into Andor to keep an eye on things. Perhaps he would ask her later about that, his little dove could be an asset in this. "Are you ready for dinner then, little dove?" he asked.

"Ready when you are Galin." Sarah smiles brightly, she enjoyed the moments like that, very domestic and very intimate. She doubted he knew just how much she had fallen in love with him. How much each moment they shared together just cemented her love for him all the more. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought of one day... even if it was an accident or something... maybe having his child, inside of her growing. One last check to her dress to try and hide what she knew might beshowing on her face, check her hair one last time before she smiled and once back under control waiting by the door.

They walked arm in arm to the dining room where twenty people awaited them. "Welcome our honored guests," Azizar standing and raising his glass in a toast. When he escorted her to her chair, a slave pulled it out for her but Galin scooted it in for her. A voice somewhere down the table piped up, "You look lovely mistress Sarah." All of the table murmured in agreement except Galin who spoke, "I have been truly lucky to have Sarah by my side for these travels."

Somwhere else down the table another man asked, "And how long will your travels leave you here?" Galin walked around the table and sat facing Sarah, "As long as is required, the guild will need guidance through its infancy." Others murmured agreeement to his comments as everyone began to eat. A slave girl approached and whispered to Galin, who in kind smiled and whispered something back. A rosey redness sprang to her cheeks and she hurried away from the table.

Sarah looked down at the table her jaw clenching just a little. She was trying to not let anything here get to her and bother her. But it seemed like all the women here were throwing themselves at any man. But the fact that Galin would... speak privately and with other women to make them have reactions like that, well she put that aside and tried to concentrate on not embaressing Galin.

Galin looked up and noticed Sarah's reaction, he drew his finger across his ring. The signet he had given her would allow him to speak to her mind and he knew something should be said. "Little Dove, she asked if I would like a slight daliance with her, but I told her while flattered I would not trade mistress Sarah for anything." When another question broke his concentration, he answered but kept her in his gaze. "Please let us keep the conversation light and without discussion of unpleasant subjects, shall we?"

Sarah jumped slightly and looked up startled but she nodded her head. She of course understood. She knew he had told her he would be faithful, but it didn't mean she didn't always beleive it. Not around all these exotic looking women around here willing and eager to please someone as exotically pleasing. She nodded her head at the second thing Galin told her as well, she didn't plan on speaking unless spoken for anyways, that was the old rule in Andor and that was apparently the way things working here as well.

The meal continued for sometime with people asking Galin if he would be making contracts with locals to supply his guilds. Other such questions came floating through the crowd. But, after a time many people got up and began to leave until Galin stood and asked if she wished to return to their quarters. "I believe that even our host is interested in turning in for the night. Shall we do the same unless you wish to do something else LIttle Dove?"

Sarah blinked slowly and shook her head. Smiling softly and taking his hand when she stood. She was exhausted by now and with a full stomach she was completely worn out. Today had been a lot of work and then the dinner was well honestly a lot of stress and now it was as if Galin as asking her if she would like to sleep on clouds and marry him or something along those dilusional lines.

They walked back to their chambers arm in arm, not saying much until the door shut behind them. "I take it that I have seen a jealous streak tonight my dove?" He asked as he removed his sword belt and set his dagger beside the bed. MOving then behind her he began to unlace her dress as he waited for her response. It wouldn't be unexpected, he was her first lover and he did dote upon her, a crush like the young often formed.

"No I... I'm just not very used the the way people act here. I was unaware of how women... of households are supposed to act towards guests here in this country. I was... born and raised in Andor I don't... I'm just not... I suppose comfertable with women offering like that." Sarah said trying to cover her mistake. She didn't want Galin to dislike her or to think her too stiff and weary of her attitude. She wanted to please him and if that meant being indifferent to other women offering such things she would do her best.

He allowed her dress to fall to the floor and pulled her close against him. "No apologies Sarah, just have a little more faith in me and where my desires lie." Galin kissed her neck and ran his hands over her breasts and down to her hips. Her jealousy made him smile, she would probably double her efforts in making him happy with her. Admitedly he was interested in how her teacher could perform, but he would gauge that from Sarah.

"I do have faith I just didn't like the woman entreating you like that is all. I mean... I understand it's somewhat their jobs you might say but... it's indecent." Sarah says softly, leaning back against his broad muscled chest, she rested the back of her head against his shoulder and reached back to caress his side with her hands softly. Teasingly moving her fingers in random designs on the way down. She had a sudden urge to prove just how well she could take care of his desires, and how no other woman was needed.

"I've found you are almost all the woman I can handle, even those that bring a third into the bed would find you more than enough." He chuckled and cupped his hand and her nethers while the other pulled gently at her left nipple. "Maybe you need a demonstration of my dedication?" he swept her up to lay her across the bed. Kneeling amongst her clothes he splayed her legs open and began to kiss and pull her toward him. Once he encountered her nethers he began to lick and nip at the outer lips, before spreading them open to begin his licking inside her.

Whatever Sarah might have said in return or in answer to Galin's words was lost as she cried out. The pleasure she felt was instant and made her squirm on the bed. Her hips undulated and her breathing was already a little ragged. He certainly was all the man she could handle, or so she beleived really. Her legs quivered as he held her and worked against her body. "G-Galin! Ah! y-eees." She moaned and gasped out her hands grasping his hair and head, her nipples hard peaks and her eyes fluttering at every hard stroke of his tonuge.

His tongue dove as deep as possible into her, then he drug it back out over the little pearl of her clit. Her cries and movements increased his need to make her climax. If he could he'd keep her on the brink of climax for a good while before taking her over the edge. One of his hands held her bottom and squeezed as the other reached up to stroke her nipples. RIght now he wished her to believe that he was going to consume her, and that she was powerless to stop him.

Sarah cried out again at his rough movements, his tongue and his hands moving against her flesh was driving her crazy with heat and need. It felt almost like he was trying to eat her from the bottem up. He was voracious in his need all of a sudden and she wondered if it was because of him finding out she was jealous of him paying attention to other girls. But surely that wouldn't be it. She could hardly think through all the pleasure he was giving her at the moment and she was breathing raggedly, her pleasure wasn't yet at it's peak but it surely would be very soon.

After having been in the position to please her like this before he began to listen to her. Just before she hit her apex, he would slow down and hold her there for a long time. Before he would allow her to climax he would hear her beg for him. It made him feel powerful to hear his name on her lips, as it should be on so many others. Continuing to squeeze and manipulate her nipples and bottom, he began to suckle her clit.

"Ah! Aaah! G-Galin! UUhn!" Sarah moans her body twitching and her head tossing a little as she came close to climaxing. Whining when he slowed and merely toyed with her not giving her release. Bucking her hips at his renewed attack on her body. "Please oh Merciful gods please Galin, AH! Master please! Please let me cum!" She whimpers after two or three times of him backing off and leaving her on the edge. She clutched the sheets and pleaded for the sweet release he held her on the edge of so tantalizinly, her hands reaching down to pinch her own nipples and the other traveling down to her nethers.

His hand left her breast and grasped her wrist, as he issued a throaty growl from between her thighs. Galin would not be denied what he wanted, not from anyone and slowly he began to drive her towards climax. Squeezing and rubbing her backside and trailed his index finger between them, hoping to gain more squeals from her. The cries of master made him suck on her pearl harder then release it to his licks. Sarah's nethers where wet with her excitement which he coveted the taste of and now he would let her climax.

Sarah trembled on the bed, crying out and moaning. "Please, please please Master please!!" She begged him over and over, her breath hitching her body quivering before finally he stopped his teasing touches and drove her over the edge of pleasure making her scream his name as her body nearly convulsed beneath his touches, black spots appearing in her vision from how hard she came and how long she had been forced to wait for the glorious release. She couldn't think she could barely breath and she certainly couldn't see as her body jerked and thrashed, only the burning pleasure tingling in it's wake washed over her.Leaving her breathless and nearly unresponsive.

He finished getting his fill of her climax and lowered her hips to the bed before standing and laying beside her. Running his hands down her sides and back over her bottom. If he was a god that is the kind of prayer he'd want from his female whorshipers. "Have I restored your faith little dove? Or do you require more 'persuasion'?" Leaning over her nipped at her nipples and the soft flesh over her breasts.

"AAah! No, no more please, Master please no more." Sarah moans before her entire body trembled and she moaned, like an aftershock running through her it felt like almost a second orgasm, just from his hand at her backside nd his mouth at her breast. Her hips bucked and her body trembled she gasped and panted hard still, she was exhausted and yet her body seemed not to pay any attention to her. She didn't know how he did it But Galin was always ready, always knew how to manipulate her to wring every ounce of pleasure out of her body he could. She loved him and did indeed believe him, there was just no accounting for jealousy or apparently the lengths he would go to convince her of his devotion.

Lightly closing his hand about her neck, stroking his fingers across her clavical. He continued to nip lightly at her, while his hand continued to rub her bottom. "My what a tasty little dove I have here, I almost feel like a second course, how about you little dove?" Galen once wondered if he could kill a woman by honestly devouring her sexually. A smile widened across his face as her wondered what was going through her mind.

"S-second? M-master!" Sarah looked at him her eyes wide, breathing harshly, her skin raised bumps all over from his soft touches to her skin. She was exhausted and she was breathing heavy and yet part of her wanted him to take her again. Another part of her begged to be left in peace, and while a third part of her told her if she actually tried to tell him no and mean it, he would back off and let her be. But the other two parts were stronger and right now she couldn't decide between them.

Galen laughed and kissed her cheek as he embraced her, "Do not worry little dove, my hunger is sated for now." He knew from previous encounters that if he did very well, she'd need time to recover. Keeping his hands stroking her body while she came back to her wits, being a responsive lover most said. However, his mind was drifting away from this place, going over plans and wondering how his servants were faring. He would order a report from Lash and later from Angie on Venir, then get reports from the other guild/disciple groups.

It was only a few moments before the soothing feel of Galin's repetative motions that Sarah was asleep. Completely exhausted from the entire days events she simply could keep up the energy to stay awake and cuddle or do anything else for that matter. Feeling safe and warm in his embrace she felt completely at ease. So sleeping as she was was not a problem for her in even as strange a place as this. Even with the unnerving things that had happened to her so far in just one single day.

His mind rolled about for several hours before sleep began to overtake him. Plans for the morning laid themselves out before him, the most important to trivial. Perhaps he would partake of Sarah in the morning, either tasting her again or enjoying thrusts into her. And he would also petition to see the Caliph in the morning, his host was to help him. And of course Mazla would be here to continue Sarah's lessons.

The next morning, Sarah heard the calls to some of the faithful to prayers and Galin's breathing. She was still nude and wrapped in his arms which clasped just above her bottom. He had not removed much else except his boots and didn't seem at all bothered by the noise. The early morning seemed cooler and not quite so oppressively hot. It was still sometime before Mazla would be along to fetch her for lessons.

Sarah yawned and covered her mouth so as to not make any noise. Her body ached, muscle strain and well quite simply rough play as well. Laying still relaxed from the sleep she smiled softly at the feel of Galin's heart beating against her back. The warmth of his arms wrapped around her body and the hot breath against her shoulder that was comforting and sweet all at once. She almost didn't want to get up and get cleaned or order breakfast for the two of them in bed.

A soft knock at the door made Galin move slightly, releasing her and turning over. He was still asleep and now Sarah was free to get up and move around. Sleep must have overtaken him much later than Sarah, for he probably had many plans for today. A few minutes later the knock came again along with a slight, mistress or master question.

Sarah stood and stretched, it felt so nice being naked and with the heat of the day begining to warm the room. Pulling a silk robe on to cover her nudity she walks to the door and opens it enough to see and keep Galin's sleeping form behind the door. Not to be seen by whoever it was at the door. This way she could order breakfast and possibly bath before she had to go with Mazla, after all she smelled of Galin. "May I help you?" Sarah asks after opening the door, it was what lords and ladies did when answering doors to servants.

The servant bowed to Sarah, "I was instructed to come and ask if you needed baths or breakfast for you and master Galin." She was a different girl than the one last night and she was dressed very simply. Galin shifted again in his sleep, if he moved much more he would realize that Sarah was no longer beside him. "Oh, and Mazla asked me to give this to you before she came back to fetch you for your lessons." Giving Sarah a genuine smile, perhaps hoping for some praise for a jobn well done.

"Thank you, please send in breakfast enough for two, and I would like to bath as well. If you would make preperation for that as well it would be most appreciated. Thank you for your forethought." Sarah said as well as she could, she was a servant once and knew such words were high praises indeed. She took the ting from the grils hands from Mazla and she was curious to know what it was exactly. She knew she would need to return t Galin or prepare for the day.

The note was straight forward, she should be bathed and dressed in the clothes to learn more dancing. Then after it would be more of the same, lessons. Galin moved, his neck made a quiet crack as vertebrae aligned themselves. His eyes opened and he yawned stretching his arms wide, and his hand sought out where she had been, "Hmm, Sarah?" Galin had not been accustomed to waking up alone as of late.

"I'm here, Galin. A servant was at the door." Sarah says softly walking quickly back to the bed and sitting on it. Smiling softly at Galin, Sarah moves his bangs out of his eyes so that he might see better. "Rest, I've already sent for breakfast, there is no rush as of yet My lord." Sarah says softly leaning down and kissing his forehead softly. She hoped mornings like this would lead to something grander between the two of them, that perhaps she would gain a more permanent place at his side.

"Very good, Sarah I could use some coffee." he said as he reached out running his hand across the silk. Pulling the sash of the robe to open it, and reaching in to rub her body. "How did you sleep little dove, restful I hope." Deciding that he would not rise until the coffee arrived, he continued to roam his hands about her. Galin considered dragging her back under the cover and indulging his whims.

"When I'm with you I always get the most restful sleep. The most comferting and secure sleep, They should be back soon with your coffee." Sarah informed him knowing sometimes he could get a little grumpy without his morning cup. Her breath hitched as his hand roamed her body freely, she made no move to stop or hinder him but she stayed as she was on the bed. It was up to him whatever he might wish to do to her. She would of course be eager to bed him again, it had been a few nights since they had joined as a man and woman should.

He cupped her breast and ran a finger across the nipple, watching her response as he did so. "Perhaps after we eat and before your bath you do me the favor." Taking her hand and placing against his manhood, so there was no doubt what he wanted. Sarah was learning that she may be a little bold, but if he said no then she obeyed. Galin then returned his hand to her breast teasing her nipple as they waited.

Sarah moaned and leaned forward a little. Her hand wrapping around his length and giving it a firm squeeze. It was warm in her hands and thick and she had to swallow. She found herself wanting to take him into her mouth but she would rather have him... join with her. Her nipples became hard and she scrunched up her face in pleasure at his touches. She hoped there was more Mazla could teach her that would make Galin join with her often. Or for longer. Or make him... no that was stupid, but still Sarah relished these moments.

He groaned and figited a little, "Perhaps we should play before and after breakfast. Or I could skip the meal and just devour you again, little dove." Her touch was arousing him, and as she leaned forward he opened her robe wider. Sarah would be every farm boy or landlords dream, frim and soft breasts and curves in every spot the needed to be. And thrusting into her felt like wrapping ones member in velvet, only made better by her perchant for moaning his name.

"No please Galin, I... I wish to enjoy you too this time. Please." She added softly with a slight blush covering her cheeks. She didn't know when the food was going to arrive but, she almost hoped they would have time to... enjoy each other. Though with his stamina it might take a while. He was a rough and harsh lover, but once she had adjusted to his member she relished the strength and the feel of him dominating her. Though she had topped him and it had felt glorious, he was just so... verile and dangerous on top. It was intoxicating and she missed that connection to him. She leaned foreward further yet and kissed his lips softly not moving her little hand just keeping it tight around his manhood.

