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2005-07-31 05:40:19
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2005-08-03 [Leelo]: hey your a really good artist :)

2005-08-03 [lenardo]: thanks

2005-08-03 [Leelo]: Your welcome, theres a wiki of mine I'm doing, and if you want to join, (I only "personally" ask if I like your art), it's called Random Art Contest You can join it if you like :) I would really lik to see you in there.

2005-08-03 [lenardo]: ok i will go there

2005-08-03 [Leelo]: OK thanks :) and keep up with your art, you've got talent

2005-11-29 []: wow!! that's hard to beat!! i love the art.

2006-02-03 [SephirothFFVII]: Really good works. I can't wait to show mine off...

2006-03-15 [Ladyeternalflame]: Hey people, please check out my gallery. How can I put up my artwork here? is it ok to add colored drawings?

2006-05-09 [mildrid]: hey i have made some pen art is it ok to put it up here? and mabe join this wiki?

2006-06-08 [m,]: i wanna add some artwork

2006-06-08 [mildrid]: ok so thats a no i got it

2006-06-08 [m,]: What type of Artwork are we allowed to put up here?

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