He accepted the chaste kiss and her hand, but Galin required more after hearing her plea to 'enjoy' him. Reaching up he pulled her robe off and picked her up and laying her back onto the bed. Removing her hand he unlaced and dropped his pants as well as removing his shirt. Then he leaned over and drug his manhood across her nethers. Looking down he watched her eyes as he slipped inside her fully.

Sarah caught her breath and held it, her eyes unfocused as he thrust inside of her. She was slick already but the feel of him pushing inside of ehr made her all the wetter. Her hips thrust up against his entrance, and she cried out softly. Her muscles tightened around his member deep inside making herflutter her eyelids at the oh so wonderful feel of his hot thick and hard length inside of her filling her up. Her hands clenched the sheets of the bed and she lost all train of thought as he slid himself inside of her. she drew her legs up and around his thighs until her knees were at his sides. It would let her take more of him inside of her body, he showed her this, he showed her everything.

He began to thrust back and forth inside her, relishing the feeling of her. Reaching out he fondled her breasts, pulling at her nipples, then leaning down to kiss her deeply. He hadn't joined with her like this in quite a while. "My little dove, oh, you are so exquisite." he told her. All the time he would pull almost out before thrusting deep inside her again.

"Ah! Y-yes mmm good so good! G-galin AH! yes!" Sarah moans, he was moving so deep inside of her, her rocked her hips against his own keeping his rythem, all the better now with even just one day of teaching from Mazla. Her hips rocked forward with Galins and she tightened around him on each inner stroke. He felt so good inside of her again. It was then she suddenly realized something, but she reached out and wrapped her arms around Galin's neck regardless and held him down to her so that she might kiss and nip his jaw and shoulders.

He didn't miond her clutching, he continued to thrust as he groaned his enjoyment. "I see you have learned much from just one lesson, Sarah." Her teacher was very skilled, and Sarah was apparently a good student. Galin realized that she was trying to keep him from something, his wand. Clever girl, she wants to carry a child for me. "Sarah, wait we must stop for a second, so that I may get my wand."

"Ah! Oh y-yes I'm sorry... I... I didn't think of it. I'm sorry." Sarah said disentangling herself from him. Laying splayed so he might get up and fetch it before coming back to her. She blushed brightly though at having been caught well... red handed in her small scheme. Not that she had been planning on it mind, she just... had a thought was all. She knew she shouldn't have tried it but... well could anyone really blame her?

He used the wand then returned to her, not only thrusting deeply inside her but kissing her as well. "FOrgive dove, it was a horrid mistake on my part. I hope I did not ruin our pleasure." He kissed her neck and shoulders as he began to stroke further in and out of her. Galin hoped she wasn't hoping that he would impregnant her. When a servant or companion started wishing for that no good would come of it.

Sarah cried out into his mouth, his entrance was hard and sudden and good. "No... no." She shakes her head in responce to his question, wrapping her arms around his shoulders once more she moans and cries softly at his harsh thrusts and tender kisses to her flesh. She wondered if one of these times the wand didn't work and she did get pregnant what he would do with her. Best not to think of it though, so giving those thoughts up she surrendered her body to Galin and their pleasure together.

He varied his thrusts into her: speed, angle, and depth. Trying his best to make her cry out his name again. She was like a drug, in the case that as he planned finding time for sex. Instead of his constant march around the world to bring about the guild. His plans more often than not were successful lately.

"Gods! Galin! Galin! AH! M-MAster!" Sarah cried out clutching at him tightly as her orgasm ripped through her, she always did manage several when they were together, something about him and his skill, the way he handled her during sex made her easy to climax. She wound her legs around his hips and squeezed tightly him close to her body as her arms and nails dug into his skin as she clung, while pleasure ripped through her body.

He slowed down a little and waited for here to recover. "So, little dove ready for another?" he asked her. He began his thrusts in much the same amnner as he had before. The way her body had squeezed him felt heavenly and he wanted more. Quickly he thought of a couple things he also might need Sarah to do.

"Uuuhhh y-yes Galin yes please..." Sarah moaned releasing him from her tight holds on him. Keeping her legs wrapped around him but not so tightly as before. He was still so hard and hot inside of her body, the euphoria of what they had done together was still making her light and somewhat dazed. But she knew he had yet to complete and until he did she would say yes to him, she would never deny Galin her body or her services, not until the day she could no longer lift her hands in aid.

He began relentlessly thrusting into her body, picking up his pace as he did so. Leaning down he took her nipple into his mouth and bit then suckled at it. Sarah was so giving, and he was more than happy to take and sate his appitites. "Oh, little dove your body is heavenly, and I can't help but want more of you." Even as he thrust again into her, he wondered how fair he was truly being to Sarah.

Sarah cried out and opened herself to him, She allowed him to take what he wanted from her body. If he wished to have her then she would give herself to him. "YES! AH! A-AH!!" She cried out as she squeezed him tightly with her body. Her second orgasm sweeping through her body from his harsh thrusts, making her tighten around him inside and grasp him close to her once again.

As her climax happened he gave into his climax as well. He held her close as his manhood twitched inside her. "Oh, what a wonderful thing to share this morning, Sarah." He remained like that for a long time kissing her neck. Their interlude was broken by someone knocking at the chamber door.

Sarah panted hard, her body twitching against his. Her eyes were unfocused and she just panted hard, laying beneath him. Her grip on him loosened and eventually lay on the bed still as well. She was tired now after all the time they had together. She needed to rest and recover, it was a hard job keeping Galin satisfied, she could have gone on if she had to but she was glad that this time this was all it had taken for Galin to finish as well.

Galin stood and grabbed a robe before heading to the door. He opened the door, surprising the servant on the other side. "Greetings is that our breakfast? And I'm hoping that the water will be forthcoming." The servant nodded and he handed over the tray. Taking it back to the table he looked to her, "Shall I bring it you in bed, or are you coming to the table?"

Sarah rolled over and nodded. "I'm... coming my lord." She said her arms shaking a little as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. She nearly moaned at feeling his seed begin to leek from her body. It was still warm, but the smell of food made her stomach gurgle rather loudly which in turn made her blush. She needed a few moments before attempting her legs, he always seemed to make them jello each time they were together like this. She didn't know if she would ever take him with more capability then she had now.

He watched her getting up, and got her a wetted rag so to wipe herself clean. "I hope I did not hurt you, or that you wished me to return and continue where we left off?" He would oblige her, of course if she desired him inside her again. Sarah would be learning some thing new today and he looked forward to it. Galin picked up his coffee cup and took a sip, it was still hot and woke him up completely.

Sarah stood on wobbly legs, and used the wrag to clean herself up. Once clean she washed her hands as well and sat to eat. "I am not hurt Galin, and I'm sorry I would but Mazla will be here somewhat soon and left instructions. If you wish I can stay my lord?" Sarah said looking up at him from across the table. She was blushing to be sitting at the table nude but... she had nothing to worry about. Or be shy about now. She ate little bites of everything and drank only water. She prefurred to taste sweet for Galin when they kissed so she didn't eat bitter things or coffee.

He nodded and continued to eat as her watched her eat. Was there anything that he could ask that she would refuse? Addendums to his plans form in his mind. Sarah was very innocent and may not be noticed moving about in any city. And since he would be unable to take her to Yoth in a week or so, maybe her eyes and ears in Andor may be of use.

When he didn't say anything Sarah knew it meant that she was supposed to continue the way things were. So she ate, once she was full she cleaned up a little and got up to prepare her clothes. Mazla had told her what to wear and All so she got them out and prepared as much as she could until the bath water arrived. It should be there at any time really. So she just got things out and ready for the bath and afterwards. She wanted to be completely ready by the time Mazla came to get her.

Another knock at the door brought the hot water which the servant filled the tub with. He bowed in respect to them both the hurried away, shutting the door behind him. Galin watched her preparing and even testing the water, maybe he would help bathe her. "How long do you think your lesson will last today?" he asked. He stood and also set out what he was going to wear today, he would bathe after Sarah before leaving for his day.

"As long as yesterday's I would think... Mazla didn't say in her letter. If you wish to ask her when she arrives to escort me?" Sarah says softly smiling at Galin before she slowly sank into the hot water. She groaned at the delicious feel of the hot water relaxing her tired and somewhat sore muscles. Between dancing with Mazla and sex with Galin, she didn't know how well she would preform today, but she only had a week and knew she had to do the best she could to learn. After a few moments she began sccrubbing herself clean and washed her hair.

Galin stopped her, "Allow me, little dove, it is good to help others." He began to massage her scalp, walking a perfect line between hard and soft. When he finished, placing a hand over her eyes and pouring the water over her head. "I might just ask Mazla and inquire the nature of today's lesson as well." He smiled and offered her a hand out of the tub, his water should be arriving soon.

Sarah smiled brightly at him, taking his hand and his help. She was possitive there was no other man more perfect in the world than Galin Ravenwood. "I'm sure she would be happy that you've shown interest In my lessons Galin." Sarah said blushing softly, grabbing the towel and begining to dry herself off gently. She needed to use some lotion and a little perfume as was Mazla's instructions as well as brush her hair and dress.

Galin was intrigued by her comments, he would certainly reap the rewards of Mazla's work. The servants arrived a short time later to remove the old water and replace it for him. He sank into the tub and began to scrub himself clean, today would be an interesting day to say the least. Some tedious meetings then a chance to get in some practice. Then perhaps he would spend some time with Sarah before bed.

Sarah smiled and put on the proper clothes after using the lotion to cover her body. Once she was dressed she got the brush and sat by the mirror. Humming an old Andorian lullaby while she brushed her hair. She hoped it dried before Mazla got back and wondered if she should braid her hair. It would be easy enough to do she supposed as she brushed her hair repeatedly.

As he watched her make preperation for her lessons he toyed with the idea of watching seeing what the were about. He knew they were teaching her to dance and lessons on sexual techniques. There was a knock on the door, Galin still scrubbing in the tub of water chuckled. "Shall I get the door Sarah?" he aked her with a hint of mirth in his eyes. Playfully he began to rise out of the water, in a mock attempt to tease her.

"No need!!! I'll get it!" Sarah says running to the door. Quite literally, opening it with a smile on her face. "Hello?" She says her hair already braided and put up back. Dressed and ready to go. She was going to begin putting on makeup and perfume but Galin standing nude in suds and water... while someone was at the door was not a good thing. She wanted to keep him to herself as much as possible. And answering the door to keep him in the water was one way to do that.

Mazla stood in the hallway, always smiling demurly with her hands behind her back. "Greetings my pupil, are you in the mood for your lessons today?" she asked as she looked Sarah up and down. Waiting a few heartbeats she asked, "Are you going to ask me in or shall I remain out here?" Sarah could see that she had a sack in her hands, probably something else to help with teaching. As usual her outfit mirrored Sarah's except it was a light wine color.

"I uh yes of course please do come in! Um just a moment I... need to tell Galin you have arrived." Sarah said with a smile, before rushing back to Galin. "It's Mazla... did you... need a towel or robe?" Sarah said wringing her hands nervously as he was still wet and in the tub and... looking delicious.

"I believe a robe will suffice, does she wish to speak with me?" he asked as he exited the tub. He grabbed a towel and did a quick job of drying before he slipped into a robe. "There, am I presentable to your teacher now, little dove?" For a second he allowed himself to fantisize about his little harem girl, following his ever whim. Sarah's outfit did not hide much and he felt himself begin to become excited.

"Please come in Mazla! Yes Galin very." Sarah smiled brightly before walking back to the door, she hadn't closed it. Just left it but she gestured for Mazla to come inside. "My lord was bathing... I wished to inform him of your arrival." Sarah smiled brightly to Mazla, she loved the way this outfit felt though, and she was rather excited to begin dance lessons regardless of how sore she still felt.

Mazla bowed low and respectfully, "Good morning Lord Galin, I am pleased to make your aquaintence." She smiled knowing he could see down her cleveage, she however could not take her eyes from his robe. "I wish to express how well Sarah has been doing under my tutilege. As long as you are willing to allow me to teach her it will be my honor. And if you have any requests for me to show her since I am well versed in the erotic arts."

Galin looked only momentarily at her breasts then back to her face, "I am happy to meet you as well Mazla. And I appreciate your gracious words about Sarah." Looking at Sarah he smiled warmly at her, "I believe as long as the two of you agree, anything learned is adequate." The woman was very blunt staring at the front of his robe, the only thing missing was for her to lick her lips. For a second he entertained the idea of having both of these women.

Sarah smiled and stood to the side silently. If there was one thing she knew, it was how to stand to the side silently until she was needed again. She was watching how Mazla enticed him though and it seemed... far to obvious and blatent, her own mother had always told her that men loved some tease but they loved the idea of something they couldn't have even more. Mazla was offering everything, with no strings attatched and no moral obligations to even pay for it. Though Sarah was learning from her, she knew she would never be able to be like her. Sarah was a standard Andorian, in her blood, marrow and mind. But then again... so was Galin. As a Ravenwood he had heritage of hundreds of years in his blood. Hundreds of years of nobility.

Galin looked at both women and smiled, "Well if you are both headed for classes then I will not keep you." He gently touched Sarah's arm before waiting for them to leave so he might get dressed. Mazla was exotic and Sarah more like those women he was used to. Frankly, both excited him and he if he wanted enjoy them both. "Ah, but that I could, Sarah would most likely not appreciate her teacher rolling around the sheets with us."

Mazla walked back towards the same room where they practiced the dances. "Have you and Master Galin practiced at all?" she asked her companion. She had noted that Galin seemed very happy with her teasing, however Mazla was torn between her interest in Galin and the interest in Sarah. "The dance lesson may not be very long today, we have other things to learn. Is that alright with you Sarah?" she turned to look at her student.

"Uhm... yes in fact we did... uh for some time....'s." Sarah said blushing at admitting that Galin had pretty much taken what he wanted ffrom her after only using a little of her skills on him, well a little might be pushing how to describe what she did to him. "You are the Teacher Mazla, I bow to your wisdom." Sarah says softly with a smile though the slight blush was still on her face, she should be used to this by now but for some reason, it just felt like Mazla and Galin both wanted to devour her inside and out. Sarah shivered a little at the imagry of it in her head and licked her lips after swallowing. It would be... quiet interesting but she didn't know if Galin would ever actually go for it and it wasn't really her place to bring it up.

Mazla did not lie, the lesson on dance lasted barely an hour. And she was pleased with the progress Sarah made. "As long as you remember to move with a fluid grace you'll be fine." She gathered the little bag she had brought from earlier. "You will need to trust me for today's lesson Sarah, Do you understand?" she waited for Sarah to answer her before saying anything else.

"Thank you, I... Yes... I understand I... I trust you of course Mazla." Sarah says with a smile, she had felt good about the dancing and in fact it was a lot of fun, but she wondered why Mazla needed to refirm the trust between them for a lesson of the exotic arts? It was curious and scared her a little but to prove herself to Galin she would do anything Mazla asked her to learn how to do. She was sipping some water and breathing to let her body slow down from the dancing. It seemed after the other day Mazla was taking leaps and bounds away from the basics. It would seem apparently.

She opened the bag and produced a wooden phallus, and let Sarah look at it. "This magical item is used to teach younger girls how to pleasure men. When I place it against your nethers, it will look and feel like the real thing. Then I will preform the elvish arts upon you, then we will trade places so you may understand how to better pleasure the master." Mazla waited to see if Sarah would balk or refuse, and began stripping off her outfit.

"I... I understand." Sarah said blushing rather brightly. She'd never used a... well... she only ever had sex with Galin and something similar to Mazla now. This was... strange and embaressing but Sarah wanted to please Galin and Mazla was the teacher here. So after looking at the wooden, well penis. She too began to undress slowly. She didn't exactly understand what it was Mazla wanted her to learn how to do but she assumed Mazla would teach her everything she needed to know.

Mazla moved forward with the phallus in her hand and kissed Sarah as she pressed the flat end against her. Then she uttered the command word and Sarah could feel the phallus almost attach itself and become a living penis, her living manhood. "Do not be worried, with another word I can remove it. Take a moment to become accustomed before we continue." She stepped back and gazed at her student now sporting a very tempting erection.

Sarah stared wide eyed at it. Her heart thumped fast and she was more then a little startled by it. She had thought... well she didn't really imagine it would actually happen... or feel. Hot. She reached down and with slow and tentative movements touched it at the head. Gasping as she actually felt it she blushed brightly, the red covering her cheeks instantly and moving down her neck to her chest. Pulling her hands away from it as quickly as she could she swallowed hard and looked up at Mazla instead. She was almost too embaressed by what had happened.

Mazla in turn licked her lips and moved towards her. She reached out and ran her fingers along the length, then to the sac below. Looking at Sarah she again smiled then kissed her. "Is the sensation agreeable my lover, for I intend to preform on you as an example." Then turning began to lead Sarah to a nearby chair for this would work better with her sitting down.

Sarah shivered as the feeling of Mazla's hand ran through her. Sarah sat but was still in stunned disbeleif, what sort of magic was this wood? She watched it with a sick fascination, it bobbed a little as she sat but it stood straight up and... twitched. She was very distracted by it. Of course she had seen Galin's and it was... well a bit broader she thought. She wrapped her own hand around it and groaned at the feel of it but, it was just a bit smaller in width then Galins. From this angle she couldn't tell how long it was if it was longer or if Lord Galin was.

Mazla wasted no time as she knelt and slowly began to tease Sarah. Taking the manhood into her mouth and sucking greedily on it. Her head began to bob and she looked into Sarah's eyes. She knew her student would begin to feel the pleasure, even as she massaged the warm sac. If the student remembered how good the example felt she could replicate it, and they had all day to practice.

Sarah grabbed the arm rests with her hands. She gasped and watched mouth open in shock at what Mazla was doing. The feelings pulsing through her through this magical device made her nerves dance inside of her body. She was speechless and Whining softly and whimpering at the foreign feelings she felt like she was going to burst. She knew what she did to Galin felt good, he had told her so. He had even let her finish him off and swallow his seed.

Mazla still watching Sarah's eyes continued to bob her head. Once Sarah achieved climax she would swallow her seed and clean her. Then she would speak about it, and with a lusty thought she might need to show her student again. Her hand began to roll the sac around while her other fingered her own nethers. And she groaned savoring the taste of Sarah's flesh, moving in and out of her mouth.

"N-no M-miss Maz!! LAAAH!!" Sarah tried to warn her as the pleasure spilled from her through the device and into the warmth wet mouth around her 'flesh'. Sarah's hand grabbed Mazla's hair and held her down fully on the cock. She hunched over her a little and panted hard as it kept twitching and she spurted a good amount. Panting hard and sweating just a little Sarah leaned back and relaxed, slouching in the chair, her hand gently resting on top of Mazla's head now. Never had she felt pleasure like that before.

Mazla massaged the sac to get all of it, before she pulled her mouth away and swallowed, not spilling a drop. She smiled sweetly and moved between Sarah's legs and kissed her nipples. "So, do you see the power you can weild over men? And do you think you might be able to do as I did? You now know the cues a man has before he spills his seed and how best to get it to happen."

"I... I have preformed on Galin as such before...N-not so quickly did he spill but... He has spilled, I... have only been able to... take all of him once however." Sarah mumbled softly, she felt almost drained, how did Galin keep going on and on? How could he continue more then once? He was utterly amazing. She was blushing but not overly much, she didn't have a lot of energy left to blush with.

Mazla looked up and smiled at Sarah as she wrapped her hand about the manhood between them. "Would you like me to show you how to make this stiff again?" She watched Sarah and waited for an answer, "Or would you prefer to have the chance to perform on me?" Part of her wanted to make it hard again and let Sarah feel what it was like to thrust into a woman. However, she left it all for Sarah to decide.

"Teach me to... make it... stiff again." Sarah said blushing softly, because she did want to know how to be able to make Galin hard to please him longer. Or rather for longer and more then just the once. she didn't know if she was choosing the proper things or if she was just being selfish but she wanted to know to please Galin and that wasn't selfish was it? Just wanting to please another person whom you loved dearly? Surely it was okay, besides there were two options Mazla gave her, she had simply chosen one.

Mazla smiled and began to stroke her slowly and then moved down to kiss at the underside. She washed her tongue all over the new genital area savoring it. Watching Sarah she took it again into her mouth and began to bob again, washing her tongue along its length. She would then stop and stroke it with her hand, then stroke it as she sucked at the tip. She enjoyed hearing Sarah's breathing speed up and couldn't wait to swallow more.

Sarah once again placed her hand on Mazla's head. "No m-more please! Just a moment!" She begged softly, her voice breathy and stuttering again in her excited state. She was hard again, Hard and twitching, She could even feel her pulse through it. For a second the thought that perhaps Mazla was getting fascinated about her as Galin was entered her mind but she dismissed it quickly, Mazla was her sexual teacher and she was doing her job was all. Sarah wanted to know what else she could do to Galin to make him feel good though and as much as it felt amazing to have someone performing the elven arts on her own temporary manhood, she wanted to know what else.

Mazla thought quickly, "There is intercourse of several types, but if you wish to try then I would use the phallus upon you first. If done wrong you can hurt the other person, but since you are erect I will open my legs for you." She pulled a draught out of the little bag, she had two potions that would keep her from getting pregnant. Then she laid down on her back, "I'm ready Sarah, come and know what Galin feels." Crooking her finger she becokned Sarah and her manhood.

"A-are you sure Mazla? I mean... I've never... I mean I have with Galin but... I'm sorry if I'm not any good." Sarah says softly moving forward, swallowing nervously. It was strange to think of being the... man of the relationship. She got to her knees and moved forward, gripping Mazla's knees in her hands. She leaned over her and taking hold of her own 'manhood' and aligned it to her. "Are you? Are you um, wet?" She blushes softly looking into Mazla's face.

Mazla nodded, "I am and am looking forward to you claiming me." She wrapped her legs about Sarah's hips and waited. For a brief moment she wondered how long she would last. They were building trust between each other and that is what Sarah needed. Reaching between her legs she spread herself open to hurry Sarah's entry.

Sarah nodded and put the tip against Mazla's entrance. The heat was... startling actually. Feeling her slick Sarah gave in and trusted her for her words and pushing inside. Even more surprised she cried out softly and thrust completely inside Mazla, unable to stop from wanting to be inside the wet tight heat of Mazla. Her hands grabbing the woman's thin hips until she was completely sheathed inside Mazla and panting hard. She made herself stop. It was so strange this feeling. It felt so good so warm! So different.

Mazla arched her back and cried out, Sarah went deep quicker than she thought. Sitting up she latched onto Sarah's breast licking and sucking her nipple. When she did release it she was panting, "More thrust draw it in and out please!" Had it not been for the fact she so enjoyed Sarah being her student, she wouldn't have let her. But, she found herself excited to no end impaled on the magical phallus.

Sarah groaned and did as she was bidden, pulling out and punching her hips forward even as Mazla had taught her for dance, the thrill of pleasure that ran through Sarah was enoughso that she began to thrust and pull out hard, each withdraw slow but not agonizingly, each thrust fast and hard. Pulling Mazla down and thrusting hard into her. That warm tight heat and the friction was mind numbing. Panting hard and crying out herself as she bore down hard on Mazla, she couldn't stop now if she wanted to. It felt so good she simply couldn't stop.

Mazla kept moaning and grasping at Sarah as she continued to hammer her. Pulling at Sarah she pressed her lips to hers, slipping her tongue into Sarah's mouth. Her hands moved all over her lover, feeling her breasts and soft skin. "Sarah, oh please, I can't take much more."

"Then Don't." Sarah says her breath deep and filled with passion. She continued to thrust harshly into Mazla before she finally felt the sac draw up and her cock twitch inside of Mazla, the sudden feeling of her Seed filling Mazla made her punch her hips and bury the length inside of Mazla as far as she could get it. The Seed spilled from her into the core of Mazla's warm wet depths. Sarah couldn't help but cry out at the feeling and the sensation and the overwhelming of it all.

Mazla pulled Sarah into a tight embrace and kissed her deeply. Moaning her climax into the other womans mouth. Then she let go and laid beneath Sarah panting to catch her breath. Once she had come down she grasped the phallus and said the word to remove it. "Sarah you did very good, did it help you learn anything that can help you?"

Sarah rolled to the side and lay panting and sweating. Now that it was removed she felt she could breath a little easier, it was sort of worrying that magical item was. "I think so." Sarah said softly, still breathing hard, this had to be the strangest lesson she had ever learned in all her entire life. She just hoped all this strange happenings was worth it if she could bring Galin more of... enjoyment, pleasure anything really. Everything she was doing was all for Galin, now that she had a purpose she wanted to work hard and accomplish it. Galin's happyness, she hoped it was with her that he would be happy. Content... give up Alehial Ravenwood, all that ever happened was his death each time he went against them... Sarah didn't want him to die gain and she wanted to do all she could to keep him alive.

Mazla went and cleaned Sarah seed out of her before activating the phallus for herself. "Well, Sarah when you recover we will reverse positions. I will take you then you will get me erect again and I will take you a different way." She knelt smiled at Sarah as she touched her nethers, waiting for the agreement to begin another round of sex. She had felt that today would be an interesting day of lessons.

"y-yes." Sarah nodded panting, she thought she might be more sore today just from all the sexual activity she was going through rather then just the movement and slow controlling of muscle from learning to dance. She wondered though for a moment. "Mazla... that doesn't actually act like a real... I mean it can't... impregnate me could it?" she asks tentatively a little worried about it now that she thought about it. If she were ever to have any children she would want it to be Galins.

SMiling she nodded, "Yes it can impregnate you that is why you will drink this first." She took out another draught and handed it to her, and took a moment while Sarah imbibed it. The draught was in such a way that a woman like her would drink it in the morning and not need it again until the next day. "I know how to make them so you can as well." she concluded that Sarah might want to birth children for her master. While she waited for Sarah she absently stroked herself watching her.

Sarah drank from the water pouch, It was worrisome to know that a magical device could impregnate one women to the other. "Galin prefurs the use of a wand full of block the seed." Sarah says softly laying it down and laying back down in the previous position. Though she didn't know how Mazla wanted her. "Tell me... how you want me..." she says softly needing her teacher to instruct her, but saying the words made her blush and she looked down at the ground instead of directly at Mazla.

Mazla kneeled and took hold of one of Sarahs legs, spreading them in such a way that she could thrust deeply into Sarah. "This is a variation that should allow Galin to go deeper inside you." She then slid herself into Sarah, moaning as she sank into the Andorian female. It felt amazing pushing into her until she could get no closer, once she did she began to draw back out. "Oh, Sarah, you feel wonderful no wonder Galin enjoys you, don't forget to talk about what you like or encourage."

Sarah moaned as Mazla sank all of the hot flesh inside of her. With her legs spread so widely it felt like Mazla's magical... manhood was large then Galin's. Still not as wide though, "F-feels good, so deep." Sarah moans softly panting lightly already, her face a pink tint even just from facing Mazla instead of Galin while doing such things.

Mazla reached down and gently rubbed Sarah's breast. She was panting also, thrusting in and out of her. "Yes you do feel very good." she moaned out as she gyrated her hips. They wouldn't be bothered the room was hers until dinner at least. After a minute she began to thrust faster and deeper into her.

Sarah groaned and tried to keep her legs in the position Mazla had moved them into, but she trembled and shook with the effort. It felt so good to have her moving in and out of her, Moaning at each deep thrust inside of her and whimpering just slightly at each withdrawel. She had to admit Mazla was very skillful but still Galin set her on fire each time they coupled. Not only that be he literally wore her out not stopping until she was on the verge of fainting usually. "C-close! More please more!" Sarah whines softly, still panting hard she reaches up to fondle Mazla's breasts as well, wanting to drive her mad and make her pound into her even more and even harder... like Galin.

Her whining plea emboldened Mazla who grasped her hips and began to thrust faster and harder. She hadn't used the Phallus in so long and forgot that men had an amazingly pleasureable time while thrusting. And if Sarah wanted more then she would have it. It would be the later tests that she wanted to check that Sarah remembered. "Oh, my you are certainly enjoying this aren't you?" she groaned.

"Yes! YEs!! AAAH!" Sarah clutched at Mazla as her body tightened around their joined 'flesh'. Her muscles bearing down around it so deep inside of her, her back arching and her hands gripping mazla's shoulders tightly as she cried out her climaz washing over her. She could feel the life in the magical flesh pounding as if real, filling her so full of hard and hot flesh just like Galin, though at the last moment Sarah realized Galin was longer and larger then the device. It pleased her to be able to accept him so easily and please him and even gain a compliment from Mazla of her body being able to please a man. That was the last thought before the waves of pleasure stole thought from her. Panting hards after crying out, she felt hot sweat roll down between her brests and down her back.

The tightening muscles brought about her climax as well, the phallus jerked and spurted seed into Sarah. She leaned over and suckled at Sarah's breasts feeling the last spasm pass. "Oh, I have never felt such a wonderful climax, you truly are amazing." She pulled free and rolled up against Sarah, wrapping her arms around her. "When you recover a little, take your time before begining to get me erect again.

"Y-yes Mazla." Sarah panted as she tried to calm down a little and get her breathing back in order. She didn't want to dissapoint Mazla besides if she could get her erect again then would they do it again? In some other position? Sarah wondered as she lay trying to get her breathing back to normal and they cuddled a little. That too was she really the reason Mazla had had the an orgasm like she had never felt before? Or was it flattery to make her eager to please her further?

Mazla smiled at Sarah before deciding there was a great deal of trust. "I was once trained like this, before I ever touched a man or woman." She rubbed Sarah's breast and tweeked her nipple. "That was a long time ago and I've spent a good deal of time with people, in some cases couples even." Her other hand rubbed Sarah's bottom, trailing between her cheeks.

Sarah gasps when her nipple was pinched, and groaned at the feathery light touched from her hands over her sensitive skin. "I've only been with Galin... I was chaste before him... and he has promised he would be the only man to be allowed access to my body." Sarah moans out softly before reaching down and gently rubbing the underside of the softened shaft attatched to Mazla. she needed to begin to get her hard so they could continue the lesson and Mazla not thin she could not accomplish what she asked her to.

Mazla gasped and murmured her approval and encouragment. "Very good, very good indeed." She began to pump her hips lightly, her manhood slipping back and forth in Sarah's hand. "Now, try using that talented mouth please." she ordered in a breathy tone. Then she layed back and waited for Sarah to continue making her excited.

Sarah nodded and got to her hands and knees until she was kneeling over Mazla's hips Leaning down she took the tip into her mouth and rubbed her tongue on the underside of the manhood flared head. Sucking as she rubbed her tongue there, her hand massaging the sac and the other hand holding the mase of it, to try and keep Mazla from bucking up and choking her before she was ready for the rest of it. She hadn't done this for Galin for a little while and even though the phallus was smaller, Sarah had only been able to take Galin deep once.

Mazla moaned out loudly, her sensation was amazing. And Sarah was doing everything she had done. No doubt Galin would be happy with the amount she learned today. She had no doubt in a few more minutes she would become erect. And she had decided, that should would show Sarah several ways Galin could enter her.

Sarah slowly took more into her mouth being sure to rub her tongue along the underside of the heated flesh in her mouth, just like she had done with galin before. Mazla might think she was teaching her something knew but mostly Sarah was using what she had learned with Galin on Mazla now. At some point Sarah had to stop and just suck instead. She was halfway down now and it was getting hard. Filling her mouth more, making her work a little harder.

"Enough, dear Sarah that is sufficent. Now, the first one is rather nice." She reached into her bag and used a wand upon herself. "Now on your hands and knees please." And as Sarah began to follow she entered her from behind moaning as she felt the warmth envlope her again. Thrusting back and forth a couple times before telling her, "You can change this by lowering your chest to the bed of floor."

Sarah cried out, half startled and half because it felt so good. She followed the spoken instruction and laid her chest to the ground and resting her cheek against the ground as well, Galin had taken her from behind before, but he had been much more voracious then Mazla was. He had been taken by a need and had used Sarah almost viciously. Until she was exhausted and could no longer control her limbs to keep herself up.

She plunged deeply into Sarah several long lucious strokes before deciding to change again. "Sarah, have you ever heard of sodomy?" she asked as she pulled out and began to press against Sarah's anus. "This is a method that I said I would need to use on you first so you wouldn't get carried away and hurt me. As long as the male is lubricated with you it will not hurt as long as you take your time." Starting to push herself deeper into Sarah, she gasped, the girl was assuredly a virgin in this regard.

Sarah gasped and close dher eyes tightly. It hurt a lot! She reached out to grasp something but the rugs were smooth and offered nothing to grip. Galin had never even touched her there and now Mazla was trying to push then intire thing inside of her. "I-it hurts! It hurts please! No please!" Sarah cried out softly. Mazla had pushed in only the head but it burned and felt like she was being pushed apart, she hadn't heard most of what she had said she had concentrated hard to try and not cry out. But she couldn't hold back how much it hurt. Even with it being slick with her own wetness it didn't prepare her for the thickness of it forcing it's way into her body.

"Relax, and just breath I did this before and as long as you trust me you will adjust to it." Mazla continued to wait while Sarah adjusted to the intruder inside her. She would not press the issue but many men requested her services because she held no arguements to this type of sex. As she ran her hand down Sarah's back she whispered, "Just relax and try not to tense up, there will be no damage to you I promise, trust in me Sarah." Oncce her cries would fade and she was ready, Mazla would begin to carefully push inside a little more.

Sarah groaned almost painfully, doing her best to keep breathing, it wasn't comfertable and it didn't especially feel good or better or easy. When someone tells you not to tense you automatically tense, but Sarah was trying hard to relax, she was trying hard to follow Mazla's advice but it still hurt! Eventually though Sarah's body did relax a little bit and Sarah was concentrating hard on breathing. Her hand sclenched into fists as she and they laid against the rugs.

Once Mazla was fuly inside Sarah, she waited for a few heart beats then began to retract. She would need to go slow until Sarah began to ask for more speed or intensity. "Good Sarah, it will begin to feel good I promise, just relax." As she started to be expelled, she began to push back inside, reaching around to rub her student's nethers. She kept up her back and forth movements, even telling Sarah that her anus was more sensitive then even her nethers.

Sarah groaned softly, not exactly in pleasure, and not exactly in pain either. She couldn't really feel too much pleasure from Mazla playing with her clit because it hurt to have her so deep inside of her rear. It was easy enough to do the thrusting Sarah thought but not good to be the one being thrust into. She hurt and it hurt and she didn't think she liked it at all. So far it still just hurt. There was no pleasure Mazla kept promising her, it hurt to have something so large so far inside of the wrong hole.

Mazla continued her pace, getting used to this wasn't easy. SHe remembered not particularly enjoying her first time. "Sarah, would you like me to stop, master Galin may never request this from you. But in my experience, men are more impressed when a woman can handle this." Hopefully, Sarah would allow her to keep going until climax.

Sarah shook her head. "Go... on." She groaned and clutched her hands into fists her arms surrounding her face hiding it as she tried to cope and stay relaxed. She kept clenching tightly every now and then and forced herself to relax again. It was begining to burn but Sarah was determind to take and learn from waht Mazla wanted her to. Even though it hurt she was sure there was much to learn, Mazla was different and instead of showing her she was doing it upon her instead. Galin had wanted Sarah to learn as much as possible and this was deffinetly something she was learning.

Mazla continued to thrust and reaching around to rub Sarah's nethers. Her climax was not far off, and she hoped that Sarah was begining to feel that little spark that would grow into pleasure. Perhaps when it was Sarah's turn again she would understand what could be gained from this. "Are you feeling pleasure yet Sarah?" she asked breathily. Leaning to her back and kissing along Sarah's spine.

Sarah groaned and her hips jerked when her nethers were stroked, she felt the burn of the penis in her anus and the fingers felt good to her nethers so she nodded her head but said nothing and she concentrated still on breathing and staying relaxed for Mazla. She was hoping she wasn't going to be asked to explore this area of sexual play. She really really really did not care for it at all. She only hoped that Mazla finished soon and would withdraw from her, so she could rest and make the burn stop.

Sarah did not have to wait long, Mazla groaned, grinding them together. The phalus swelled and she climaxed into Sarah. SHe continued to rub as the climax suubsided and she at last pulled herself out of Sarah. She grasped the rag and cleaned herself. "Would you like to try this Sarah? or is there something else you'd like me to instruct you on?"

"No...I... I am here to learn. Galin wishes me to have more skill and knowledge." Sarah said slightly muffled from her arms still around her face. Once Mazla had climaxed it had burnt like rubbing salt into a wound. It ached and felt raw, the heat of the seed did nothing to sooth her. She was glad that part was over and very seriously had no desire to return the favor, if that was what you could call it. she was trying to let her body adjust again, so she lowered herself until she was laying flat on the ground.

"Learning sometimes comes from doing and the Phallus allows us that chance. We can try positions or if you wish, we can clean up for the day. I have a book that may help you, but to better seem knowledgable it is better to practice them." She laid beside Sarah and stroked her lightly, waiting to see what her desires were. Mazla was only a little disappointed that Sarah did not wish to try the position from the males part.

"I don't think I have anything left." Sarah said uncovering her face, she looked worn out and it was clear she felt bad about dissapointing Mazla. sarah didn't know how much more sex she could have with Mazla, she was tired and her muscles were sore, her anus was tingling just that edge of painful and the semen inside of her had gotten cold and was leaking out just a little. She was covered in sweat and was simply worn out from everything they had done not to mention the shock of a magical wooden penis that became a real man's flesh.

"Very well, it is a good mark that when you unable to preform you are honest about it. Come we will bathe and discuss other things you wish to learn that I may teach." Mazla stood and comanded the phallus to return to its normal state. Then she fetched some robes and placed their clothes in her bag, they would not want to soil them wearing them to the baths. Once that was completed she offered Sarah her hand.

Sarah slowly got to her feet and took Mazla's offered hand and help. She hurt from all the activity she had never done and hadn't done much of. On top of the aches from the hard pace of learning to dance the day before. she didn't want to dissapoint Mazla but she really couldn't take anymore, if she hurt more then she was now she was afraid she would cry or beg out of the classes. She didn't want to do that and embaress Galin by being a failure to him, not after he saved her and then brought her all this way and bought her clothes and such.

Holding Sarah's hand she directed her to the baths, once there she stripped Sarah and herself and climbed into the hot water. "We will spend most of the rest of our day here. You will be surprised how well a good soak in water will do for sore muscles. Now, speak tell me if what you wish to learn, I already know when you leave I am sending a small present along." She rested on one of the submerged benches and let her arms and legs float away and the water ease her muscles.

Sarah sat and relaxed as well as she could. The hot waters felt great but she was still sore. I suppose... I never gave much thought to what I actually wanted to learn other then dancing. Lord Galin set everything up and told me he would get me a teacher for everything. I... I was just glad he chose me to be brought along on this trip." Sarah says softly closing her eyes to better help herself relax. Her butt throbbed in almost pain, likewise her nethers were just this side of swollen from so much use. this only usually happened to her while in bed with Galin and usually he let her sleep and recover. Mazla had great stamina but she expected Sarah to have the same stamina.

"Well, what do you enjoy doing? I mean there are a great new avenues available to explore. Galin must be interested in you learning practical skills as well as the exotic." The baths were deserted and fairly private, she had met here several times with Sarah and Galin's host for private sessions. "What about bandaging his wounds, if he ever gets any? Or scribing his instructions to other sub-ordinates?" Those were two of her better skills, Mazla had found early in her carrer to be well versed in many things.

"I was a servant before Lord Galin chose me as his companion. I can read and write, I bandage and clean... change sheets and do laundry, I clean and cook. Galin has taught me a great many things and the other women of the compound give me tips I try with Galin often." Sarah says deciding to list of her skills to Mazla, she left off the food taster comment. She was happy to do it certainly but at the same time it meant she wasn't precious enough to Galin. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling while ticking off the things she was good at, or knew how to do.

"Well, those are things you know how to do. What do you want to learn to do?" She was happy to see that Sarah was truly relaxing a little bit more. Lord Galin had not specified any one particular thing to teach her. "Do you read often or create anyting, I can show you how to make certain things for intensifing satisfaction from your coupling with Galin. Or how to follow his families history if you would like."

"His family's history is well known in Andor, even to the lowest of servants and street urchins. Galin... has taught me many things and I return the favor by surprising him thanks to the more experienced girls I used to work with. I haven't read for a long while... I can sew and crochet, I do needlework well for a servant, I'm afraid I'm very good at practical things but not much else." Sarah said softly with a sigh looking into the water at her hands and playing with the waters texture and them.

They continued to soak and after a little while Mazla got out and summoned a servant to bring them some wine. Perhaps that would help loosen her tongue and share desires with her teacher. "I think you are looking too practical at my offers. Here drink a little and mull it over." she put the glass into Sarah's hands. The dancing was pretty much easy and would continue to be so, it was skills Galin had never thought of that would be needed.

Sarah nodded and drank as her teacher bid her. "If we are talking about fantasy's... his one and only has always been to have... what his brother has. Alehial Ravenwood.... the mansion, the children, the love and respect of the people. If I could give that to him I would but...I'm a servant girl and Alehial was a princess of her people. Even half elven and clearly lesser, Lord Galin desires to have her at his side." Sarah said after finishing three to four glasses of wine. She was laying half out of the water of the tub but left her aching hips and everything else still in the water.

Mazla watched her student, "Then why not endevour to learn and grow to be more. I can find you as many books so that you may with study equal this fantasy counter part. And prove you can do more than any half-elven could do for him. They are a stuffy lot, with no sense of sexual experimentation. Arrange for something that he would least expect from you."

"But what can I do? she is a druid and an aristrocat, I cannot be either of those things. Nor am I as strong as she... or had the learning as she did.I will do anything for Lord Galin.... If he but asks for it I will do it as best as I can." Sarah says softly looking rather dreamy eyed and as if she saw something far away in her gaze. She was deffinetly rather drunk, and she kicked her legs lazily through the water they were still in. She was getting very sleepy though and her eyes felt heavy. Sarah yawned largely and laid her head on her arm.

Mazla sighed and went to Sarah's side, "Be what she cannot or will not be. Learn to make Galin so happy that he has no need of her. Think hard student, what is something the highborn half elf would never do? Then you learn to do it and better than she ever could!" Why this had escaped the girl was beyond her.

"I can only love him... and I hear she is bashful. I do everything Galin asks of me... take him into my mouth... please him with my body... bring him food and clean his home. But she has fought him... she even helped kill him! She is a great hero and dragonrider." Sarah says she could see nothing then loving Galin that she could do while that damnable Alehial Ravenwood would not. She wasn't desparing but she knew all too well what a gap they were standing on each side of was.

"You do what she does not, now learn to get her courtly and homely skills. It is a simple matter of questing for knowledge, something you show a talent for. Ask to help in his plans, you can move about in Andor where he cannot. Find a way to further his quest, do you understand?"

"What'm I s'pposed to do? Work in the Ravenwood Estates?" Sarah asked groggily, she finished the last of the wine in her glass and was aweful sleepy. she didn't know how to be more homely then she was, she also didn't know how to behave in court. She had barely ever seen a nobleman until Galin came offering work and freedom for those who worked for him. He was so handsome and intelligent and skilled, there was no othr man like him in the world Sarah was sure of it.

"No, offer him to do whatever he needs in Andor. Perhaps, at some point give him information about the Ravenwoods that he can use. Be his most effective tool you see." Mazla moved closer a little worried that if Sarah were to pass out she might slip under the water. Slipping an arm around the other woman's waist to keep her close.

"Should... Should aye ask him if he wants me to... leave his side? Go to Bearlon? Seek work from th' Revenwoods?" Sarah asked softly, she was getting tired enough that her lower class accent was coming out very thickly. Mazla felt so warm, she felt warm. She decided she needed to get out of the hot water and cool down somehow. Getting up onto her knees she got out of the water but suddenly felt very dizzy. Her stomach grumbled and her face turned green. "Gonna... blow it." She warns quickly.

Mazla quickly retrived a pot and placed it in front of Sarah. She wasn't the first person to vomit when drinking after sexual activity. "Don't fight it Sarah let it come up." she coached. Waiting for Sarah to decide if she was going to heave up the contents of her stomach. Perhaps she would need to ask Galin how she could help his cause.

It only took a moment but as soon as Mazla told her not to fight it and she relaxed everything came up. Her eyes red as tears leaked from her eyes as she vomited everything in her stomach somewhat violently. Sarah had never drank so much wine in her life. She of course had one or two glasses with a meal while with Galin but, she had never drank before then and she rarely had more then one glass while dining with Galin. After fiteen minutes or so there was nothing left in her stomach to come up. Sarah turned away from the pot and the smell that continued to make her stomach heave. She still felt so hot and was dizzy, she didn't think she was ever going to drink more then a glass again, clearly her body was telling her this.

Mazla got a rag and wiped Sarah down, then removed the offending pot. Returning to Sarah she opened a small vial and let Sarah smell the contents. The salts would clear her head, then she would wipe Sarah down with a cooler rag. "How do you feel now little friend, I think the wine will be kept to a minimum from here on out. Do not worry yourself about how to help Galin now, we will find a better way before you leave."

"I'm sorry... I've been... made ya work, I'mma bad student." Sarah mumbles her throat fet raw and she still felt hot though goosebumps had risen all over her body. She nodded her head to show she had heard and understood what Mazla had said. Her head throbbed a bit but was well enough, she just felt weak and exhausted now. she knew she needed to get back to the rooms though and maybe she would have time for a nap to make her feel better before Galin got back. She would hate for him to think she was weak or unable to handle being trained as she was, his generosity was something she didn't want to lose.

Mazla helped her up and to a bench, she then wiped her down and dried her. She then dressed Sarah and again helped her to her feet to leave for her chambers. "Before you sleep I will need to give ou somethings so the sickness passes and you wake refreshed." When they entered the chambers again, she set Sarah on the bed and went through her bag. "Here you need to chew on this and then drink this." she instructed as she poured a vial into a glass of water.

"I'm really tryin' my best." Sarah says softly before chewing on the thing Mazla gave her, she knew she wasn't doing very well apparently right now, but she had thought she was doing so well before. She didn't understand how she suddenly had failed so miserably at evrything. Mazla would tell Galin of this of that she was certain. she just hoped she could make sense of it all later. Drinking what Mazla had mixed in the glass she laid back down and relaxed on the bed. It still smelled like Galin and it put her to ease. she wazs so worn out and tired that she was almost already asleep.

"I know dearest, and you are doing well. I will tell Galin of that and that you should be rewarded." After that Mazla stood and left the room, Sarah needed her rest and her note to Galin said as much. She would have sometime to herself to possibly find new things to teach her student. She advised their host that the training was done for the day, and left the house.

Hours later Galin returned to their chambers, quickly he stripped of his armor and washed the bloody skin beneath. The ring of regeneration already knitted his wound closed. After he disposed of the bloody clothes, he picked up the note and read it. Looking at Sarah asleep in the bed, he would wait for her to awaken and offer her whatever she wished for a reward. Going to his desk he filled in the brunt of Angie's report and contemplated the information he had gathered.

Pink was barely touching the sky's horizen when Sarah finally stirred in the bed. Moaning softly she rubbed her eyes and looked around. Still in the bedroom she relaxed on the bed. Yawning and stretching her arms and body under the single sheet she was beneath she sat up slowly and looked out the window, missing that Galin was in the room already. She rubbed one eye while looking out the window and she let what all happened sink into her head though she didn't remember a lot of the baths, it was kind of fuzzy but they had been speaking of how best to please Galin whether with her body or with her work? Or something like that.

He moved quietly behind her, watching her arms stretch and her rise. "Did you sleep well my sleeply little dove?" he sat behind her and kissed her neck. The note lay on his desk and he thought of it only for a second as he wrapped an arm around her stomach. "And may I ask how your lessons were today, I want to hear everything." not knowing what Mazla taught her. He kissed to her shoulder and then moved back to the other one.

Sarah almost jumped right off of the bed from fright. She had let out a high yipping almost sound too. She relaxed immediatly however at his kisses. "Yes I slept... well. Mazla showed me more of what I can do erm with the elven arts... and a few um positions. We used a... well it was a wooden... wooden..." Sarah blushed brightly as she tried to figure out a way to say it delicatley. "p-manhood. She tried to teach me how to take you in another way but... I... I was unable to complete that." Sarah said softly relaxed in his presence and with his touched. "she told me that I can be of use while not in the bed to you as well, but... we didn't really finish that conversation either." Sarah said still blushing, she didn't want to tell him but she didn't want to lie to him either. So she opted for the answers she gave him.

"A wooden phallus? Didn't that hurt some Sarah?" he asked. The thought of them writhing around with a phallus was a little erotic. "You please me already so much, I'm not sure you could do much more to improve that." He slid a hand up and rubbed her breast. And his other slid down her leg to squeeze her thigh.

"Oh um no... it was... enchanted. It became er... like real flesh. She made me try it first and then she used it on me." Sarah said softly almost moaning at his touches, her body throbbed from soreness but his touch was something she never wanted to lose. She opened her legs to him and leaned back against his chest as he handled her breast. He was always so gentle and yet demanding and while making love so feirce it was... perfect. "We took some potions because she said with the enchantment... it was like... well it performed as... if it were real." Sarah said softly.

His hand slid back and into her bottoms, gently rubbing her nethers. "Are you too sore from Mazla's attentions to accept mine? For I worked up and appetite for you today." He still imagined them using magic to gratify each other sexually. "Did you enjoy the lesson? Mazla left a note saying you were a wonderful student today." Galin could only imagine what she had meant by that.

Sarah moaned at his touch and shook her head no. "Sh-she did? mmm No I... I can accept it if it's you my lord." Sarah said softly laying her head back on his shoulder, his touch felt so good his large broad warm hands caressing her, she really did prefer it to say Mazla's touch. There would never be any hands better at pleasing her body then lord Galin's. though she was sore she would never turn him away, besides it wasn't that bad. She didn't know what had happened to him that day but she could feel his hunger for her behind her at her lower back poking her.

He leaned his head down and kissed her shoulder as his hands continued to touch and rub her. "I will not make you more sore, no matter how I wish to strip you and thrust against you again. This will suffice for me, perhaps tomorrow we will couple." He wasn't going to use her that roughly, she enjoyed his attention. There was no reason to make her fear him, at least not yet.

Sarah moaned against his skillful hands upon her body. His words meant the world to her and so did he. Though she was a little dissapointed not to feel him inside and outside of her, after he finished with her she could always return the favor with her mouth. The elven arts was something she was becoming quite good at and she knew he liked having it done. Maybe he would let her relax in that fashion. That way he wasn't left unattended and get cranky or tense or anything.

He spilt her nether lips and slipped his index finger inside her. The other hand let go long enough to tilt her head to his kiss. Once their mouths met he again began to rub her breasts. Galin would not tell her about the men he killed today, nor about his injuries. Instead would medicate them with the languid moans of Sarah as he brought forth a climax from her body.

"AH!" Sarah moans crying out tilting her head back and kissing Galin deeply, her hips wiggling against his hand, she couldn't stay still. Her body felt so warm and his hands felt heavenly on her body. Gentle yet decisive and controlled while still making her feel absolutely crazy with need for him. she thought someday she might go inside with need for him... he was so talented and careful of her, so sweet and kind too.

Begining to pull at her top as he searched her mouth with his tongue. Galin wanted her bare breasts against the skin of his palm. Already the heady aroma of her excitment was turning him ecret with passion. Is this what Altair and Alehial felt when they were together, he could only wonder as a second finger joined the first. She moved and squirmed against his hands, and the more nooise she made the more excited he became.

Sarah moaned into his mouth as the second finger filled her. His warm hand against her bare skin of her breasts made her body tingle and her to groan. she couldn't help but squeal and moan and squirm as his hands masterfully worked her body over. All of it muffled as he plundered her mouth with his tongue, even as she kissed him in return he dominated her so thoroughly so completely she could almost melt into a warm puddle beneath him.

He began to run his fingers along her clit, sliding his fingers deep then back out. Her nipples were being rolled between his fingers before he lightly pulled on them. The moan was devoured as he continued to kiss her, exploring her mouth with his tongue. Sarah made him feel invincible and powerful, her cries pleading with him not to tease her increased that. One day he wondered if he might drive her insane with using her such.

It didn't take longer then a few more minutes before Sarah pulled away from the kiss and cried out, her body writhing against his body and his hands. Wetness coated his fingers inside of her and slid from her body to the sheets, her nipples hardened stiff peaks under his manipulations. She was panting for breath as her body continued to convulse and tighten around his fingers and drive her crazy with his stimulation.

He kept up stimulating her for a little then stopped. He tasted her on his fingers, "Perhaps later I will get my satisfacition and drink my fill of you." He smiled at the thought of Sarah moaning and screaming, calling him a god again. It was something he never tired of hearing, her reaction to him was always amazing. Although he knew she would need to sleep again, most times she needed it to recover. "Did you like that my little dove?" he asked hoping she was happy.

"Yes... Yes Master Galin." Sarah moaned softly, her body still trembling from her prolonged orgasm. She was panting and her eyes were drooping a little, Galin was really amazinf to the point that she almost always had to recover or they had to finish early for her to even be able to make it. She knew she needed to work on her stamina but how did one imporve sexual stamina? should she run excersize somethingshe needed to Ask Mazla because she would know.

Galin held her close to him as she came down from the climax. "Have I tired you again my little dove?" He found it funny, but did wish she had more stamina. "I think sharing you with your teacher is a little draining, especially today." As he held her he stroked and cupped her breast, lavishing the soft warm skin.

"I can still go on master. I'm not done yet!" Sarah said earnestly, leaning back against him and reaching her arms down to his hips. She squirmed against him enough that she could get her hands behind her in his pants. She toyed with his flesh a little by stroking the sensitive skin just above his manhood. It was hard and throbbing and she could feel it against her back even though she had squirmed away a little. She might still be panting but she would not leave him unsatisfied.

Her very forward comment took him by surprise, "Very well, at least let me help you." He opened his pants to her questing hand and smiled as he continued to handle her breast. Sarah's hands were intriguing to him, there was a strength in thm from working as a servant. But, the skin was becoming softer from pampering. And even though he promised, he wanted nothing more than to spread her thighs and thrust into her until the sun rose in the morning.

Sarah smiled and while he opened his trousers for her she turned around. Once he was freed she reached back in with her hands and stroked his hard hot flesh. She lowered her mouth to him and began pleasing him with her mouth. she wished though that he wasn't so completely concerned about her being a little worn out and simply take her, thrust his heated rod into her and make her call him god once again. There was no better feeling then him being inside of her bringing her to her peak of pleasure.

Galin gasped and leaned back against the head of the bed her mouth seemed to treat him differently. "Oh, Sarah....yes, just like that, what a magnificent little dove. I see you are excelling at your...lessons." he groaned feeling her enthusiam. Fumbling in the stand beside the bed he gathered the wand of block the seed. "If you take my climax and make me erect again, I plan on ravishing you for hours."

Sarah nearly glowed with his praises, if she was even better already then this was all worth it. If he praised her and told her words of endearment. She worked a little harder wanting to please him, wanting him to acknowledge what she did for him and how hard she had been working. She used her tongue and suction, even a little bit of teeth to bring him pleasure, her hand gently working over his sac as well. trying to bring him as much pleasure as he possibly could.

He was glad she could not see his reaction, eyes went wide and almost rolled into the back of his head. What had Mazla been teaching her? And he thought to give her a most hearty thanks. "Ah, Sar-Sarah you really have been learning alot. I intend on taking you as soon as I am erect again, and I hope you won't mind, but it will take longer for my next climax." Feeling his member swell and his impending climax not far off.

Finally Sarah hummed as she continued to suck and nibble, the vibration of it would surely please him as she continued to bob her head and accept his manhood into her throat as she relaxed her muscles. Her fingers still teasing his sac and the base of his cock. Once his shaft began pulsing and twitching she knew he was close and she was ready to take all of his seed. He gave it to her only in two circumstances, when she took him into her mouth and when he used a wand. She was glad she could please him like this though, only the teaching of MAzla had gotten her to this level of skill so quickly.

He grasped the back of her head as his climax arrived, making him twitch and spurt into her mouth. She was learning so fast, and shortly simple praise may not be enough. "Oh gods Sarah, you are becoming such a wonderful lover, has this all been from Mazla's teachings?" Reaching down he pulled her mouth from him and pulled her up to him. Spreading her nethers he pointed his manhood and began to push inside his lover and companion, she would plead for him to stop, grant him anything he wanted by the time he was done.

Sarah had swallowed his load, not letting even a little spill from her mouth. She was going to answer his question but her lifted her so quickly, spread her legs and speared her on his manhood with almost a ferocious need to be buried inside of her. "AAH! HAAA!" She cried out as he pushed his way deep inside of her so suddenly. IT was heavenly, her arms awrapped around his neck her legs curling around his back and the back of the chair, her entire body trembled at the fast and yet wonderfl feeling of his flesh sinking so deeply into her own.

Lower his head he began to feast upon her chest, as he began to lift and lower her on him. Galin felt taking her this way was more primal and could not surpress a growl as he licked and bit her breasts. As they continued he sped up lifting and lowering her. Squeezing her bottom as he kept up his pace, her cry was enough to make him completely erect. "I think you feel even tighter than before Sarah." he commented then began to kiss her neck.

"AH! MA-Aster!! AAAAH! Master Galin!!!" Sarah cries out clinging to him as he moved her, lowering her deep on top of him, and pulling her up until he left her feeling empty before pulling her down so quickly it felt like he was punching her with his flesh. It wasn't long at all before she came, she almost thought she had become more sensitive since Mazla had been training her, as her skill grew so did her sensitivity. Clinging to him as her body tightened around him, she knew he wasn't even close to finishing. Not wanting to scream in his ear she buried her face in the crook of his neck until she couldn't stand it anymore and bit his shoulder, where the meat of his muscle was. It wasn't even near enough to drawing blood but she didn't want to scream in his ear.

He stood holding her still and sat her on the desk, then laying her back. She was very beautiful trying not to cry out, panting for breath and he began to thrust again. Feeling her warmth clutching at him and it excited him, he leaned over and again licked and nipped at her breasts and throat. Galin felt possessed he simply was acting on instinct ad desire. He began to withdraw almost all the way out then thrust back inside, altering the angle at which he enjoyed her.

Sarah laid on the desk, her legs wrapped around Galin's hips still. She was panting hard her hands moved from being wrapped around his neck to holding onto his biceps. He was so... primal tonight. It was wonderful, she had never felt so sensual in her life. She couldn't stop the moans and gasps that escaped from her mouth as he thrust into her so deeply each time. She kept a tight hold of his arms and her legs around his hips. She was sweating so much she was thankful of the bath she had taken after lesson with Mazla.

Galin looked down at her and didn't see Sarah nor did he see Alehial, it was like the two women became one. He continued to thrust faster and harder going as deeply as he could. Breathing deeply as sweat coated him, never stopping or slowing his pace. After he had made her climax again he would move her somewhere else and enjoy her there as well. Getting close to Sarah's neck and face her, growled and nipped her as their scent mingled in his nose.

Sarah screamed out as her pleasure washed over her. "GA-GALIN! AAH! AH! GODS! GODS! AAAAHH!" She screamed as he put all his strength into thrusting his hard member into her body, with a ferocious need. Never before had he taken her so savagely and thus her body tightened around him to such a degree her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body arched as she clutched at him. Her pleasure litereally blinding her for a few moments, The servants in the halls would be sure to hear this exchange, and possibly their host as well for that matter. It was as if he was an animal with the urge to claim her as his so no other could ever replace him. She was panting hard still concious but well and thoroughly fucked. Her body spasming and still holding tightly onto him as he prolongued her pleasure by continueing to thrust inside of her, If he wasn't done she knew they would go until he was finished and she was delighted.

Her cries and tightening body only served to heighten his needs and desires. The body beneath him one second was Sarah, the next Alehial, and finally a mixture of the two. He continued to thrust changing the angle again and kept up his pace. Galin slid his hand under her back and drew her up to his mouth, nipping and licking her skin. Finally, he uttered his first words making sure she heard him, "Strike me."

"W-what?!" Sarah stuttered softly her nails digging into his arms as her grip tightened. He was so Feral, but what did he mean strike him? was she supposed to hit him? fight him while they... made love? Was that what he meant? She continued to moan and gasp however as his body enflamed hers, she couldn't stop him even if she wanted to but was he wanting her to struggle against him? Was this a fetish? If it was was it okay?

Her hesitant comment angered him a little, but he channeled it into powerful thrusts. Even he was a little taken aback by what he demanded from her, but thought it had to do with what he was seeing. "I said strike me" he growled, "Do it Sarah, now." Galin's thrust were long powerful strokes, driving deeply into Sarah's body. Leaning down he nipped the soft flesh of her breast, then presented himself so she could strike his face.

Sarah cried out, his thrusts were becoming harsher and while they still felt good she could tell he was a little more then irritated. Hesitantly she pulled her hand back and holding onto his with her other hand and her legs around his hips. She struck him, she was never a fighter and the most she had been able to do was call for help and trick those who wanted to harm her or use her. This was unusual and he was a little frightening to her as he growled and demanded things, the look on his face and how he was ramming into her. She was getting more fulfilled though, her desires and pleasure being stoked higher as he thrust into her so roughly, it was Galin after all, and no matter what it was he did she loved him.

The strike was weak, but it made him even more focused. He remembered Alehial's strike and in his mind saw her beneath him. Grabbing her hips he hammered himself into her, seeing first her terror then burning passion. She was his plaything, something for him to enjoy a proper half-elf noble. As he thrust he growled and began to see Sarah again, wondering how close she was to another climax.

Sarah cried out at each thrust, it almost hurt as he buried himself so deep inside of her, he was hitting the very end of her, hitting against her very womb. She clung to him her eyes nearly filling with tears, she closed her eyes tightly before screaming out again as her body tightened around him fiercly. Her legs hugged his body tightly against her and her fingernails dug into his arms deeply. Her screams unintelligable and consistant as the pleasure tore through her and so did the slight pain.

Galin breathing heavily withdrew a little and looked at her, Sarah's cries awoke in him that primal nature. He lifted her from the desk and took her to the bed and set her upon her knees and began to kiss her back and shoulders. Then began to ease openn her legs again and guided himself between her nether lips. The thrusts weren't as deep but he used all of his length, one hand held her hip the other rubbed and kneaded her breast. Still he didn't speak, communicating in grunts and growls as he lavished the sensations of her body.

Sarah trembled beneath him, on her hands and knees now she felt more like an... an animal. She continued to cry out at each thrust, the powerful feel of him behind her his body radiating heat, his sweat falling to her back and mingling with her own. She clutched the sheets of the bed and made herself stable beneath him, it was all she could do, he was controling his own and her motions and bodies. In this position she was vulnerable and really unable to do very much, she was panting heavily but still his desire and need was more. This was a side of him only she saw witness to, his need and his desires were hers only. It made her want to do her best for him and she was already so tired, but she made sure she would be able to stay stable and accept all of him even until he finished. She cried out at each thrust no longer as painful but just as powerful, she relished that he was giving her everything like this.

Galin knew this time he would climax and give her his seed again. For a second he thought that at some point of impregnating her. Flint would never look on him as a father. And Sarah worshipped the ground he walked upon, her son would revere Galin as a god as well. His thrusts lagged just a second before he shook it off and renewed those thrusts gripping her by the hips.

Sarah felt him slow before he continued with renewed vigor, she didn't know why he had though as she couldn't turn to look. He was working so hard he must be near climax by now and she was excited to accept his seed into her womb, even if he had used the wand and it wouldn't actually get her with his child. It was still an honor to have him at all. She continued to cry out at each thrust, he was so powerful that he made her feel divine just by thrusting sos hard and so powerfully into her now.

He felt the primal side awakenm again as she cried out, and his speed picked up. Reaching down he drew her up and bit her neck, holding her with his hands. Galin continued to pump into her, licking and nipping at her as he felt her inner warmth against him. SO, close now he knew she couldn't handle anymore and he knew he was that close to climaxing. Finally, with one last long withdraw and plung back into her, his climax erupted in a long gutteral growl.

Sarah trembled as he held her up against his chest, only her knees on the bed as he continued to thrust so powerfully inside of her. As he released inside of her and his hot seed warmed her insides she screamed out again as her body clenched him tightly, her fourth and final climax of the night. It wasn't even a minute before her body went limp and her head drooped, she had passed out, so savage and glorious had their coupling been that he had taken everything she had and used it all up. Her breathing was even and her body still held him tightly where they were connected but she wasn't there to relish the feel of his hot essance in her belly, nor enjoy his hot breath on her flesh as he recovered. She had lasted until the very end but only just, now she was limp and exhausted.

He held her against him, knowing she was spent and admiring her ability to last. Adjusting himself to lay down still inside her, savoring the warmth of her body and tightness around his member. Galin would slip out of her later before he went to sleep. Kissing her neck and still rubbing her chest he felt calm, the primal side back under control. Something strange happened, Lord Soth the feared warrior, fell asleep.

Sarah groaned waking up slowly, she blinked open her eyes and focused. Turning just a little she winced as suddenly the movement made several pains flare up into her focus. Her hips were sore, her insides were sore, her shoulders and even breasts were sore. It was then that she recalled why everything was so sore. She groaned softly and looked for Galin, for that matter she didn't know what time it was, they had coupled very late into the night she knew that much.

Sunlight filtered in through the window, the sun had already risen. A light knock came from the door and Galin in his sleep moved. His arm was still wrapped around her and she could feel him against her. A second knocked followed and the door opened just a crack and Mazla looked inside, "Sarah, are you awake?" It must already be time for her lessons, which means they had been asleep for a long time. "I see the servants were not lying about the two of you had coupled well last night."

"Miss Mazla?" Sarah spoke but her voice was rough and a little hoarse. She had been crying out and yelling even screaming last night when Galin... or... Soth took her so savagely. She felt too weak to even prop herself up to look to the doorway properly. Besides Galin's arm was heavy!! She was still a rather petite woman and his arm attatched to his body weighed a lot, or at least enough she was somewhat pinned down. "ah?!" Sarah made a rather surprised squeek as she touched her throat with her hand, yeah that was sore too now that she had actually spoken using her voice.

Mazla entered the room and shut the door, "My dear, I see the two of you had been busy last night. Would you like me to help you move his arm?" she asked quietly. The smells of their joining filled the room, it was a musky smell that began to excite Mazla. She did notice there wasn't much covering either of them. Coming over to the bed and sitting beside them she looked over Sarah, she looked like it had been a long session with Lord Galin.

Sarah turned and looked at Galin still sleeping. She shook her head a little and smiled softly at Mazla. "No... but if you could get me a glass of water please?" Sarah asked softly, her voise was still a little gruff because of the rawness from the yelling and moaning last night but she wouldn't trade it for the world. Maybe if he had forgotten to use the wand and she got pregnant but that was a fantasy best not shared at all. After all he would then have a weakness if he cared about the child wouldn't he? Unless... unless she was pregnant with his child and... like the other woman... in Andor... got inside the family... because of the baby? Would it work? would they beleive it? She would ask Galin. She didn't know if it was a stupid idea but the very chance she might have Galin's baby made her happy.

Mazla got to her feet and got the water to bring back to Sarah. "Here, how do you feel? I see you have a bruise or two, but was it good last night and do you hurt anywhere else." She hoped to possibly teach Sarah more, but in this shape she doubted that Sarah would want to play or learn anything today. The girl looked over at Galin, the lord slept soundly he most have given her an amazing amount of his seed. "Did he use the wand, or refuse you his seed?" she asked in a hushed tone.

"Mmm He had the wand when I... gave used the Elven arts but... I... I don't remmeber if he actually used it or not... Mazla... has anyone ever asked you to strike them?" Sarah asks softly while she was thinking about it, she pretty much dismissed the wand because well... It was Galin and he wouldn't want a child... right? Cause he already had one. But she wondered if the striking thing was a fetish or something. He had never asked her to do it before but that didn't mean he would never ask her again right? she sipped the water and it soothed her throat a lot. She wondered if she was in any sahpe to be taught anything today.

Mazla looked at Galin still asleep beside her student, "A great many people have asked many things of me during sex. If it was only the one time I would hazard a guess he was thinking about something in his past. And I guess the lesson today is a reading one." She produced a book from her bag and set it beside the bed. Being curious she wished Sarah would let her look under the sheet at Galin.

"I see, that makes sense to me. What is in the book to be learned of the sexual arts? I'm sorry I can't do lessons properly Mazla, but it is my duty to sate Master Galin's desires." Sarah said softly with a happy smile on her face. She picked up the book and opened it, curious as to what it contained in the way of lessons. She saw Mazla eyeing the covered form of Galin, actually her legs from the knees down were covered but nothing else covered her other then Galin's arm, while he had the covers up over his waist covering him. It made her giggle, he was hiding more then she was.

Mazla smiled at her giggle and leaned forward, "Please do not be cross at my curiosity, he and you have made a impression in this house. But, I would not attempt to subvert your position as his companion, I find you rather dear and sweet." When Sarah opened the book she saw pictures of men and women in various sexual positions. "I had this copy made for you, I hope you put it to good use. I regret though today I do not get to play or taste you as we have been in the baths." she pouted and gently rubbed Sarah's nipple.

Sarah's breath hitched slightly as it felt good and the pictures in the book had caught her attention so what Mazla had done she hadn't seen coming at all. Sarah closed the book though and set it aside, with Galins arm over her she knew she couldn't really get away without help and sometimes he ould latch on and not let her leave at all regardless while he slept. "I'm not angry at all Mazla... if he wishes you to see him then I certainly cannot object, I know he is handsome and I'm sure the servants are speaking... of what they've... uh... heard. It would make anyone curious." Sarah said understandingly moaning softly.

"Can you honestly say my touch is arousing you, Sarah?" she asked surprised. If a man like Galin used her like he did Sarah, she would be a wreck for days. Sarah gained a little more respect in Mazla's eyes right then. Lightly she pinched the nipple and began to try making it hard to see if she really was up to playing. Her other hand slipped under the sheet and made haste to her nethers, she was careful and soft in her caressing.

"How can you expect your touch to not be arousing miss Mazla? ah!" Sarah had told her breathlessly, her nipples both pucker at the attention even to just the one, when he hadn caressed her she sighed until Mazla's fingers ran over her entrance and then she winced. It hurt, or rather was very sore and felt raw at the touch of Mazla's fingers however gentle. "M-maybe I'm not really up to too much." Sarah says looking apologetic for it. She had spread her legs to give Mazla easy access to her but, if she was hurting she hoped MAzla whouldn't explore too much with her fingers.

Dipping in just far enough to feel the mixture of Galin and Sarah's juices. Mazla smiled and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her student's mouth then one on her breast. After a long second feeling the slickened woman she withdrew the finger and licked it clean. "I would have loved to taste it just after he had filled you Sarah." Mazla could only fantasize about being in the same bed as these two, enjoying both the feeling of Sarah but Galin as well.

Sarah groaned softly, She too thought it would be interesting but, she was andorian and she felt that Galin and chosen her and there was no real room for another, unless he wanted there to be and then... then she would agree to it as well. But she really was feeling very sore, she hadn't looked as her own body yet so she didn't know the number or depth of the bruises on her body. It seemed Mazla really did want to join their coupling though, with passion too.

"I shall have hot water and salts brought, the sooner you soak they will lessen the soreness and fatigue." She licked Sarah's nipple one last time and headed to the door. "I will return shortly and bring tea with honey and lemon for your throat. We will have you feeling as good as new, dearest." she said before closing the door behind her. Galin stirred lightly beside her and moved the imprisoning arm.

Sarah was rather shocked that Galin hadn't woken at all when Mazla knocked and entered or while they spoke. She smiled softly though, she didn't mind if he slept, contrary she liked it, this was the first time she was awake before he was. She turned on her side and snuggled up against him, even though the arm that had pinned her down was gone, she didn't wish to leave his warmth or body just yet. She lay with him and just inhaled his scent and the mingled scent of sex still drifting about the room. She was relaxed and even though she was sore she was so in love and enjoying the moment she was pretty much oblivious to everything else.

Galin sleot and oddly dreamnt, he had crushed his brother and took Alehial for his trophy. And he mated with her in such as he had with Sarah, and he knew she would bear him a son. And then he went to Sarah and mated with her as well, thrust and stroking himself to climax with her as well. He smiled content and even pictured Mazla lapping his seed from the defeated Alehial and overjoyed Sarah. He murmured in his sleep, "Yes, umm Sarah and more where that came from."

"I will accept it all because it's from you Master Galin." Sarah says softly, she had never heard him talk in his sleep before her even seen him smile to sweetly. It must be a good dream for him to do such things, Sarah hoped since he spoke to her that she was in his dream. She smiled happily though, if he dreamt of her and even in his dreams was hapy then surely he was very happy with her in life and with how she was doing. She stayed snuggled against him and watching him slumber.

Mazla arrived a short time later with a slave carrying hot water and she with the salts. Both were added to the tub and she motioned to Sarah to get up and get in the water. She almost brought a glass to see how much of Galin's seed had pooled inside her pupil. "Come dear one, a soothing bath awaits and after a soak you might be able to take him on again." She smiled and honestly thought of stripping and getting in with her to splash around some.

Sarah got up but as soon as she stood she gasped and closed her legs. blushing a bright rosey red as the juice from them both spilled from her inside of her and slid down her legs slowly. "Oh! mmmmm!" Sarah moaned softly in almost dissapointment as she lost Galin's seed, it felt weird and was cold inside of her now, though it burned her coming out from being salty. She wanted to take the bath but moving meant it would continue to leak and run down her legs. She had at first thought she had peed herself but since it wasn't warm or at least very warm her body only kept it warm for so long.

Mazla grabbed a cloth and held it to Sarah, "Here so you don't leave a trail to the tub." And she escorted her to the warm water, it still retained some steam and would most likely ease her soreness in and out. "Would you like anything else while you soak, food or drink perhaps?" she offered. She could only imagine the last time her student had eaten anything but the lord's seed. A maid would need to tidy up the cahmber, which smelled like an orgy had taken place here.

"Oh yes breakfast would be wonderful... I'm so hungry... Thank you Miss Mazla... I didn't even think about um.. leaking." Sarah sas blushing softly, she relaxed in the tub, the hot water was so soothing and felt good on her body. though she was still sore inside she wondered if she would be able to take Galin again today. Would it take a day maybe two to heal? She touched herself a little and blushed at the feeling of His seed still leaking from her in the hot water, pushing past it though she did wince, she was deffiently going to need time to heal. Not to mention now that she looked she had bruises on her right breast, her left nipple was bruised, her hips were purple and she had some bruises she couldn't see but deffinitly felt, like her back wehre the edge of the desk dug into her, her butt where he had gripped her and used her for leverage. Her knees had slight burns on them probably from the sheets too. It was sort of like her first night with him.

Mazla went to the door and ordered her breakfast then rummaged in her bag a little. "Here dearest, this will help at least with the bruises and marks." she said holding aloft a small vial. Then approaching the tub she offered it to Sarah. The liquid was white and smelled of some exotic fruit, Mazla placed the vial to Sarah's lips. "Do you trust me lover? That I want what is best for you?" she asked with a playful pout.

"O-of course I do Mazla! I trust you with my health and my sexual experience not only now but even in the future!" Sarah said fervently before opening her mouth trustingly. Mazla was so beautiful and after everything they had shared Sarah felt comfertable around her and trusted her very much. Sarah waited for MAzla to speak or to tip the vial patiently, she was still so innocent even after the near rape and the time she had spent with Galin in and out of his bed. She still trusted easily.

Mazla tipped the vial and allowed the liquid to slide down Sarah's throat. As they waited for it to take effect, Mazla gently pulled on Sarah's nipples. And every so often looked back at Galin asleep in the bed, how she would enjoy swallowing his seed and letting him and Sarah with the Phallus fill her until she was spent. Or feast on Sarah while Galin took her from behind. It was a dream she had since she first tasted Sarah a few days ago.

Sarah moaned softly, swallowing the liquid and feeling Mazla's hands on her body teasing her again. the warm water was relaxing and easing her sore and stuff muscles and she didn't know what it was that Sarah had given her but she was waiting for it to start or to affect her rather. she saw MAzla's longing looks at Galin's sleeping form and wondered exactly what she thought of when she saw him each time. Between Galin taking her virginity and Mazla teaching her how to please him properly, Sarah was hardpressed to say who she truelly enjoyed more, though she was in love with Galin if she wasn't. Sarah thought she would perhaps maybe accept the idea of MAzla joining her and Galin though she didn't know how exactly.

The draught didn't take long, Sarah could see the bruises fade away. And the soreness in her body was lessening up from the water and draught. Mazla smiled, "There is that flesh I so enjoy teaching and touching." "Funny I to enjoy that same flesh." came a voice from the bed. Galin was sitting up and watching Mazla play with Sarah.

"Galin!" Sarah smiled brightly, she had been almost to the point of panting from Mazla's expert hands teasing her so skillfully, not only that but all her soreness and the bruising went away completely. She was a little startled to see him awake so suddenly but it made sense. They were talking and all he would surely wake up while they did so. But Sarah blushed brightly realizing that Mazla hadn't stopped and she was in the tub nude and all.

"Is this part of the lesson?" he asked with a smile watching Mazla touch Sarah so intimatly. Mazla blushed and released Sarah, "My apologies Lord Galin.....I was just...." "Don't apologize Mazla, thanks to you Sarah surprised me so very well last night. And I also enjoy touching Sarah's breasts amongst other body parts. As long as Sarah has no objection you may continue."

Sarah blushed bright red at being caught and at the compliment he paid her and then the divulging of what they did together when they were alone. She almost thought to get out of the bath and greet him but... maybe he wanted her to stay in? She hadn't washed or anything yet and it hadn't been that long ago that she had gotten in. After all he had just told Mazla to basically continue what they had been doing while they thought he was asleep. Which meant he wanted to watch them as they did it.

Mazla blinked and then smiled, she was being told by Lord Ravenwood she could show him what they did together. She turned and lavished her tongue against Sarah's nipple. Her hand slid beneath the water and parted her nethers to rub the little bud inside. Sarah was so lucky to have a man like Galin, for he denied her nothing. And he was lucky to have such a devoted lover in Sarah.

"A-AAH! NN! Haa!" Sarah moaned and blushed still, looking over at Galin as Mazla's hands and mouth instant descended on her flesh. Mazla's hand already rubbing her so much and her mouth licking and sucking her breasts so harshly. Sarah trembled even though she was supported in the water, she cried out her pleasure and held onto Mazla closely. She was panting and so close because... because Mazla was so good and... and Galin was watching... He was watching and... and he looked pleased, he liked watching her.

"Not to interrupt your fun, let us do something interesting shall we. Dry Sarah off and after breakfast we shall have the bed remade and talk." Galin stood and opened the door, ordering his breakfast as well. Mazla had stopped and helped Sarah from the water, she then fetched a towel to dry her. "Do you think he will send me away Sarah?" Mazla whispered, concerned she had offended him.

Sarah was heavily dissapointed, she was close to the edge and Galin had seen that. He had put a stop to it. Sarah panted slightly as Mazla dried her off as well, once she was dried off she got her clothing she wore for Mazla's lessons. "No Mazla, Galin had a reason to ask for what he did, we just don't know it yet." Sarah said with a small happy little smile, she wanted to reassure her but she really didn't know what Galin was up to or planning or why he was walking around naked.

Galin put on some pants and light shirt before any of the servants returned. Breakfast came for them and maids cleaned and changed the linens, then once everything was squared away Galin sent them away. "Mazla, I must commend you on what you have shown Sarah. Know I would be remiss in saying I know everything about satisfying a woman. With Sarah's agreement, I wish you to teach us together for a time."

Sarah sat where she usually did beside him at the table while they ate. She did cough though when he told her he wanted to learn with Mazla how to please Sarah. Learning together... and how Mazla had been teaching her meant he... wanted what Mazla wanted. She took a drink though and cleared her throat "I agree." She says softly wanting to get this over with... was he going to stay today? Had she done well last night to the point that he wanted to stay today?

"Sarah, why don't you remove your clothes and lay in the middle of the bed while I speak to Mazla a minute." They then stepped away and spoke privatly at the far side of the room. He silenced her for a moment and touched his ring, which meant someone was reporting to him. He smiled and clapped his hands together, it was good news. Galin then looked at Sarah with that same hungry look he had the other night when he tried to devour her. "Now Mazla, you said you could teach me a thing or two about Sarah and what she likes and desires from me?" They both looked at Sarah and licked their lips.

Sarah had done what he asked of her immedietly, though she folded the clothes neatly on the side, she climbed into the bed and lay on her side comfertably. Looking out the window and keeping herself occupied, she didn't even turn to look at them for fear of being scolded perhaps. After all he had asked for privacy. She turned when he had risen his voice loud enough to let her hear what he was speaking and when she saw them both she shuddered in anticipation. Looking up at them demurely from the bed, almot coy through her eyelashes, laying on her side propped up on her elbow to look at them and nude on the now dark green silk sheets.

"My goodness where would you like to begin master Ravenwood, I have found numerous places that a lick or a nibble gets a wonderful response." Mazla got onto the bed followed by Galin who reached out and drug his fingers down her thigh. And so Mazla would point and describe what he needed to do and Galin followed. Then Galin would point and tell and Mazla would do as ordered. Then they both spread her nethers and took turns licking her clit with much enthusiasm.

Sarah gasped and upon being laid on her back, she clutched the silk sheets beneath her and moaned. The differences of their touch and how they pleasured her were stark and almost opposite, though Mazla after some time began to mimic Galin's touch and Sarah was weak against him and how he handled her. She couldn't return their touches, or touch them almost at all because of how they were touching her. It seemed for them both they craved touching and tasting her and she was trapped beneath them unable to do anything but feel and respond to their pleasure.

Mazla left Galin lashing Sarah to come up beside the young woman and lick her nipples and kiss her chastely. "He does such a good job going everywhere I pointed out to him. Is there anything else you'd like me to do to you? I would like to help you make him feel like you do." Mazla spoke quietly. She sat up long enough to loosen her outfit then reclined back and renewed her licking.

Sarah moaned at the continued and now even furthered touches and lashing from Galin, she turned a little to loosen Mazla's pants further and pulled them down enough to wiggle her hand between her thighs and stroke her fingers teasingly over Mazla's clit and entrance. Sarah didn't want to be the only one burning up with lust and moaning out in pleasure. She knew Galin wouldn't mind, he had said as much while they were here that he would like to watch and participate in at least a class. This was the same thing he had spoken of, and it was either she please Mazla or Mazla please Galin and Sarah didn't want her more skilled teacher to please Galin and have him decide to keep Mazla and not her.

Mazla gasped and moaned with Sarah's nipple in her mouth, "Mistress Sarah you are amazing." Galin smiled and quit torturing Sarah, moving up he seperated the two women and settled on the bed. He then put each of his hands to pleasuring both women's nethers. Mazla gasped it was no wonder Sarah loved his attentions, she squirmed and moaned wanting to take him into her hand. Galin leaned over and kissed Sarah deeply, she was his focus and even though he liked Mazla's noises, it was Sarah's that excited him.

Sarah responded instantly to his touch, Arching and thrusting her hips against the tempo he set with his fingers and his hand inside of her. Kissing him deeply running her fingers through his hair while they kissed. She moaned and let him eat away her sounds of pleasure out of her mouth. When he added several fingers inside of her she too writhed beneath his hand, she felt she was about to climax soon from his earlier torture of her and she wished she could hold out, she didn't want to seem so inexperienced out of the three of them and put either of the two to shame.

Mazla found herself desiring more from lord Galin, "Sarah would you be terribly cross if I stroked his manhood?" Galin broke the kiss long enough to look into Sarah's eyes, "It is your decision, but I want your hand their as well." He then waited to see if his lover and the guest would fight over who would pleasure him. Perhaps he would draw Sarah to his mouth and let Mazla pleasure him. Or better yet thrust into one while she licked her friend.

"N-no don't m-mind." Sarah moaned looking up at him her lips slick from their shared kiss and she was obviously struggling not wanting to cum and be thought of as still inexperienced. She was panting and her face was flushed pink, one of her own hands was holding on to his muscled arm as he pleasured her with it. It was getting harder though for her to try to hold herself back enough to not climax, she couldn't really last much longer.

MAzla too was panting and trying to keep from climaxing. She reached her free hand to take Galin ahold of his manhood. Galin groaned a little and continued to kiss Sarah. Both women were very wet and that made him want both equally as much. Galin then began to rub his thumbs against their clits and waited for them to climax.

"AAH! G-Galin! M-Master!!" Sarah gasped and writhed clutching his arm pleasuring her she couldn't put her hands on Galin at the moment because the pleasure going through her was to much for her to think properly. She arched her back and writhed beneath him as he brought her to climax. Sweat covering her body she was thankful that Mazla had given her that healing drought earlier or this wouldn't have been possible or at the very least pleasurable.

Mazla too arched and moan languidly, "Lord Galin, ohm-my thank you." She had squeezed his manhood while she climaxed and resumed stroking it. Looking over at Sarah she smiled, "You are very lucky Sarah, Lord Galin blesses you with his attentions and this physical specimen." She leaned over Galin and made a come hither motion with her free hand to Sarah. She wanted to kiss those soft lips and let Galin watch then participate.

Sarah lazily leaned over towards Mazla, pleasure still rippled through her body as Galin didn't stop touching her. Sarah's hand drifted down to join Mazla's at his manhood. Still hard and hot, he had asked for her to please with along with MAzla, she could not deny anything he asked. How Mazla could speak so elegently after a climax Sarah didn't know, she was still getting ehr breathing back to normal and her eyes were dialated with pleasure still. She hoped she was pleasing Galin because he was doing so much for her already.

Mazla kissed her and interlaced their fingers around Galins manhood and began to rub it. Galin gasped and marveld at what they were doing, it was amazing. "Ladies, I feel this may have been a plan you two concocted." He reached down and rubbed their nethers again. Mazla moaned and swpt her tongue into Sarah's mouth.

Sarah moaned into Mazla's mouth squirming at Galin's renewed touches. She followed Mazla's lead with Galin's throbbing manhood between their hands. Sarah accepted everything from Mazla, much like she did with Galin she let either one of them dominate her and take control with their actions. she was a submissive lover, though if they let her she could become bold but her natural desposition was that of a follower... she was simply a submissive person. One who tried to please others and do what was asked or try to think ahead to the needs and get them done before one thought of the need for it. It was what made her a great servant and even a lover.

Mazla intwined their tongues and gently moaned, her hand kept her upright on Master Galin's probing fingers, while the other one helped Sarah stroke him. She would love to either mount him or have his tongue pleasure her, which would Sarah allow however. Galin continued to enjoy the women, but he wanted more than their hands. "Well, you two need to decide if you will both use your mouths on me, or one on my manhood and one on to my tongue?" he asked looking at them with a grin. They would decide, but either way he would enjoy today immensely.

Sarah blushed softly at how boldly they were speaking of everything, though they had done more then speak it was somehow more embaressing to be like this and discuss things rationally. She did admit she didn't want Mazla on his manhood, but she didn't know how to pleasure a man when there were two people Mazla hadn't been able to teach her that one before, and Sarah looked to Mazla. "M-mouth and... m-mount?" She suggests almost whispering the suggestion, though the blush blossomed deeper on her cheeks at even saying it out loud.

"My lord, Sarah and I have not discussed the two of you plus another. Sarah I know this might be hard, but we will need to move down to his manhood and talk briefly." Galin removed his fingers from them to allow them to move, smiling as they did. Mazla slid down the bed and once there waited for Sarah to join her. This would be a perfect chance to explain how this was done and gain enjoyment at the same time.

Sarah blushed and nodded her head. She in fact didn't know what to do and the thing she had chosen was the only way she understood it would work benificially. Taking her place though beside Mazla she was blushing brightly in her ignorance, and of course at having Galin see her when she didn't know what to do. But laying next to Mazla and with the blessing of Galin she waited for instruction or to be shown something or given something to do. There really couldn't be much for them both to do would there? There didn't seem enough room with Galin sitting like he was anyways.

"Everything is done together, first you use your mouth then I mimic what you do, until he is ready. Then you will need to decide, to take him into you or let him use his tongue on you, if you choose the latter then after whoever climaxes from his manhood can move and allow you to mount him. Understand?" Mazla whispered the explaination as they continued to stimulate Galin. He was showing a great deal of patience as this lesson continued, knowing it would pay dividends. All he waited for was to hear the rulers of Shadizar would approve of his guild coming here.

Sarah followed instruction as best as she could. It was a little hard to coordinate and she didn't like the idea of switching mounting but if Galin did not object then sarah would not object, it was simply her way to accept things if the other did. She couldn't beleive Galin was so comfertable about all of this, she was blushing and hesitant but then again she supposed he was much more...experienced in women then she was men after all she had been a virgin before him and she knew for a fact that he was not.

Mazla was being patient and suggested, "Why don't you allow him to pleasure you with his mouth then after I climax you can take my place." It was a simple way of coupling with multiple partners. It would most likely not be something Sarah might ever want to do again. She also planned to make Sarah mounting of Galin more pleasureable. Galin heard the plans and was more than a little interested in what they were up to.

"I-if you think it best..." Sarah agreed softly, of course Galin would also have to agree but she didn't think he wouldn't. She was nervous and wasn't sure this was a very good idea but on the other hand she did want to do it to try it and see how it worked and how it felt and if... it was very different. She did want to but she was nervous to do so, she hoped Galin didn't like Mazla better, that was really why she was so nervous.

Galin smiled and motioned for Sarah to bring her nethers to his mouth, and Mazla was currently straddling his hips. He pulled his companion to his mouth and after spreading her nethers began to lick roughly at her clit. Mazla took hold of him and slipped him inside her body, savoring the condition of his manhood. Kneading the flesh of her breast as he devoured her body, he groaned as Mazla began to move up and down on him. It was an amazing way to enjoy both of these women, but was curious what Mazla would do when he had Sarah on him.

Sarah gasped and moaned at the treatment he was giving her with his mouth, she leaned over and grabbed the sheets tightly her other hand going into his hair. Trembling at the already amamzing feelings he was making her feel. She fervently wished he found Mazla just a little less pleasing somehow... that way he... wouldn't want to leave her or think he could have someone better and more knowledgable someone.... who wasn't Sarah herself.

Galin continued to pleasure Sarah and added a finger into her as his other hand began to feel her breasts more. Mazla leaned forward and whispered into Sarah's ear turn about so they might see each other. "I wish to taste your skin and see the pleasure on your face." she moaned out. Sarah even from behind looked ravishing and Mazla wished to touch her again. Master Galin was bringing her so close to climax, she was already panting.

"G-galin... uun! t-turn around... Uhm! MAzla wants me ah ah to t-turn ah! Around!" Sarah moans trying to tell Galin, though he probably heard just fine. She was panting hard and he was so skilled she was almost breathless anyways. "P-please oh gods please!" She moaned sitting up straight careful though not to sit on him or anything, she felt her pleasure boiling up and didn't think she would have time to turn around for MAzla.

Sarah's cries of passion began to trigger Mazla's climax she leaned back and cried out before she leaned forward licking Sarah's spine. Galin continued to lap and pleasure Sarah increasing the pressure on her clit. He did reach past her and pulled on Mazla's nipple, then grabbed Sarah's hips and pulled her tightly to his mouth. Mazla knew what she was doing, it was a good and bad thing in his bed. Sarah was virginal and learning to only serve him, a good, no a very good thing he thought drawing her clit into his mouth.

Sarah cried out sharply, the hot tongue of Mazla's up her spine, and the extra attention from Galin beneath her making her grind her hips just a little against Galin's mouth. She was a slave to the passions Galin brought to her and brought through her. She didn't know what she was supposed to do but with these two dominating people in the bed with her she could only react and feel what they were doing to her. She wasn't able to take charge like they were and as such followed the lead they set her to follow.

Mazla reached around to play with Sarah's breast as she continued to lick. Galin continued to suck her clit then drag his teeth lightly over it, again her noises was making him desire her more. He was still erect and Mazla decided to continue pleasing him until Sarah was ready for him. Galin took one hand and played with the opposite breast while the other held her onto his face. Perhaps her and Mazla would see exactly how much pleasure Sarah could handle.

Sarah trembled and shook as her orgasm lasted, their hands and mouths on her body making her pleasure last longer then ever before. "GODS! OH GODS! AH PLEASE OH GODS!" Sarah cried out sharply, begging for something she didn't even know. Mazla's hands on her breasts Galins hand and mouth on her body. She couldn't stop even after her orgasm finally ended they continued to touch her and suckle her flesh, her sensitive flesh being teased and tasted mercilessly and she just couldn't escape. But now her body craved more... she craved the feel of Galin deep inside of her, with an aching need that almost hurt as much as the pleasure they were bringing her felt good.

Mazla moved off of Galin and while she continued to touch she spoke to Sarah, "Time to take the master's staff into yourself Sarah." And she began to help her student move back to Galin's manhood. He looked at Sarah and smiled, she would get his seed. Sarah was the one who served him and wanted to be everything to him. Mazla held his member for Sarah to lower herself and get comfortable, she kissed her thigh lightly while she prepared.

Sarah fumbled a little, catching herself with her hands on Galin's chest. But once she was in place and panting while gazing into Galin's face she lowered herself and instead of going slow and giving herself time she let herself drop and take all of him up into her body with one hard fast stroke. She cried out as he almost punched up into her body hitting the very end of her with that one stroke, her body tightened around him and making her throw back her head. HEr fingers digging into his stomach as she fought to breath through the pleasure just that one move made her feel. HEr ache now gone she felt full and stuffed from him being inside of her and she smiled, it was not a coy or innocent smile either.

Mazla leaned forward and licked her breast than kissed and licked down to that spot of coupling. She moaned at the taste of the three of them on her tongue. Galin brought his hand up to rub Sarah's breast then grasped her hips and began to thrust into her. Mazla was no longer needed, but while she helped make Sarah moan he would tolerate her intrusion. "Sarah, what a change little dove, are you planning anything else for me tonight?" he asked.

"M-morn-AH!-ning!" Sarah corrected already panting she tried to work hard raising and lifting her hips and bringing them down as Galin thrust his hips up and plunged his flesh deep into her own, it was as close to being one person they had come yet, and she was trying to match his own aggressive lovemaking to please him. The feel of Mazla made her tighten around him each time and writhe on top of him though. Sarah felt sweat slide down her spine and down her neck to the valley between her breasts from her activity but she didn't spare thought nor movement on such a trivial thing. All she could think was his cock inside of her and all she could feel was the pleasure rippling through her.

Mazla began to move up kissing and licking her way back to Sarah's breasts. She kissed and licked her friend, before moving behind to rub and play with those breasts. Galin almost laughed, but was intently watching her face as he pushed harder and faster into her. Gripping her hips harder he was putting everything into making Sarah climax. Mazla began to lick her lips, she was waiting for Galin to climax into Sarah so she could enjoy the taste of them both again.

It wasn't long at all before Sarah stiffened up on top of him. "AAA-AAAAHH!" She screamed writhing on top of him as her body clenched him tightly, her hips making small slightly humping grinding against his own. HEr nails scoring his chest, her mouth open and slack from pleasure her eyes unfocused completely. This time it was so intense between the two of them... he was so feirce and forceful, as if... making a claim on her that he hadn't on Mazla.

As she climaxed he slammed her body down upon him and began to spurt his seed into her. Galin growled and arched his hips trying to get deeper inside Sarah's warmth. Mazla's eyes practically glowed, they were so animalistic in what they wanted, she desired to clean them both of the juices of desire. Grabbing ahold of her again, Galin drug her body to his mouth to kiss her deeply. "You Sarah will recieve my seed, all others are to only fuel my hunger for you. Mazla if you desire me seed you may clean it from us, I will climax in no other."

Sarah trembled softly as they kissed. Resting on top of him she was panting hard and sweat was making her smooth soft skin slick. Blushing only softly at his words, her heart swelled happily at what he said about only her getting his seed. She almost wished he would really let her carry his seed. But she shifted and lifted her hips up slightly to let him slide out of her body. It was wet and slick, and gave her goosebumps at feeling the cool air on that part of her now exposed flesh.

Mazla saw the effect his words had upon her, and leaned forward with a slight smile. After she cleaned Galin she looked at Sarah, "with your permission." Galin noted that she did a good job of cleaning him, and wrapped his arm around Sarah and began to knead her breasts. He wanted to see her climax from oral stimulation, "Begin Mazla, I think Sarah deserves more pleasure." He began to kiss her as Mazla began to lick her pupil, hoping to taste more of them.

"Oh!" Sarah exclaimed almost surprised as Galin began to palm her breasts and kiss her fully, she spread her legs for Mazla and moaned into Galins kisses. HEr sensitive flesh being teased and licked and suckled by Mazla's more then talented mouth. It wasn't long at all before she was moaning and squirming slightly on top of Galin still as Mazla continued to taste the combination of Sarah and Galin inside of her.

Mazla savored the noises and the taste she found between Sarah's legs. Her life would be very dull once they left Shadizar. She also moaned and reached up to grasp his manhood, taking delight in the feeling of him. Perhaps she could excite him into coupling with Sarah again, that would surely make her day. Galin realized that when she grabbed ahold of him, that he was becoming aroused to take Sarah again.

Sarah cried out gripping Galin tightly as she climaxed again for the third time. Panting and writhing on top of Galin as Mazla's talents wrung more pleasure out of her. They really seemed out to gang up on her, and she wasn't sure why, it felt glorious that was for sure but she was quickly tiring out. Her legs were already trembling from the work before and the work now keeping them spread and open for Mazla, up not quiet laying on top of Galin to give Mazla the access she needed. With this Climax she fell on top of Galin unable to keep herself up above him any longer.

He continued to kiss her deeply and touch her breasts, Mazla was in heaven devouring the young woman's nethers. "Would you like me to pleasure you again Sarah, I think your friend got me excited enough to want you on me again." He pulled his man hood away from Mazla's hand and scooted the woman away from Sarah's body. Bringing the tip to her entrance, Mazla in turn came up beside them and started nipping at Sarah's body. She hoped Sarah was up to a second course in the meal of shared pleasures.

"N-not on top please..." Sarah moaned and gasped, everything was so sensitive on her now, she only hoped she could keep up, but at the rate they were going she might just pass out first. Gasping for for breath still and quivering from all the pleasure she'd had so far. Not to mention all the pleasure left, now that he was excited again she had to take him... she couldn't say no. She wouldn't say no. Not for anything.

Galin rolled over and placed the tip of his manhood inside her entrance. Mazla moved and began to kiss Sarah's neck and moving lower to her breasts. She wanted to be nearby when this happened, and Galin thrust as far into as he could get. He enjoyed the feeling of her being unable to tell him no, she was addicted to his favor and attentions. Leaning down he took the opposite breast into his mouth and continued to thrust into her.

When he thrust inside Sarah's back bowed, she arched up and screamed at the pleasure of him filling her up so fast and so deeply. She writhed back onto the bed fully as they tortured her breasts with lips teeth and tongue. Panting and crying out, his name falling from her kiss bruised lips. One of her hands resting on Mazla's shoulder the other gripping his forearm, she was unable to do much more then wrap her legs around his waist and rear and hold on to him. She was sweaty and flushed from the pleasure and it wasn't even midday yet. SHe was in heaven. Carnal heaven.

Mazla released he long enough to whipser, "I see why you are so willing to serve him. Any woman would be so lucky to accept such a strong lover, I admire you and want to clean you again when you finish." She then went back to pleasuring Sarah's breast and reaching down to massage Galin. Galin continued to thrust with a animalistic desire, as well as nipping her neck. He enjoyed the attentions of the other woman, but all he truly needed to use was Sarah's warmth and attention.

Sarah gasped and cried out beneath Galin with each thrust, feeling it deep inside. She didn't think she'd be able to handle anymore pleasure from any of them after all of this. Galin was so feirce thrusting into her, Sarah almost thought it was better when Mazla wasn't there, at least it didn't seem like he was trying to put a hole through her from the hips up. She held onto him tightly, her legs still wrapped around him, she couldn't not too afraid he'd thrust so hard he'd push her up the bed.

He continued to thrust, easing back just a little bit so not to hurt her. Galin placed his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply letting his tongue massage hers. Mazla fell silently rasping her tongue across the nipple before her. She would allow them time to enjoy each other and she would only add to the pleasure they were sharing. Galin knew he was close and wanted to push Sarah over that edge before he climaxed.

Once Galin leaned over and thrusted,the more grinding and shorter thrusts gave her more friction and drove Sarah over the edge of Climax. Wrapping her arms around his neck tightly and pulling him tight against her with her legs she spasmed around him deep inside of her. Unable to cry out from their kiss, she kissed him deeply and held him close. She was feeling so much pleasure she was panting hard and was trying to get enough breath.

He pulled her to him getting deeper into her as his climax made him jerk within. Their hips grinding together he released her mouth and took her nipple into his again. Mazla kept liapping at her nipple and kissed her lips equally as deep and rolled her nipple between her thumb and finger. Galin felt himself grow sated and puled himself free of Sarah's wet nethers and got off the bed. "Very good, girls, I must say it has been an amazing lesson." he walked over to the desk as Mazla began to move down to lick Sarah's nethers.

Sarah groaned, and obediently spread her legs once again for Mazla. She was compltely covered in sweat and was panting hard. Her eyes remained unfocused from the pleasure he had given her even as her body twitched for Mazla. Once they finally stopped touching her she would more then likely fall right asleep. Having been used up until she had no more energy to use. HEr hips ached something fierce but in a somewhat good way, after all it was the price of sating Galin's lust, and he told her that she was the only woman who would receive his seed. It was a great compliment.

Mazla devoured her student licking and lapping at her nethers. She felt as if she had no control over how desperatly she wanted Sarah. Turning to bring her own nethers near, hoping Sarah would begin to lick her as well. Galin heard Mazla moan muffled by Sarah's body, the artifact did what Caliban told him. The concubine was wild with lust for Sarah and himself as he told her, there is nothing she would not do right this moment to please or be pleasured by them.

Sarah began licking but was no expert by any means. Randomly licking MAzla generally around with her tongue. Holding onto the older woman's hips with her hands. Her own legs still open to accept Mazla between her legs but Sarah was struggling a little, to lick and to breath and to handle all the pleasure. It was hard and difficult and she was having trouble. SHe was very near another orgasm as Mazla continued to lick and tease her.

Mazla began to get excited and rapidly got close to a climax and she redoubled her efforts to clean all of the seed out of Sarah with her own juices. Galin noted with interest that Mazla wanted to almost crawl inside Sarah. Using the artifact he backed down the singular desire to make the woman underneath her to climax. He suddenly felt Lash from Venir request a moment of his time to discuss the new terms with the thieves guild. Seeing no problem with watching the girls as he listened to the report and his underlings recommendations.

Sarah writhed and screamed out. She scratched her nails down Mazla's outer thighs, gasping for breath, her chest heaving. She relaxed against the bed again, her hands falling from MAzla's skin and her eyes closed. Finally overwhelmed she passed out, unable to handle anymore pleasure. Her legs falling open still at Mazla's touch. She didn't know why Mazla was so fervent in trying to please her but she was unable to take any more pleasure.

Mazla continued to lap for a little bit at Sarah's nethers drinking her greedily. Galin broke contact with Lash long enough to stop Mazla, "If Sarah is unable to continue come her and I will allow you to drink my seed one time, before you climb into bed and sleep with Sarah." Mazla parctically ran to take him into her mouth, and he allowed Lash to finish his report. Shortly after he gave Lash his approval he let Mazla enjoy his climax. She then went back to the bed and cuddled with Sarah and fell asleep.

Sarah drowsily woke the first thing she realised was that her hips and her Nethers were quite sore. The second thing was that she was naked and Mazla was sleeping cuddled against her. "Galin?" She calls softly, looking around propping herself up a little on one side to not disturb MAzla too much. She knew she had passed out... the second time she had done so while during sexual acts. She was worried Galin might be upset or dissapointed in her for being unable to keep up.

He looked at her from his desk, "I am still here little dove, are you well rested? You and Mazla attempted to enjoy each other one to many times I guess." Mazla turned and pressed her lips to Sarah's skin, but not yet waking. There was food and drink on the table it was after the noon hour and Mazla's stomach growled. Galin for a second entertained the idea of them ravaging each other, but put it aside.

"I'm sorry." Sarah says softly her own stomach growling at mention of food. Putting MAzla down and off of her she stands and stretches. Wincing just a little from her hips. Walking over to the table and sitting on he chair to begin eating. She was very hungry and getting dressed wasn't high on her priority list as much as her hungry stomach was. She didn't mind eating nude and used all the manners she could recall.

"NOthing to apologize about dove." Galin said, he to was nude still. Sarah was very attractive and he enjoyed looking at her body. Even more so he enjoyed tasting and thrusting into her body. Even now he knew if he ordered she would willingly do as he asked. "Did you enjoy yourself this morning? I certainly found it stimulationg."

"I did but... I find myself sore again from enjoying myself." Sarah said softly as she continued to eat her fill. She smiled sweetly at him though once a bite was finished and before another bite. She drank of the wine and it made her happy, here eating and drinking... being with Galin and wearing such fine clothes. though currntly she was enjoying good food and drink and doing it entirely nude. Unheard of for a low class girl like herself.

He smiled back and wondered how much more fun he could convince her of trying. Perhaps her and several women, the possibilities were endless, maybe her and Alehial? The thought made his manhood twitch, he fought the urge to cross and tae Sarah again so soon. "I think Mazla has spent enough time here, if you two are going to do your lessons or go to the baths that will be fine." Galin shuffled the current papers he was looking at around looking for the report on the progress of the other guildhouses.

Once Sarah had eaten her fill she agreed that the baths would be a good idea. Crossing to the bed Sarah gently shook Mazla's shoulder. the woman should eat too and then they could go to the baths together. Sarah felt she had had enough of a lesson for today from this morning between the three of them. She hoped Mazla beleived that too.

Opening her eyes, Mazla smiled at Sarah, "Hello again, did you sleep too?" She stood and stretched and embraced her student fondly, today had been an amazing encounter. Turning her head she saw Galin furiously working through scrolls, so she didn't bother him. "So what do you wish to do with the rest of our day, Sarah?" Mazla wondered what Sarah would want to do, she ached from the sexual frolic and was unsure if she could find enough passion to do it again.

"Lunch and then Lord Galin suggested a bath might refresh us." Sarah smiled softly, if there was one thing she was good at it was taking care of others needs. She was a servant since she turned twelve and she was only twenty now. "Once you eat, we'll gather our things and bath. Then perhaps some dancing?" Sarah says thoughtfully, though still softly. She didn't want to disturb Galin after all.

She nodded and went to the table with her and ate some food watching Galin working. "If you wish, I will be happy to have the musicians summoned." she told Sarah. Mazla was still a little confused about what came over her while they were all together. Taking care of what she ate, she filled a small plate and talked about idle things with Sarah. Galin was paying attention to the talk though he didn't show it and wondered if Sarah was leaving soon or wished to speak with him before she left.

"Are you ready to go Mazla? I've got robes and I'm sure Galin won't mind us being gone so he can concentrate on work." Sarah said with a smile. Offering a final drink to Mazla, after all Sarah really didn't want to get in the way of Galin's work and there seemed to be a lot of papers so Sarah thought it best they leave. She didn't know why MAzla had been so... eager earlier but it had been nice and now she seemed a lot calmer.

She stood and took the robe from Sarah and once covered she looked more herself. Bowing to Galin she turned back to Sarah, "I will advise them to meet with us in an hour or so. Then I will wait in the baths for you, Sarah." After she had gone, Galin looked up and motioned for Sarah to come to him. He needed to clean himself then put on some clothes to began his visitations.

Sarah stepped up only a foot or two away, within arms reach but not crowding him. She was looking forward the hot baths. She deffinetly was looking forward to all that relaxing. But she was beckoned and she came, she wondered if she did something wrong. She didn't think she would be praised for anything cause she hadn't done anything worth praising. Maybe he just wanted to tell her something but he looked... amazing in that chair behind the desk all muscled and firm and... Sarah licked her lips softly and stared hard at his face.

He stood and took her hand, sliding the other beneath the robe. "I am very pleased with the outcome today. But, it will be the last time we have a guest in our bed unless you wish it." Galin wanted to set her on the desk and thrust into her again, or kneel her before him to please him. His hand travled from her stomach up to her breast before resting on her face.

Disciples of Soth II

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